Monday, September 8, 2014

Greenville weekend

This past weekend Dave and I headed to Greenville SC to spend time with my cousin Scott and his wife Kate. They just bought a house so I was excited to see it. It was such a nice house and plenty of room so Dave and I actually had our own room. 

We drove up Friday and stopped first at the Haywood Mall. I wanted some sunglasses and I wanted to go to their Forever 21, it's HUGE! We both got sunglasses and I found a lot in forever 21 but only bought a few things. My favorite purchase was my barbie pj's haha so random but true. 
After the mall we headed downtown to Falls Park and explored for probably 2 hours at least. My cousin wasn't off work yet so it was just us. 
I made collages of my pics since there were SO many and I didn't want multiple posts. 
We met up with Scott and Kate as well as a few of their friends at a mexican restaurant and had a good time. Their friends were so nice and funny so it was definitely entertaining. After we left there the 4 of us walked down Main Street to a music festival of sorts and Dave MADE me slow dance with him. Haha I don't dance unless I have alcohol which I didn't  but we joined the crowd and danced. Then we all headed back to their house with some pizza and desserts from the Chocolate Moose (amazing). We hung out for a bit then crashed! We were SO tired. Also, according to my fitbit I walked 21,000 steps and a little over 8 miles friday. Most I have done since I got the fitbit in January. 

We woke up Saturday am, had some breakfast, got dressed, packed the cooler and headed to the mountains. Dave had never seen mountains before so I was very excited for the day. 

We stopped at a waterfall on the side of the road, then went to another overlook on the side which had great views. 
Then we headed to Caesars Head which was not crowded thankfully. We got to see the mountains covered in fog which was actually really pretty. Oh and I almost stepped on the snake you see on those stairs! 2 snakes this weekend! 
Next up we headed to Dupont State Park for some waterfalls. We hiked to triple falls and to high falls, uphill SUCKS! My legs were done by the time we got back to the car! 
It was quite overcast due to some rain coming our way which made it nice and not too hot! My cousin Scott got in the ICE cold water, he is crazy! Dave almost got in but quickly changed his mind. 
After the rain started we headed back to the car then to Brevard for some lunch. I forget where we stopped but the grilled cheese was delish. On our way back we stopped in to see my Aunt and Uncle for about an hour. It was nice to relax after the hiking and visit with them. She gave me a tour of the house since I had been there 1 time 6 years ago! 

Saturday night we went downtown to Tsunami for some sushi then went back to their house and did nothing. We were all so beat from the day but I definitely headed to bed first. 

We headed back home Sunday but before we did that we stopped in at my cousin Alicias to say hey then had breakfast at Stacks. Expensive but yummy breakfast and then we were back on 385 headed home. 

We had an awesome weekend with my family! I definitely can't wait to go back to visit. Next time we plan on doing a brewery tour or 2 :) 

<3 Sara

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