Thursday, April 30, 2015

I love Sundays

This one is from saturday! We hung out with the fam, had Smoky Oak with mom and dad (YUMMMM) then hung out the rest of the night at home with his friend from work. 

Sunday we had church and we invited our friend Warren and he accepted our invite. After church we all went to Kicken Chicken with my sis, Isabelle, and the newmans! I love KC, so darn yummy!!! 

We were imitating Izzys silly faces!! 
After lunch we headed to the pool and it was awesome! The water is still freezing but it was nice to get to lay by the pool for a bit. 

We took Teddy for a walk before heading to my parents house for dinner. Almost half way through Teddy decided he was done and Dave had to carry him the rest of the way. Sad. 

Mom and dad made a really yummy dinner. We took Izzy for a walk down to her school to walk off some of the yummy food. Had to burn a few of those calories we consumed! 

I didn't want Sunday to end that's for sure, such a good day!

<3 Sara

Monday, April 27, 2015


Imagine found on pinterest posted by one of the SAPR poc's. Not taking credit for it! Lol

On friday at lunch time there were dodgeball games going on at the tennis courts. Dave is the SAPR victims advocate for our Command so he coordinated this event. It was really fun to go out and watch everyone play. There was a group from finance there so I got to support my people a little bit. 
Dave got to join a team that needed an extra player, he was excited! This boy loves anything active. 

And speaking of active, I have decided I want to TRY <--- keyword to train my body to run. I have got my mile down to 14 minutes from 16 which is a walk/run combo. Work in progress over here but I really would like to drop10lbs then tone up so I am hoping adding in some running will help some. 
Feeling the endorphins after an awesome leg day! I am still working out mainly at work with random trips to the AFB and apt gym! 
I have started to bring healthier snacks to work too (hummus with carrots/strawberries/cucumbers with ranch etc) I also finally tried the flavored tuna pouches and they are pretty good. I eat them plain right out the pouch which is better than a tuna sandwich with mayo, mustard and pickles! Slow and steady wins the race ;)

Trying to not post too much about all this as I know some people get bored reading it but there will be random updates for my reading purposes. 

Happy Monday everyone! Not sure about you guys but I am TIRED! Early to bed for this girl tonight!! 

<3 Sara

Saturday, April 25, 2015

BBQ competition

Last saturday after we went to the gym and had some lunch we headed down to the JI yacht club. My dad and some guys were a part of a BBQ competition and we got to come hang out, eat some yummy food and play. 
Daddy in the green :)
When we got there the weather was questionable but it turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon. 
We got to swing a lot which Alayna loved. I had fun, I have always loved the swings. 

We got to walk down the long dock and see some boats. 

They looked for shells, saw a dead fish, and threw oyster shells into the water. 

We had such a fun time hanging out with the fam/friends. The food was amazing especially the ribs which I think they won 1st place with. I LOVE some good ribs! 
What a pretty view to end the day! 

Our sunday was super lazy thanks to a busy saturday accompanied by rain. We literally layed around the apartment all day. Sometimes a lazy day is just needed! The kids would probably not agree haha 

<3 Sara 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boys 28th

I'm only a few days late ;) I am becoming a bit of a slacker with my blog. 

Last thursday my boy finally caught up to me and turned 28! He calls me old lady but i'm only 4 months older so he can hush haha 

We both took thursday and friday off to make it a 4 day weekend which was great because we had 2 days without kids then 2 days with them. 

We did a lot of relaxing, had lunch at applebees, went shopping at Old Navy and Kirklands, a LOT of tv watching oh and we did workout both mornings too. 
Handsome birthday boy at his birthday lunch! 

So friday after he grabbed the kids from school we headed to JI to have a little birthday celebration. Mom bought some pizza and the ice cream and we brought the cake! 
She photobombed me on the way there it was funny. Then she wanted to take a bunch more pictures but I only saved the first one. 
Of course the first thing she wants to do is bubbles. My parents house equals bubbles and beanie babies to these 2. 
Dave opened his present from Shannon and the girls, an awesome Eagles shirt and mom and dad gave him some cash. He is putting it towards a new washer and dryer once we have enough saved up. 

The kids stayed on the porch most of the night playing and watching tv. 

Daves awesome cake with 1 layer of vanilla and 1 layer of red velvet. It was HUGE and so yummy! 

This little one, Kodie and myself went for a walk to maybe lose a calorie or 2 ;) 

This picture reminds me of this one piece of hair I need to get fixed. It's aweful, right at the front of my head. But I love my Lola so I will forget that odd piece of hair. It looks grey! Lol 

After the party fun we headed home for baths and bed time! We were all so tired and needed a good sleep for our fun saturday! 

Thank you to my family for making it a fun night! :) love yall! 

<3 Sara

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

25th Anniversary

This past Sunday our church celebrated 25 years! What is really awesome about that though is my family was there from the start. I think it is so awesome to look back and see how many memories I have with this church there are too many to list. However a few of the great ones are playing with all my friends, learning about God, singing, camping trips to the James Island County Park, so many youth outings/trips and getting baptized by Pastor Chris in the Atlantic Ocean out on Folly and my dad having to help because the current was so strong. How many can say their dad was RIGHT there when they got baptized, I can :) those are just a few but there are SO many more. 
I drifted from Coastal for a few years but last mothers day mom asked us to go as her gift. God knew what he was doing when he had mom ask that. Shannon and I both have been going and recently I started volunteering. 
I have only so far handed out bulletins, smiled and said good morning but it has made an impact on me already. Dave started security and is loving it and meeting other Christian guys which is awesome. We both would love more christian friends to add to the awesome ones we already have. 

So this service was really about memories and what Pastor Chris and Coastal has done and meant to people. There were many tears shed and reunions with people we haven't seen in many years. 
After the service they had a HUGE tent out back with catered lunch (amazing fried chicken), a dance floor with a dj and cornhole. 
We had a really good time at the party. 

Dave playing frisbee with some of the kids. 
My family just missing Krystal. I am so blessed with such an amazing family. 

Dave just had to get a selfie with Pastor Chris and one of his new friends Greg jumped in, so funny! 

We headed to mom and dads after then unexpectedly mom and I took Chase to the vet at Petsmart because his leg was hurting him. Come to find out he had a uti and arthritis flare up, poor guy. We had to leave him for like an hour so mom and I did a little shopping. 

We got back to the house around 530 then Dave and I headed home to gey dinner and get stuff ready for monday! 

Sunday was such a great day! 

<3 Sara