Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm Blonde

Apparently my home computer won't let me post on my blog. I don't know why! Anyways this is the blog I attempted to post on Saturday!!

Well I am officially a blonde!! Let's see if they really do have more fun? :)



First things first HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TGIF!!!!

Today I am thinking is going to be a great day!! Just one of those feelings ya know?
Well today around 3:30 I am going to get my hair dyed. I am a very dark brunette with some highlights right now. Well actually alot of highlights... in the last year my hair has had blonde, red and caramel highlights. However, I am ready for a more drastic change. I am quite scared but the picture below is basically what I think my hair will end up looking like. Unless I go with another hair color. I know the girl at the Salon is looking around for different hair colors to give me options to play with. Exciting!!!
Don't worry! I will post a picture of my new hair tomorrow sometime. If you are friends with me on FB then you will obviously see it alot sooner.

OH and I get my premiere jewelry in today! Can't wait to get my new necklace!! :D


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Mind Jumble

I feel so scatterbrained this morning. I wanted to put up all these pictures you know for memory sake. The reason I blog is not for anyone but me, my online diary if you will. Although if it was an honest diary there would be way more on here. But this is a place to one day look back and see what was happening in my life. I actually have wanted to print this out and make it like a book not sure how much money that would cost though. Anyone know??

This picture is back in June that's why my face looks a little chunkier. But this is me with baby M. Her mom just posted this on FB and I loved it. She is such a little doll and I love her! You know it's funny as much as I LOVE babies I still don't know if they are for me. I can just borrow other people kids and give them back when they start to cry etc. Two of my aunts never had children but they borrowed us all the time for fun stuff.

My weekend was very chill and I loved it. Friday I went to Kicken Chicken with Kelly to catch up. It had been 2 weeks since I had seen her. it was nice to catch up and see what's been up in eachothers lives.

Saturday I woke up at 7am to go to the 8am spin class. It was HARD but awesome!!! I am seriously becoming a spin addict. It is an awesome workout and has really helped get my weightloss going again. I had hit a plataeu. I also worked out an extra hour. After spin I ended up going to lunch and shopping with my aunt Christine and cousin Amanda. That was fun!

Sunday I woke up did a 2 hour workout which was great as usual. I ended up watching that movie beastley which is supposedly like Beauty and the Beast and I loved it. If you haven't seen it go see it. Very artsy which normally I do not like but it was great. Anywho after the gym I went to my aunts pool and then spent the evening at the beach. It was too gloomy out to take any pictures of the beach.

At the pool. Never got in though TOOOOOO cold. Can't stand freezing water.

About 2 weeks ago I went out on a "booze cruize" with my friends and their bf/fiance/husband. Yes I was made aware how single I am on that boat. haha I am begining to accept it... kinda. Anywho the 2 pictures below are from that night. I thought they were cute and like the baby M picture they just got put on FB.

Amanda, Me and Laura. Love these girls!

So last night Mom and I were talking after my spin class and we were talking about how I was 175lbs last October. Well I decided to put up a recent picture and one from October. See the difference??? I am 141 now. So 1 more lb and I will be at a 35lb weight loss. The first picture is obviously recent and the other is actually the last week in September I believe when I went to Carrowinds.

Sorry for the RANDOM jumbled post. But I kinda warned you! If you made it this far congrats lol and I am sorry!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Monday, August 22, 2011


Apparently there is a hurricane headed our way. I am really not in the mood for a hurricane. But really are we ever in the mood for a hurricane? The last one that came our way was Floyd which was forever ago. Actually I think I was in 8th grade when that happened. It took us a LOOOOONG time to get to Greenville SC which is only a 4 hour max drive normally. Evacuating for a hurricane is a serious pain the rear! I am just hoping and praying it moves west and we don't have to leave.

Perfect end to a bad day! I work on a military base and we have a barrier system when entering our gate. Well it opened up on a car this morning and the gate was CLOSED. Bring on the traffic. Luckily I go to work early enough so it didn't make me LATE just later than I normally am. I felt so bad for people it took some of them hours to get into the base. Crazy right?? I would have just gone home. Which is exactly what my aunt did.

