Monday, April 28, 2014

First pool day

Yesterday was my first pool day of the year and I loved every second of it. One thing about me I love the beach but when it comes to swimming I prefer a pool anyday. There's something about not knowing what is in the water near me swimming that just freaks me out. Sometimes I get over that and swim anyway. 

Dave has a pool at his apartment so we will definitely be taking advantage of it every chance we get. One perk of apartment living! 


This boy is very proud of his muscles haha he works hard on them and doesn't exactly shy away from showing them off. Aye aye aye haha boys will be boys

Another great weekend in the books, what will come about next weekend? 

<3 Sara

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cruizin in the harbor

Yesterday afternoon I went out with my sis and a bunch of ladies to celebrate my sisters birthday. Her actual birthday is tuesday but saturday worked out better. We had a few drinks, shots and some food at Reds and then headed out to sail on The Palmetto Breeze. 

We had about 6 people in our group for sailing and we had so much fun. The boat was so relaxing and the weather was perfect. When the sun was going down it did get a little chilly but not too bad. I was happy dad told me to wear pants and take a jacket! Otherwise I would have been way too cold. 

The captain let Kimberly and myself drive the boat :) how fun! His personality was so fun but it has to be for that kind of job. 

We got back to Reds at 8 and more eating, drinking and girl talk continued. The night ended for me at about 10:30, I was very tired!! 

Happy Birthday sis I love you!! 

<3 Sara

Thursday, April 24, 2014

We are going where?!?


I can't even explain how excited I am to go to Disney. I wanted to go last October but that didn't workout. So we get to go in just 21 days!!!! 

We got our tickets early and saved a good bit of money. We also booked our hotel on the Disney property. It will be nice to just shuttle everywhere and not even need the car for the entire time we are there. 

There's 6 of us going and one of those 6 is going for the VERY FIRST TIME!! I can't wait to see how much he loves it because I know he will. I will also have a decent amount of money to take so I can buy some fun things to bring home! 

21 days and counting woop woop!!! 

<3 Sara

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter fun

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and we had lots of fun with the fam. I didn't make it to church, yes I know that's bad I know. I went to the gym around noon then hung out at the house for awhile. That evening we had a family Easter/birthday party at my aunt and uncles house. Lots of food, egg hunting and family time. 

The birthday crew! Dave, Shannon and my grammy are all April babies. 
The biggest spoon I have ever used to scoop ice cream. 

Lots of fun had by all and tonight I am being lazy after such a crazy weekend! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Party

Yesterday my friend Dana threw a really fun and super cute party to celebrate Easter. We definitely had so much fun and hopefully she can do another one next year maybe with more help since we all want it to happen. We hid eggs for the kids to find them, did crafts, dyed eggs and even ate some really yummy treats! 

How cute is this cake Dana made?!? I love it! 

We were awesome egg hiders! 
The golden egg which had $5 in it. 
They are best buds, so cute! 
My egg, nobody said the adults couldn't join in on the fun! 

This picture is priceless!!! One happy kid (danas son Blake) with his golden egg! 
My beautiful Lola with a cupcake I made
Egg dying fun
The kids did enjoy some nerf gun fights for probably a good hour. The looked to be having quite some fun but I sat this one out. 

This afternoon we have a family birthday/Easter party which will be fun! 

Happy Easter everyone!! 

<3 Sara

Friday, April 18, 2014

Celebrating the boy

So as my last post said wednesday was my boys birthday. We had to work but planned to go out that evening.

 But first I had my first physical therapy appointment which went well. They basically think I have been constantly spraining my left ankle for months. So ankle brace, PT, and a cream will hopefully be the cure to my ankle issues. I hope it cures it because I do not want surgery of any kind and I want my workouts back to normal. 
Ps. This thing on my ankle was not comfortable at. All. 

After my appointment I picked up Dave and we headed to Shem Creek to Reds Icehouse to meet up with the ladies. 

The view from their deck is very pretty so we got to enjoy that while we waited for our table to be ready. This place was PACKED unfortunately but it was still fun. 

Birthday shot, jagerbomb so gross but his choice! 
We had dinner with my sis, cousin Kimberly and Dana. So poor guy was surrounded by beautiful women all evening. Rough life he lives. 

Him and I both took yesterday off to hang out. We went to the gym then saw the new Captain America movie (his choice). It was pretty good I won't lie and he absolutely LOVED it! Looks like there will be a 3rd movie to this so I am sure I will end up seeing that one too lol not complaining I swear. 
I did get my car cleaned too so that was nice, it needed it BAD. 

We cooked dinner and chilled then I headed home! A good 2 days for sure and the next 2 days will have lots of fun as well. Blessed blessed blessed I tell ya. 

Enjoy your weekend!! 

<3 Sara