Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER SHANNON!!! I won't say her age because she isn't thrilled about this birthday but lets just say its a big one! :) Happy Birthday Shannon I love you!! You are an awesome big sister and I thank God you are in my life! So I hope you have an AWESOME birthday! And I can't wait to celebrate on Sunday!! Tons of yummy food!!! :)

<3 Sara

Monday, April 27, 2009


I do not know WHY but I have developed a fascination with BIG ships and trains over the last couple of years. Also with Military vehicles (thanks to my job)! I was delivering mail last week and saw this HUGE ship going through the shipping channel and took these two pictures with my phone. One of the pics actually has military vehicles in it but its not a big deal because they are so small you cant see details. I know you probably think im weird but I just wanted to share my two pictures! I PERSONALLY think they are cool! haha

Anyways its Monday AGAIN and I just wish I could still be sleeping. The last two weekends I have not gotten much sleep. Saturdays have been garage sales then Sunday is church time! Neither of those two I want to miss so therefore lack of sleep has occured. But I had a great weekend, Friday night I went to dinner with my mom, grammy and Aunt Susan to the Boulevard Diner on JI. SOOOO Good!! Saturday I went to garage sales with dad spent time with mom, had lunch with Kelly and we got a FREE couch!!! Saturday night I spent time with Seth and then we went to dinner with the Shults Family!! LOVE THEM and miss them! Sunday was another wonderful church service im LOVING this beautiful series Pastor Chris is preaching right now. All women should attend (ask me for details)! I had a good weekend I just wish it wasnt over! But its time for me to get to work and stop slacking!!! Have a great monday!!!

<3 Sara

Friday, April 24, 2009

Helping out a Friend

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to post about a friend of mine. Her name is Angel Pack and she is a graphic design artist. She is starting to do freelance work from home and she does a great job. Check her out at . She is a great friend of mine whom I met through Keno, SO if you need any graphic design work done OR know of anyone else check out the website!! Thanks!! :)

I hope everyone is having a great friday!! I am!! :)

<3 Sara

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another fun weekend

So yet ANOTHER weekend has come and gone. Oh how I hate when that happens. This weekend was really a good one. Friday I went to dinner with Shannon, Tony and Lola out at applebees and had the BEST choclate cake!! YUMMY! Ok I know I didn't need it but come on it was AMAZING. Saturday I woke up bright and early and went to garage sales with my dad and Tony. I got a washer for my apt which im excited about and a couple of other things. SO much fun I think this will become a new tihng for me! lol the rest of the day was kind of chill. Saturday night Seth and I hung out with Pam and Wyatt. We wont be able to do that too much longer, they are moving to Dallas. And today we went to church (great sermon) come to Coastal Community Church in west ashley for this series. its titles Beautiful and EVERY woman should hear this series!!! Then Seth and I went to lunch with Kelly welly at cibos! Very yummy!! THEN we went with Shannon and Lola to pick strawberries. This was my very first time picking them and I had alot of fun. We picked SO many that we made two pies and we still have some left over!!! Tonight im watching all these princess movies on ABC Family and im going to just RELAX!!! Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and HAS a great work week!!

<3 Sara

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009


Well yet again another weekend has come and gone. This one was special though. Heather, Jason and baby Kainen came down and spent the ENTIRE weekend with us. Friday night Heather and I went to keno and kelly welly came too. That was alot of fun then the guys kept us up for awhile. They had some drinks and were being a bit too loud. I had to wake up at 7am which didnt make me too happy! But I woke up got ready and left for WA to Coastal Community Church Egg Drop. There was a TON of people and we had a great time. Although there were some egg hogs who had bookbags full of eggs which made me mad. all the kids I came with didn't get to pick an egg off the ground. They were given out of the goodness of someones heart AFTER the "hunt". but seriously other than that it was a great time. The kids LOVED the jump castles. Then we went to lunch and headed to the Angel Oak on Johns Island with the kids. Later that night we had a double date night to Yokoso. I had a sex on the beach for the first time and it was SOOOO yummy. That will be my drink of choice now. Today Heather and Jason headed on their way for family stuff and church and we headed to church. Great sermon this morning! After church I did my family thing and Seth did his. One day we will really try to do both together but I wanted to spend all day with mine and he did too. Im fine with it! :) So I had a great day with my family spent some time with both of my sisters. Went to dinner with krystal and that was awesome. Overall a GREAT weekend but im SO not ready for MONDAY! AHHH! haha Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!!

