Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Fun

The weekend is pretty much over! I had a great time but I am honestly excited for my non-exciting weekend next weekend! I don't have anything planned except the gym and maybe the beach.

Here's the breakdown of my busy weekend!

Friday I left work early and went to the gym for awhile. Later that night I went to a Riverdogs game with my friends Ashley, Mike, their baby J, Damien, Geoff and Sabrina. It was nice to have a group to hang out with again. That is one thing I really miss about high school and my first year of college. We always had tons of fun! The game was really good lots of foul balls and they did eventually lose. Oh well still a great time! The breeze was about to put Ashley and I asleep! It was amazing and the end of the game had fireworks which were pretty decent!

I am officially a Riverdog

So is Mike they taught him how to fly haha

Ashley, Baby J and me! I don't LOVE this picture of me but it is still a picture to remember! I love those 2 and had a great time with them

So Saturday morning I woke up at 8 to head to the gym! I told my friend Shannon I would try a spin class with her. Well my thoughts on it... I hated it, I loved it and I almost puked! Oh my gosh it SUCKED! I few times I seriously thought my legs were just going to fall off! haha and not to mention my butt HURTS!!! It still feels bruised :( At least the music was pretty awesome and that is what kept us going. Shannon said she almost got up and walked out haha I don't think she would have done that.

After I got myself together and all clean I headed to our family reunion. It was out on the river and thank God there was a breeze. It was still crazy hot out there though.

Isabelle looking ridiculously cute

Lola and me! So cute! She drives me nuts but I still love the heck out of her! haha she is the little sister I never had

I thought this was funny. Isabelle LOVES phones! She is always digging through a purse to find a phone. I also taught her that a purse is not called a pocketbook. That is such an old term lol sorry if I just offended anyone! I just hate calling it a pocketbook.

So freaking sweet! She loves to love on babies. This is her cousin John. He is about a year younger than her and he is adorable. I think she doesn't realize that she isn't much older than he is.

The view of the Morris Island lighthouse from the dock. Gorgeous views I love living in Charleston. I don't know if I could move away from the coast and not be able to see water whenever I want to.

Family pictures!

After the reunion I went with my cousins basically everyone in that first family picture minus our papa to my cousin Alicia's. She lives in a condo with a pool. It was pretty warm in the pool but a lot of fun to spend time with my family. Most of them live in Greenville, SC and Scott lives in NYC. So I enjoyed spending time with them.

Today I slept in. I went to bed last night at like 9ish and slept 12 hours! It felt amazing! Anywho we went to Midland Park United Methodist Church in North Charleston to see Xavier get baptised. He is so darn cute and I was glad I got to be apart of it. However, the church service after was ummm old fashioned and pretty boring. We sang out of a hymnal book... I haven't done that in FOREVER! Afterwards we went to his grandmothers house to have a nice lunch. There was BBQ and all the fixins. SO good!

Isabelle hitting me with her head! Gave me a headache for the majority of the afternoon.

me with my cousin Scott! I think this is such a great picture and the next one too!

After all the family festivities I headed to the gym for a much needed workout. It was almost 2 hours which felt great.

Great weekend and hopefully this week will be nice to everyone!


Friday, July 22, 2011


I am having the best morning!!!!! I just booked my flight to see my bestie in St. Louis!! The sucky part is I have to wait until almost the end of September. By then though they will be all settled into their new house which they just started moving into yesterday.

I drove through there once but I never got to see St. Louis. Angel said it really has a lot to offer especially free things to do. Of course though I must go see the Arch and go up to the top! Anybody have any other suggestions on what to do let me know :) I know it won't be my only trip there but I am spending an entire week so we have time to really see stuff.

On a different note... last night I went to my cousin Alicia's house to see her little family and my cousin Scott. He made us dinner which was AMAZING and super fattening. It was some Fettucini Alfredo thing. No clue it was good though! They live on Daniel Island and I have decided if I ever have enough money I want to live there. It is so cute and cozy. We rode bikes to the Publix which you normally can't do anywhere else thanks to traffic. We took some trails that were definitely not on the way but it was so fun. I haven't been on a real bike in a long time. I always just do the stationary bike at the gym. After last night I need to go get my bike from my sister's house so I can start riding it more! Apparently Daniel Island has TONS of trails so I hope to explore them! Maybe I can talk Alicia into doing it with me since she obviously knows them. Seriously though I love spending time with my family and there will be a lot of that this weekend!!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not cute