Sorry for the VENT but things just kinda were blah today!! Tomorrow will be so much better :D I have spin class which makes everything better!! Btw have I mentioned I now LOVE LOVE LOVE spin class. I have gone to 5 now which are a serious workout for 1 hour. It is awesome! Try it!!

Well Happy end to your Monday!! I hope to start blogging more but I have been in a blog rut! I have plenty to blog just not in the mood to really sit down and do it. It happens :)


It wouldn't let me post on Monday for some odd reason! Lame blogger!

Friday, August 19, 2011

5 ? Friday

1. Do you close the bathroom door when you are home alone?

If I am home alone nope! I surely do not. Well sometimes I do but most of the time no.

2. You have to walk around with a word on your forehead. That word describes you. One word. What is it?

Random. I am a very random person. I have tons of random thoughts going through my mind all the time. Sometimes I will talk about them sometimes I won't. Just ask Kelly how Random I am!

3. What store do you refuse to shop at and why?

um actually there are no stores that I WONT shop at. I mean I have my favorites so I just stick to those. I don't really branch out.

4. If you participated in arranged marriages for your child(ren), who would you choose for your child(ren)?

Well considering I have no children and possibly never will I will skip this one!

5. If you could pick how and when you would die, would you?

I think the obvious choice is old after I have lived a long life and in my sleep.

Hope you guys have a great weekend. My friday has been super busy so I am taking my lunch break to blog! Maybe the last 10 mins will be a quick snooze at my desk! haha right!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Norrissia's Birthday

As I mentioned in my previous post I celebrated my good friend Norrissia's 30th Birthday Saturday night. We went to a place called Suede in Mt. Pleasant. It was my first time there and I loved it. It looks like a huge house from the outside but inside is like a bar/club atmosphere. This is not somewhere I would normally go but I had a great time. All the girls danced for probably 3 hours straight. We got there about 9 and left at last call which I believe was 2am? maybe. We had the greatest time and I hope Norrissia had a wonderful party. Can't wait to go back there again!! :D

the pictures are way out of order and I don't have time to change them currently! Enjoy!! :D

Nor, Me, and Veronica Dancing. Oh and have I mentioned I am NOT a good dancer. haha white girl dancing for me!
I have no idea what she was pointing at.

All the ladies that came for the party.

Love this woman



My weekend

Seriously, another weekend has come and gone?? Mondays come way too quickly for me. But at least I had a great weekend. Although I am going to post more than just my weekend. Let's go back to Thursday.

So Thursday while I was at work I got a text asking what my plans were. It was thursday... so obviously I had nothing but the gym on my agenda. You would think by now some people would automatically know the gym is happening. Anywho my friend Amanda asked me to go out in the boat for a "booze cruize" with her family. I initially said no because I wanted to get laundry done and just chill. BUT her sister convinced me to go and I ended up having a really good time. We were on the boat for almost an hour then went to California Dreaming. I used to LOVE this place but ther service SUCKS. I even left our waiter a note saying how rude it was basically to grab my credit card and hold onto it for over 20 mins. My theory is this.... You pick up our checks with our cash and cards you need to go process them immediately and come back. Not go give everyone at another table their water etc. There is just something unsettling to me about them holding onto it that long. That's obviously just my opinion but thats ok.
There are more pictures on someone else's phone but this is the only one I have seen. This is Amanda, Laura and myself at dinner. There are cute ones from the boat. I need to get them.

Friday night I chilled and did my laundry. It was nice I had been so busy every night since the last weekend.

Saturday morning I was going to sleep in and miss spin class but I still woke up at 8am. What the heck? So much for sleeping in. So I got up and went to the gym but I did miss spin class. I had to go find some shoes for Norrissia's 30th bday party for Saturday night. I ended up finding some really cute ones at Cato for $12.99. I was quite happy and they ended up being comfortable. Oh and I have tons of pictures from Nor's bday bash but I am going to put those in another post. For now I will leave you with 2 pictures of my awesome dress. I loveeeeee this dress!