<3 Sara

Friday, April 10, 2009

Early morning survey

1. What is your favorite thing about where you live? Being near the water. I LOVE going out in the boat or to the beach in the summer. I love how historic CHarleston is. There is ALOT to do!

2. What do you get the most compliments on? Well my hair mostly but I got a compliment yesterday on my eyes from the trainer.

3. When did you know you were in love with your husband? Too bad im not married.

4. If you could be just like someone you know, who would it be? Kelly, her sense of syle! She always dresses SO cute!

5. Why? See above :)

6. Who do you know that you dont want to be anything like? well that im not going to answer.

7. If you were back in time 10 years what would you be most shocked about in your life now? Working in a cubicle for the govt. NEVER saw this one coming.

8. What would you be most sad about? My mama not being here.

9. How would the people that know you best describe you? Um I would say pretty laid back, I would give the shirt off my back for the people I love. I dont really know what else but it wouldnt be negative! well I HOPE not! haha

10. What makes you laugh the hardest? when people are act stupid but not stupid stupid

11. What can put you in a bad mood faster than anything else? When people are two faced.

12. What flaw have you recently been working on? Losing weight!

13. describe a perfect day: A saturday spent with my friends, family and Seth. Kind of like my last saturday!!! I love being around the people I love!!!

14. what is your favorite holiday: Christmas most def!

15. are you a morning or night person: I am more a morning person than a night person.

16. what character trait do you respect most in a person: When people can show others respect.

17. favorite restaurant: Oh gosh I dont have a fave. Maybe O'Charleys? or Wild wings? etc! haha

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Somehow I tried to post this a min ago and it got deleted :( SO im posting it AGAIN! lol

This is where I am wishing I was at this moment. Seth took this picture on his lunch break a couple of days ago. We went out there last night (riverfront park) and it was AMAZING!! We wanted to watch the sunset BUT it set on the otherside where the trees were. HOW LAME!! So im sitting in work with 40 mins to go until I leave just wishing I was there. I bet it would be AMAZING today.

I know this blog post is kind of lame but im bored and thats what im thinking about!!! :)

<3 Sara

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our BUSY Saturday

Well yesterday was a VERY busy but VERY fun Saturday for Seth and I. First Kelly spent the night Friday night and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and we all had a drink. Then it was time for TARGET! We came back and got in the hot tub and talked for awhile then it was time for bed. Luckily we went to bed somewhat early. SAturday we all woke up and went to the Flowertown Festival. I didnt take any pictures but I wish I had. I got 2 wooden cut out things. one is a Clemson C with a tiger paw in it and the other is a palmetto tree. Last year I bought one for Ashley and Newman and REALLY wanted one for me this year. Then we all went to the Wannamaker County Park for ultimate Frisbee with Northwood Assembly (kellys new church) it was ok. we played Volleyball instead and ate some hot dogs. Kelly had to leave then to go to work. SO Seth and I went and got my lolly polly and went to the JICP for some bike riding!! It was the PERFECT day to go out there. We had a GREAT time!! I love spending time with her shes my fave person!! Around 5 we dropped her off went to feed our friends Dog and Cat. We are house and dog sitting until next Saturday. After that we met up with Heather and Kainen for some putt putt at Frankies!!! SO much fun minus the fact that a GOOSE tried to fly at me and attack me. THANK GOD for the temp gate that would have HURT like a mofo. The whole time we were playing we were smelling BBQ it was from Roberts BBQ. So of course after I got that craving we just HAD to eat there. it was SOOOO yummy. After that we went BACK to our friends house to let the dog out one last time. We then went to Heathers moms and headed DOWNTOWN!! We didnt do much (none of us have alot of money) so we walked around and hung out at water front park!! We didnt spend any money and still had a GREAT time!! I was so glad I got to see her. She moved to Columbia back in January so whenever I get to hang out with her I take my opportunity. Shes a really good friend and I miss her being in Charleston. Thank God COlumbia is not TOO far away!!! We went a couple of weekends ago up to their place and went to the zoo. So we will def do that again but take Lola with us next time!!! Anyways that was our Saturday. SOOOO busy but amazing!! Today we are just doing some stuff around his house and taking it easy. We have our Dave Ramsey Class tonight then will probably go over to my house to eat dinner. I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!!! Below are some pics!! ENJOY!