This morning at work I was going through all my e-mail folders just trying to make room for new e-mails. I have like 20+ folders that are almost at their size limit. I have a habit of saving e-mails because believe it or not I have had to resort back to them a time or two.
Anyways I found some pictures that an old co-worker of mine took when she was retiring. I found the picture below! This was only 2 years ago... it is amazing the change 2 years can take on a person. So this is Shawn and myself in my old office which I miss terribly! Since then I know I have lost 30lbs and Shawn has lost a TON!!! When I showed her this picture she was SHOCKED. Sometimes you don't realize how big you are until you lose weight and look back at pictures! She is basically half that size now and looks great!

Thank God for the last 2 years and the transformation I have been doing with myself! Definitely happier with myself now than I was at that time. AND with this picture I have decided never to have short hair ever again! haha

Back to work... lunch is over :(



I seriously can't wait for this weekend. It is going to be a busy one but with tons of fun stuff!!!

My cousin Scott flew in last night from NYC to spend the weekend here! We are supposed to be hanging out tonight! I love getting to spend time with my cousin. I still need to plan my trip to NYC. BUT I planned my trip to ST. Louis first.... I can't help it I miss Angel and her fam!

Friday night I am going out to a Riverdogs game with a group of friends. We are reuniting a group of people we used to hang out with a good couple of years ago. I hope we all have lots of fun and can start hanging out as a group more! It is going to seem like a couples thing I told Ashley her little man is my date! haha He is super cute so I think I will have the best date there! :)

Saturday morning I am waking up TOO early for a Saturday morning and going to take a spin class with my friend Shannon. I am nervous and excited for this. I have never taken a spin class and it just seems rather intimidating. Hopefully it goes well and I don't fall off the bike and die! After the gym I am going to our family reunion. I hope it is not miserable hot since it is mainly outside (kinda). I am excited to see all the family and eat some YUMMY Beaufort Stew (corn on the cob, shrimp, sausage, and little potatos with a nice seasoning) it's a southern thing. I am hoping to end up doing something fun Saturday night. My cousin mentioned the windjammer which is on Isle of Palms. Should be fun!!

Sunday we are going to see my cousins son get Baptised then having a little get together after!

My last few weekends haven't been all that eventful so it should be a nice change! :D

Happy Thursday everyone!! It is ALMOST Friday :D Thank God!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} what is your dream job?
Honestly I have either thought about being a Travel Agent or a realtor. They both seem fun to me but they both probably suck in real life haha

{two} how many best friends do you have?
I have a few people I consider best friends. So I would say grand total would be 4...

{three} what’s the longest road trip you’ve ever taken?
One Thanksgiving I went with one of my ex's, his parents and their dog to Knobnoster Missouri. Doesn't that just sound like a place you need to visit?? We went to spend a week with his brothers family at Whiteman AFB. It was a fun time but a 16+ hour car ride! NEVER.AGAIN.

{four} if you had to do one single thing every day for the next year, what would it be?
Workout! Shocker right? I love it and definitely want it to be something I continue to do everyday for the rest of my life.

{five} what’s one story your family always tells about you?
I don't think there is a story. BUT there is a picture!!! A horrible hideous picture of me at one of my birthdays. Let's just say I don't know where I hid this picture last but I hope it never shows back up EVER again! I swear they made copies!!

{six} how did your parents pick your name?
I have no earthly Idea!

{seven} what’s the one thing that scares you more than anything?
Tornados. I have nightmares all the time about them and have never in my life seen one or even been close to seeing on.

{eight} are you a good cook?
I am a good baker and an OK cook.

{nine} where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Hopefully still with a good job, a husband and maybe a kid or 2.... MAYBE! haha

{ten} what’s your best childhood memory?
Christmas memories are my favorite. I will never forget the year I got my dollhouse and snuck down the stairs with my sisters after "Santa" brought our presents. There was a button that played music and of course I pressed it. We ran and I thought for sure we were going to be in trouble! haha


Monday, July 18, 2011

Butterfinger cake

So my blog friend Amber posted a picture of her butterfinger cake last night on facebook. And ever since I have been DYING for butterfinger cake! Butterfingers are my favorite candy bars by far!!! SO yum! They took them out of our vending machines at work and I haven't been the same since! haha ok not that big of a deal but it's all good. She posted the recipe HERE and I can't wait to make it!

