Friday, February 25, 2011


Here is a little random post for ya...

This past week has been busy busy! First off I had Monday off for Presidents day. That day is actually now memorable to me because 3 years ago I got my trailblazer. First car that I was paying for so you know a big milestone in my life. BUT this Presidents day will be my favorite because my little Baby Ray was born. Her name is actually Navaeh Luray but I call her Ray. You know I have to be different from everyone else. She was 6lbs 10 ounces and such a cutie. And she has really precious curly hair. Once I get rid of this little head cold thing I got going on I plan to visit and take better pictures.

So yesterday I went with the boyfriend to buy a truck. He was test driving the one below and I LOVED this truck. I have never in my life LOVED a car/truck/suv whatever but this truck I absolutely loved. However, it was going to be like $400 a month and it got 10 miles a gallon which is freaking NOTHING. Oh and it is a diesel and seeing as how gas prices have gone up this truck just wasn't happening. But he ended up with a truck I am pretty sure he realy likes.

On the way back to his house we were driving down I-26. He was on his phone and I was looking around next thing I know I see a girl hit the concrete barrier and flip her car. I am pretty sure my jaw dropped. She ended up upside down but she was OK. You know the typical bumps and bruises im sure just a tiny bit of blood nothing major. She is LUCKY I tell you that nobody hit her. But since the BF is a deputy sheriff and does fire rescue on the side he threw the truck in park and rushed to the scene. I stayed inside, I am not one to handle things like that very well just incase things were bad. I did however call 911 for her. I was appauled it took 911 almost 2 freaking minutes to answer the dang phone. I was like well dang I am glad I am not dying right now. Of course at that time I didn't know the condition of the lady who flipped her car. I really think something needs to be changed about that. insane!

Hopefully this weekend I can get a better post together since last weekend was really nice and I took a good bit of pictures.

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