Sunday I nursed a hangover for pretty much most of the day. Finally got up at 3 to go to the gym. I never thought 2 hours at the gym would be a hangover cure but it was. When I got done I felt like a new woman! Then we had my sis and the girls over for dinner which was yummy. It was shrimp fettucine I think I spelt that wrong. Either way it was awesome!! Mom did a great job with that. Oh and I got this adorable picture of Izzy and myself before dinner. She is such a ham sometimes. I love her!!

Well time to get to work. I will post the fun pictures from Norrissia's bday later!!

Happy Monday!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Le Sigh

Just 1 week here and I would feel SO refreshed.... September can't come soon enough. I want a vacation! Of course this is in Bali (sp?) so that surely is a DREAM vacation. I couldn't even afford the flight! haha that's ok I will be just as happy in St. Louis in Sept!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Show us your scary face

That's what I asked Izzy to do! This is what I got! Quite scary huh? haha



It has been awhile but right now I can truly say I am 100% HAPPY!! Gah it is such a great feeling. I won't share too many details but I am starting to do things to better myself for example started a savings account, working on paying off my credit card, losing more weight (YAY!) and signed up for training classes through my job. Not to mention I had a great weekend!

Friday I went to dinner with Kelly at our fave place Kicken Chicken. Saturday I woke up about 7:30 and headed to the gym. I got in a good 45 min workout before spin class. Spin Class was so much better this saturday! My butt didn't hurt as bad after and I lost 2 lbs in that 1 hour. I weighed myself before I left the house and when I got home that's how I know. :) Later on in the day I went out with mom dad and the nieces. We went to a couple of stores and to see my Papa. I always love to see him I have such great memories with him. Later that night I went to see my friend Ashley and her family. They were having another couple over and invited me over as well. I love how their little boy is always my "date" haha I say that just so I don't seem completely alone. He is quite handsome so I was a lucky girl! haha We went to Old Navy just the girls and I got to know her friend Mellissa a little bit. she seems really sweet and I enjoyed getting to know her. Anywho for dinner with had Beer Brats (YUM), some yummy rice, corn on the cob and then for dessert I made a brownie cookie thing. It was quite amazing! I had made it at their house before so we already knew it was going to be great!

Sunday Kelly and I went to Triangle Char and Bar in West Ashley. We have been dying to try this place but everytime we have tried to go they are PACKED. BUt we got there at 10:45 right before the "rush". We got a carafe of Mimosas yummmmmm Have I ever mentioned how much I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEE Mimosas?? Just saying! haha I got the french toast, she got pancakes and we split eggs, fruit and home fries. It was all so delicious especially the home fries. After brunch we headed to walmart. And can I just say I am really starting to HATE walmart.... I used to absolutely love it and went all the time. Lately however, I just can't stand it. The wait to check out is ridiculous and they don't have everything I need anymore. I prefer Bi-Lo which has better pricing and much more options for the things I need/want. After we left that horrible place we parted ways and I went home to watch the wedding of Vannessa and Nick Lachey for the 2nd time! They had such a beautiful wedding. I now want to get married on a tropical island too. Of course to have it near as beautiful as they did I need to go win the lottery.

I ended up hitting the gym after the wedding special. I got in a good 2 hour workout which felt great after eating all the yumminess at breakfast. Of course after my workout I went to my favorite spot to "cool down". Something about the breeze off the harbor and getting to see all the people fishing and chatting with their friends just chills me out. Not to mention the occassional dolphin that pops up. I went and saw my sister and her family then headed home. It ended up storming and I got to chat with one of my new favorite people for most of the evening. :) Oh and had a yummy dinner with mom and dad not too unhealthy either that's always a plus!

Such a great weekend!! And this week will be quite amazing as well! Birthday party, dinner with friends 3 nights this week, get to see someone amazing, and a jewelry party!! Busy busy, but I can't wait!

Have a wonderful Monday!