Butterfinger Cake:

1 box butter cake mix
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 jar caramel ice cream topping
1 container of cool whip
4 Butterfinger candy bars (these are the large ones, I just buy 2 packages of the fun size)

Mix cake batter and cook according to box directions.
*Note: the box will say 35 minutes but I only cook 30. You do not want to over cook
because it will become dry much quicker.

Mix the caramel and the condensed milk together in a bowl.
As soon as the cake comes out of the oven, poke holes in it while it is still hot
and pour the caramel mixture on top so it will seep into the holes

Let the cake stand and cool for about an hour and a half to two hours. I know, it's hard
to wait. Once it is cooled begin chopping your butterfingers. I crush mine in a tiny little
food chopper. You can chop them in a food processor, hand chopper, or put them in a
ziploc bag and pound them with a hammer! It doesnt' reallly matter. After you have about
2 large bars or 8 small bars crushed fine, sprinkle them over the cake. After you have sprinkled a layer of Butterfinger over the cake, you can then top with your Cool Whip. You will probably get little bits of Butterfinger in your cool whip, but that's okay. In fact, it makes it look even cuter. Once you have done this, do a rough chop of a few more butterfingers to garnish the top. It should look like this.

After this step, regrigerate. You can refrigerate as long as you like.

Thanks Amber!!! Can't wait to try this yumminess!!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Folly Day

Today has been a GREAT day!!

I woke up early and headed to the beach with my sister and nieces! It has been a long time since we all went out there together. I think it was last year for Lola's birthday week. There was actually a line to get into the park which went quickly. The parking lot was full so we had to wait for cars to leave for them to let us in. But we only waited 30 mins which gave the girls time to eat their cheeseburgers.

We stayed out on the beach for about 2 hours and it was perfect. There was a breeze so we weren't melting like normal. The girls had a lot of fun playing in the sand and water. OH and I got pooped on by a seagull I was not happy!! How gross!!! Shannon couldn't stop laughing and then after that Lola was PARANOID about being pooped on. It was fun but all of a sudden the weather got crappy like seriously it took seconds and it was bad. It got cloudy and really windy. I am pretty sure we had tons of sand in our eyes when we left.

She was showing me her shovel. haha shes a goofball

this would have been way cuter if she was looking but it is still semi cute

She was being super silly! We have no idea why she was doing this! She seriously stayed this way for a few minutes.

Shannon burried Lola pretty well! Izzy kept trying to take the sand off her sissy! I thought it was funny she just didn't get it!

After I got back from the beach I was shocked to have enough energy to hit the gym! Of course I can barely go a day without the gym. I seriously feel BAD guilt if I skip a day. But I had a good workout about an hour and a half... not too shabby! I went to the grocery store after that, gave Kodie a bath and made myself some dinner! I am finally relaxing....

Such a great weekend and I hate to see it go! BUT next weekend will be lots of fun and I seriously can't wait!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!! :D


Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Saturday

holy heck this girl is EXHAUSTED! Today was a busy day!

I went to sleep late last night and had to wake up early to drive to Jedburg to pick up a friend to take him to work. It wasn't bad I always love to see him so it was good. But I literally drove 2 hours before I got to the gym. Had to go pick him up then take him to work THEN drive back to James Island! haha that is just too much driving! haha I was happy to work out once I got there! I had a GREAT workout. Almost 2 hours again! I went to the pool later and got a little bit of sun. I tell ya these legs of mine are never going to get "tan"! I am going to the beach tomorrow with my sister and nieces soooo maybe I will get some more sun.

So I also cleaned out my entire closet today! Re-did everything! Folded, hung up stuff, re-arranged, and tossed a TON of stuff. I didn't realize how many boots I had until today. I seriously don't need to buy any next winter. I was happy to be able to give my sister a TON of clothes. Most of my stuff just doesn't really fit me anymore... a good problem to have I suppose. Annoying at the same time... haha so after she went shopping in Sara's closet we went to Kohls and I got the shirt pictured below. I also got another shirt similar to it but pink with a flower. I love Kohls and they are about to put one closer to my house :D yay!!! well that was my day in a nutshell!! Time to finish watching Matilda (don't hate) I love this movie and then it is off to bed.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


Friday, July 15, 2011

5 ? Friday

1. If you knew your best friend's spouse was cheating on her or him, would you tell her (him)?

Of course! I would want them to tell me so I would definitely tell them! Cheating is unacceptable and I will never tolerate it!

