Monday, August 15, 2011

Norrissia's Birthday

As I mentioned in my previous post I celebrated my good friend Norrissia's 30th Birthday Saturday night. We went to a place called Suede in Mt. Pleasant. It was my first time there and I loved it. It looks like a huge house from the outside but inside is like a bar/club atmosphere. This is not somewhere I would normally go but I had a great time. All the girls danced for probably 3 hours straight. We got there about 9 and left at last call which I believe was 2am? maybe. We had the greatest time and I hope Norrissia had a wonderful party. Can't wait to go back there again!! :D

the pictures are way out of order and I don't have time to change them currently! Enjoy!! :D

Nor, Me, and Veronica Dancing. Oh and have I mentioned I am NOT a good dancer. haha white girl dancing for me!
I have no idea what she was pointing at.

All the ladies that came for the party.

Love this woman



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AndreaLeigh said...

you look very cute! love that dress and belt!