Monday, September 29, 2014

I love my people

This weekend really was a very good weekend!! 

Friday after work Dave and I just hung out, watched tv, had some dinner then he went to get his kiddos and I headed home. 

Saturday morning mom and I woke up kinda early and headed to Myrtle Beach for the day to do some shopping. We both did pretty good and I even knocked out some Christmas gifts and baby shower gifts I needed to get. I also got me some pants for work which I needed and a few tops for when it gets colder out. I had fun spending the day with my mom, just us! Thank you mommy for such a good day together, I love you bunches!! 

Sunday was another fun day! 
First up was Church, have I mentioned how much I love this church, such a blessing. Dave's kids get SOOO excited for church and I think that is just awesome! We had a full row of just our group me, Dave, Lola, her friend, Shannon, Ashley and Mike! I love going to church with my people! Mom and Dad go to earlier otherwise our group would have taken up an entire row! 

After church Dave, myself, all the kiddos and Shannon went over to the mall for lunch then to shop a little (just her and I) while Dave let the kids play in the play area. Oh and how can I forget they got to ride the train. I walked out a store as the train was going by and they screamed my name they were SO excited, for $2 it's worth letting them ride it. 

They also got to pretend to ride these guys in the middle of the mall. 

After the mall we headed to Ashley Lanes to celebrate Blake turning 8! 

The kids had a BLAST bowling, especially Logan. I think as long as it's a game he is all about it!! This kid loves him some games. It was so cute too because he was so excited when anyone else got strikes or just did a good job as well. Good sportsmanship which was really cool to see. I also bowled a little bit however I am not very good so it was short lived. 

After some pizza, cake, and presents it was time to go! Dave had a football game to watch and I needed to get to the gym! 

After the gym I went home for a YUMMMMMY shrimp alfredo dinner with the family. It was a perfect way to end such a good weekend! 

So Blessed and I thank God daily for the people in my life! 

Have a great week everyone! 

<3 Sara

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Out of my comfort zone

So last night I went out of my comfort zone and went to a strangers house with a bunch of girls I didn't already know. Ok I lie I knew 2 of the girls, Ashley and Heather. So why did I do this you may ask. Well my friend Ashley and I decided to join a small group or Life Group as my church calls it and then we invited Heather to join us. 

I tried to join one of these groups maybe 4 years ago and my anxiety took control and I was out the door leaving before thw group even started. Pathetic but true, anxiety is a pretty real deal. 

So there were a few appealing things about this group: all girls, literally a 2 minute walk from Dave's apartment, 2 of my girlfriends would be there (security blanket) AND it's main focus is anxiety (NEEDED) clearly this group was meant for me and I felt called to join it no matter how nervous I would get. 
So last night was more the meet and greet to give us an idea who we had with us and what was going to go on for the next 12 weeks or so. It went really well after I finally calmed my anxious self, took about 10 minutes. The girls were all really nice and so many different stages of life which I think will make the stories even more entertaining. Some I will relate to and maybe some I won't. 
They had us write down one thing we currently struggle with and then give it to them on a piece of paper. What will they do with the paper, no clue! However after we did this they gave us the verse Philippians 4:11-13 which I loved so therefore I am sharing it here. 
We all agreed most of this group will remain very private due to the nature and some of the stories that may be shared. But I wanted to blog to just say woohoo for stepping out of my comfort zone and can't wait to see what happens. 

<3 Sara

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another boy

Tuesday morning at 6:20am my best friend since diapers Kelly had a precious baby boy. I didn't get to meet him that day but I got to meet him yesterday. 
He was so small and so cute and quite gassy haha as soon as I held him he was tootin like crazy! Luckily they don't smell when they are that young! I can't wait to see this little guy grow up! Unfortunately they don't live in Charleston but I will still see him when I can. I miss seeing Kelly too but that's life! 

I went to daves after and went with him to drop off his kids. The sky was absolutely beautiful and the picture does it no justice!! 

<3 Sara

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunday Funday downtown

So unlike most Sundays our lazy butts didn't make it to church. Saturday was kind of a late night so sunday morning was sloooowww moving. Not to mention the weather was just yucky so I will blame that too. 

So since the weather wasn't great we needed to figure out what to do for the day because I am not a huge fan of doing nothing. We decided to head downtown to the aquarium and then IF the weather was ok to head to Spongebobs house (pineapple fountain). 
I am so glad we got a membership to the aquarium. The four of us have gone at least 4 times now so it has already paid for itself PLUS it is good until May at least. 
We also found out we can go to the 4-D movies for FREE!! So we decided to try it, I saw the title was sea monsters so I wasn't real sure how Alayna would like it. My instinct was right, a few minutes in she was scared and crying so Dave took her outside. Logan and I stayed and thought it was so neat. A few times he took the glasses off but he said he really liked it. I think next time depending on the title we will go ahead and not take Alayna in and just let the boys go. 

After we finished at the aquarium, we spent at least 2 hours there, we headed to the Pineapple. You can see the weather wasn't perfect but there was no rain or lightning so we took our chances. 

The kids absolutely LOVED the fountain. They were running all around it and ended up soaked! They were too funny holding their shorts up haha in their efforts to not get wet. 
We didn't stay too long because we were pretty hungry. Next time we will take towels and plan to stay longer because they were not ready to leave. Oh and take some snacks! 