2. Soda in a can or a bottle?

I actually prefer it in a can... I don't know why but it just tastes better in my opinion. In fact right now I am drinking a Mt. Dew out the can. Although I shouldn't be drinking ANY soda period!!

3. What do you wash first, hair or body?

I put Shampoo in my hair first

4. What advice would you give to any new mama?

I am not the person to give ANY mama advice! Seeing as how I am not a mom nor really want to be at least at this point in time!

5. What is your best hangover remedy?

WATER and BED! haha But I hardly drink anymore so really I don't have to worry about hangovers. It seems when I drink I am just tired the next day due to lack of sleep.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beach Adventures

After enjoying my lovely french fries for National French Fry day I went to the beach! I was with my friends Amanda and Laura who are actually sisters. I am in Amanda's wedding next June so it was nice to spend some time with her and Laura both. They are so different it's funny but heck I am nothing like my sisters. And I do not mean that in a bad way! haha Anywho we went out to Folly to the washout (where the surfers go) and hardly had any beach to play on. But we ended up having a photoshoot! Between our 3 phones I believe there are TONS of pictures of all of us. I picked my favorites to put on here. It was HOT HOT HOT out there and I regretted not wearing my shorts but that's ok. I did however wear a hat and put braids in my hair which I had never done together before and I liked it. My hair was not in my face at all which for the beach is normally impossible. Hopefully the 3 of us can go on more "adventures" together! I know we all had a great time together :) and here are my pictures!

This picture I was scared would make me look like a beached whale but it actually turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself

I think I was talking to Amanda in this picture. I would be "posing" and she wouldn't say anything. HELLOOOO are we done?? haha

This one is FUNNY! She took it right as a wave crashed into my legs! Hence the lovely facial expression

This one is my favorite of the entire shoot! I was looking at Amanda like your a crazy person!

Here is one of Laura! We didn't end up with a picture together but I didn't want to leave her out! I thought this picture was really cute of her especially with the yellow flower in her hair. I took one with one of those flowers in my hair last week. Hmmm I think I posted it on here. Maybe not!

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Enjoy the day and drink plenty of water it is going to be another HOT HOT HOT day!!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

French Fry Day

In honor of National French Fry Day I went to Chik-fil-a and got WAFFLE FRIES!!! haha and of course I had to get my friend to take a picture. Hope you all had a wonderful day!!!


Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} what’s the #1 most played song on your iPod (or whatever you use)?
"Walk Away" Five Finger Death Punch I love this song but I REALLY love the live version

{two} what’s your favorite type of exercise?
Anything at the gym! lol I don't think there is anything there that I have done that I didn't like

{three} what’s your least favorite mode of transportation?
Not sure if I have mentioned this on my blog but I tend to like any form of transportation.. haha

{four} if you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be?
So far I haven't thought any age was worth STAYING at... Hopefully I hit an age that I feel that way about!

{five} when you have 30 minutes of free time, what do you use it to do?
I have a lot of free time after work.. I do a lot of different things. Hit the gym, go out with friends, walk the beach, visit my favorite park... etc

{six} what do you miss the most about being a kid?
No responsibility. Finding time to play with my barbies was the hardest decision I had to make

{seven} when was the last time you were nervous?
haha well there is a guy I see at the gym and every time we talk he makes me nervous... SO that would be last week... haha Does anyone else have one person that they like a lot but they make you SO nervous? I guess it's me not wanting to say or do something stupid but that I don't succeed with! haha

{eight} what was the first thing you bough with your own money when you were young?
Depends how much money? Probably candy or toys.

{nine} what is your favorite month of the year?
October definitely! I love Pumpkin flavored ANYTHING!! I can't wait for pumpkin cheesecake!! That makes my mouth so happy!

{ten} what are 3 songs from the soundtrack of your life?
Oh gosh I have no idea. This one I will have to think about and maybe come back to another day.

Click the picture above and go link up with everyone else! :)


Wish I was here...

Where do you wish you were today?? Heck I would rather be anywhere than work right now... lol At least I get to leave work an hour early.... to do something exciting? NOPE! I get to go have my oil changed and tires rotated.... yay! haha Be jealous people! haha


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"The Moose"

He was born in Texas weighing 16 pounds!!!! Oh my gosh! I would have died! If my doctor said hey your baby is bigger than 10lbs they better get that thing out ASAP! He is absolutely adorable I think but dang I feel bad for his mom. I bet she could hardly walk at the end of her pregnancy. If you want to read the article click HERE


Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh my my

oh my this weekend was interesting... well really I should just say Friday night was interesting. Kelly and I went out to a place we go very seldom but really like. Hatchells in Mount Pleasant at the Towne Center. Anywho we were there for AWHILE! I got a hug from a random cute guy, AND I am really starting to realize I should not be allowed to use my cell phone IF I have had more than 2 drinks. It is just not safe. No I am not a "drunk dialer" I am a "drunk texter". But I wasn't drunk really... but said things I should have just kept quiet. Oh well! haha still ended up having fun and kelly bashed her elbow SOMEHOW playing air hockey. I am normally the one who ends up hurt but nope it was her this time.

Saturday I woke up early so kelly and I could go downtown before it got HOT and all the tourist started to show up. We went to Forever 21 I was thoroughly sad they didn't have much that I liked. I did get a cute pair of sandals and a black plain shirt. Then we went to have lunch I had a HUGE burger and Fries. Oh speaking of Fries that is officially my nickname. haha Kelly even told the entire bar of my love of fries. Ridiculous!
Anywho... I ended up at the gym later that afternoon and then went to ONE of my favorite places Sunrise Park. I sat there for maybe 20 mins but a storm was rolling in and I no longer felt safe with the lightning. I don't want to end up dead or on the news! haha I got home and ended up going out to dinner with mom and dad. It was nice and the food was really good! However, it POURED rain the entire time we were there!! And when I say POURED I mean it! It was nuts! But we desperately need the rain around here. After we went to the house they are fixing up to live in. It is my grandparents old house and they have done so much to it. We should have taken before and after pictures. My dad has busted his butt in that house and the hard work has really paid off. It looks awesome! It looks so updated and nice. BUT if I live there my room will be tiny! Yes I am spoiled currently with a decently large room and walk in closet. I am hoping to find other arrangements though before they move. I am just ready for my own place again. My parents are totally cool and not smothering AT ALL but there is still just something nice about having your own place.

OH and Saturday night I ended up watching the Tyler Perry Movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman. There were parts in there that made my "ugly cry" haha It was the love parts of it... can you tell my life is lacking something? And when I say UGLY CRY I mean it! Gah I hope my prayers are answered one day... God knows the desires of my heart... It just sucks to feel like the only single girl around! At least around me... well my sister is single so I guess I am not COMPLETELY alone with the single part... but all my friends have husbands, fiances or boyfriends!

Sunday I woke up feeling so sick! I think Kelly might be on to something with thinking I have a Thyroid problem. I definitely have all the symptoms. At least that would finally be an answer to why I feel sick and tired alot..
So anyways I stayed in bed for AWHILE then went to the gym when I felt better. Later Kelly and I went to Kicken Chicken and Grocery shopping! And Can I just say Walmart SUCKS! I have a love hate relationship with Walmart. I love how cheap everything is and the fact that you can pretty much buy everything you need in one store but gah the PEOPLE!! It takes almost 45 mins to check out anytime kelly and I go. We get behind the people with 2 carts and food stamps every darn time!

There's my weekend in a nutshell. Boring right? haha ok not boring but not overly exciting either! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I am already counting down the days until the next weekend!

I found this list on one of my friends blogs. I forgot to copy the link otherwise I would link back to her. But I thought it was fun and not all of these apply for me but I thought some of them were great!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope it treats you well... or as well as a Monday can!

Sara :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Q is...

Q is for Questionnaire.
Tell me about the shirt you're wearing?

Just a boring black shirt! Well and a jacket lol always cold here people!

What's currently bothering you?

That would currently be a secret! But it is nothing major!

What do you currently hear?

Mail bins and people opening mail. Yes I sit in a mail center however I am a Librarian! Haha yes go ahead and figure that one out!

When was the last time you had your hair cut?

2 weeks ago! She cut it too short which is only like an inch! I am trying to grow it out so I don’t want it cut like at all.

When were you last outside?

When I walked into work. It was pouring outside so I had to run!

Are you wearing shorts?

Nope! Jeans!

Does the thought of marriage scare you?

Nope it is an exciting thought. I just hope to find a man worth marrying I tell ya it is discouraging these days.

What are you doing today?

Working until 3:30, Gym then maybe out with Kelly.

Look to your left, what is there?

phone, papers, note book, money picture frames and binder clips

What time did you go to sleep last night?