This was maybe 15 minutes after getting in the car. I think all that fun wore her OUT!! 

Got back to the apt and chilled but I knew I needed a workout so off to the gym I went. 

Sunday really was a good day! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's a BOY!

My sister Krystal is pregnant and found out the sex of the baby Thursday. She told me mainly so I could help her with the cake for her gender reveal party which we had yesterday. 
Stripes ended up being a theme to an extent lol not planned! 

Vincent revealing to everyone there the gender. BOY!!! Our family is full of girls so we are so excited to have a boy thrown into the mix. 

Somehow my bed ended up having 4 kids in it.... Yikes! 

I am so happy for my sister and Vincent and can't wait to meet my very first nephew! 

<3 Sara

Monday, September 8, 2014

Greenville weekend

This past weekend Dave and I headed to Greenville SC to spend time with my cousin Scott and his wife Kate. They just bought a house so I was excited to see it. It was such a nice house and plenty of room so Dave and I actually had our own room. 

We drove up Friday and stopped first at the Haywood Mall. I wanted some sunglasses and I wanted to go to their Forever 21, it's HUGE! We both got sunglasses and I found a lot in forever 21 but only bought a few things. My favorite purchase was my barbie pj's haha so random but true. 
After the mall we headed downtown to Falls Park and explored for probably 2 hours at least. My cousin wasn't off work yet so it was just us. 
I made collages of my pics since there were SO many and I didn't want multiple posts. 
We met up with Scott and Kate as well as a few of their friends at a mexican restaurant and had a good time. Their friends were so nice and funny so it was definitely entertaining. After we left there the 4 of us walked down Main Street to a music festival of sorts and Dave MADE me slow dance with him. Haha I don't dance unless I have alcohol which I didn't  but we joined the crowd and danced. Then we all headed back to their house with some pizza and desserts from the Chocolate Moose (amazing). We hung out for a bit then crashed! We were SO tired. Also, according to my fitbit I walked 21,000 steps and a little over 8 miles friday. Most I have done since I got the fitbit in January. 

We woke up Saturday am, had some breakfast, got dressed, packed the cooler and headed to the mountains. Dave had never seen mountains before so I was very excited for the day. 

We stopped at a waterfall on the side of the road, then went to another overlook on the side which had great views. 
Then we headed to Caesars Head which was not crowded thankfully. We got to see the mountains covered in fog which was actually really pretty. Oh and I almost stepped on the snake you see on those stairs! 2 snakes this weekend! 
Next up we headed to Dupont State Park for some waterfalls. We hiked to triple falls and to high falls, uphill SUCKS! My legs were done by the time we got back to the car! 
It was quite overcast due to some rain coming our way which made it nice and not too hot! My cousin Scott got in the ICE cold water, he is crazy! Dave almost got in but quickly changed his mind. 
After the rain started we headed back to the car then to Brevard for some lunch. I forget where we stopped but the grilled cheese was delish. On our way back we stopped in to see my Aunt and Uncle for about an hour. It was nice to relax after the hiking and visit with them. She gave me a tour of the house since I had been there 1 time 6 years ago! 

Saturday night we went downtown to Tsunami for some sushi then went back to their house and did nothing. We were all so beat from the day but I definitely headed to bed first. 

We headed back home Sunday but before we did that we stopped in at my cousin Alicias to say hey then had breakfast at Stacks. Expensive but yummy breakfast and then we were back on 385 headed home. 

We had an awesome weekend with my family! I definitely can't wait to go back to visit. Next time we plan on doing a brewery tour or 2 :) 

<3 Sara

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Restaurant week

Charleston Restaurant Week started yesterday and lasts until the 14th. It is a great time to try out places that may normally be too expensive. Shannon, Dana and myself decided on Morgan Creek Grill on the Isle of Palms. They had a 3 for $30 menu which was so good. I ordered some clam appetizer with a creamy bacon sauce (delish), mahi mahi with feta slaw and a pasta, last but not least an amazing pineapple upsidedown cake! YUM!! This place is definitely really good and had amazing views. 
We had our waiter take our pic and when I got my phone back he had taken a selfie haha it was quite funny! 

See what I mean about the view! Huge boats everywhere and being by the water just makes me happy in general. 

Me and Dana then Shannon and Dana

On the way home I snapped this picture and I LOVE it!!! 

Yummy food and great company is a good thing in my book! 

<3 Sara

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Picnic at the Park

I definitely just put this post out of order but I realized I didn't post Sunday. 

Woke up, worked out, church time (great service) park, mall, dinner, BED! I am exhausted haha

On the way to church which I love. Our friends Ashley, Mike and Jesse came with us and we all had a picnic lunch after at the Mt. Pleasant park. 
The bugs were kinda annoying while we were there but we still enjoyed our time with our friends! 

My face looks fat BUT I am in a pic with my friends so I love it! 

Ashley and I are joining a Life Group at church together this month. I am really looking forward to it when a few days ago I had no intention of joining one. It should be a really good group that will definitely benefit us. It is also a womens only group which will be nice. May be an opportunity for new friends at church :) 

<3 Sara