I think I finally fell asleep at like 12:30… a little late for me. However the night before I went to bed at like 8:30 so I was well rested.

When is your Birthday?

December 31st.

The way to win your heart?

Being sweet, kind, caring and encouraging. Not a big fan of buttheads lol

What are you going​ to do this weeke​nd?

gym, shopping downtown with Kellbell, probably go to the pool and hopefully church.

Were you happy when you woke up today?

I wasn’t not happy…. I woke up to a thunderstorm and figured it was going to make my hair frizzy today! Haha yes I thought that before 6am!

Have you ever crawled through a window?

I don’t believe so.

Would you ever donate blood?

I have twice. The first time was perfect the 2nd time I almost passed out and threw up soooooo I haven’t gone back…. Although I do want to try it again soon. I just have to get over my new fear.

Has anyone ever mistaken you for a family member?

On the phone I get mistaken for either one of my sisters but not in person.

Do you have reason to smile right now?

Um… not really! I am freezing at work and I am sleepy lol

What do you do when you're stressed out?

Either vent to a friend or go take a walk alone on the beach

Would you honestly say you'd risk your life for someone else?


Do you open up to people easily?

Not really. I am not an open book my any stretch of the imagination. But if I trust you then you know a good bit about me.

Has anyone upset you in the last week?

Not really.

What is the last pill you swallowed?

Tylenol yesterday afternoon

What was the first thing you thought this morning?

The very first thing…. Was about a text message then I thought about my frizz hair I was going to have today haha

Who do you blame for your bad mood today?

I am not in a bad mood so nobody.

Where is the person you like right now?


What was the first thing you did this morning?

Turned off my alarm checked my phone and took a shower

Do you care of what people think of you?

Of course I care… but their opinions do not really matter. I am pretty happy with myself so that is what matters.

Who was the last person you took a picture with?

Um… that would be Isabelle!

What are you looking forward to right now?

The weekend!!! I get to sleep in tomorrow morning!!

Do you miss someo​ne?


Does your crush like you?

He doesn’t NOT like me! haha If you could go back in time and change something would you?Nope!

Do you hate smokers?

haha really?? Of course not! But I prefer the smoke to not be in my face!

Ever had a near death experience?

nah! Don’t believe so!

Something you do a lot?

Gym, text, sing, work!

Last person you cried in front of?

My pillow… haha ok maybe Angel? I don’t cry in front of people pretty much ever!

Have you ever been to a tanning bed?

I have not…. Been thinking about it but it is probably not really worth it.

Does anyone hate you for no reason?

Maybe… I don’t know!

Have you ever kissed someone whose name starts with the letter J?


What are you stressed out about?


What was your favourite grade?

12th! I had early out and my classes were easy.

When is the next time you'll see your best friend(s)?

Kelly probably today. Angel in September and Ashley I am sure sometime this week or next!

Are any of your friends pregnant?

Nope! But a couple of them have just had babies pretty much.

Favourite number?


Ever been in love?


Are you wearing make-up?

Heck yes! I would look like a zombie otherwise! Not cute people NOT cute!

What were you doing at 11:30 last night?

Sending a text message and attempting to be sleepy!

What's the last thing you said and to who?

I asked my coworker why he was wearing a hat… in 4 years I have NEVER seen him wear a hat! So it was a legit question!

Do you sleep on your stomach?

never! Boobs are too big lol I sleep on my sides

What do you hear?

a fan…

Are you ticklish?

VERY!!! I hate it!!! Especially when someone finds out and thinks it is funny to tickle me. I then hate that person! Haha

Last time you saw fireworks, with who & where?

4th of July at the Yacht club with my family and my parents friends.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

I know I am a bit late but I finally got my pictures uploaded and onto facebook. Which means I could post them here! :) I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! I know I did! I woke up early and hit the gym for almost 2 hours. I came home and made brownies haha it was for the cookout later. Krystal and I then headed over to my aunts house to go swimming which was NICE! The water was a bit chilly at first but then felt great. Especially since I had come from the gym not long before. We left and got ready to head to the yacht club. We ended up going at 5 and stayed until 10. I was exhausted but I got some great pictures!

Izzy being cute like always

Lola and I on the dock

Lola and Shannon on the dock!

The sunset was GORGEOUS! I took many pictures but didn't upload all of them

Mommy and me

Izzy and Shannon!

Playing with sparklers! I love this picture I think it is quite funny!