Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Weekend

This past weekend wasn't super eventful at all which I really enjoyed to be honest. Saturday AM we woke up then headed to the gym to get in a workout. Upper body day and major cardio accomplished!
 I wore my new workout shirt my mom got me, I am grateful! We went shopping at the mall then to East Bay Deli for lunch but took it home because we were nasty from the gym. We literally layed around and did nothing until around 3ish then headed to James Island to hang out with the family.
 little bubs is seriously so cute! I love having a baby around, I miss Lola and Isabelle being little babies!

 I got to spend some time with my nephew which I always love! Mom rocked him to sleep on the porch and her and I just chatted. I had my foot against the coffee table and used my foot to move the glider and my fitbit registered steps! I think I got like 2,000 steps from sitting on the couch out there! So funny! That thing is sensitive! Anywho we hung out for a bit then had dinner with mom and dad and headed home.

 So I was a major slacker and didn't go to church on sunday, I know I know! I went to the gym and had an awesome leg workout fueled by Advocare Slam, I really love this stuff. It is just enough of a boost without making me feel all jittery before my workout. I used to drink Jack3d and I would ITCH if I didn't get to the gym fast enough or would crash when I was done with my workout. Anyway awesome workout then I decided to go find Arctic Zero "healthy" ice cream and it was at Walmart. Guys, I HATE walmart, like despise it. Target is my store of choice even if it can be slightly more expensive on some things.
Oh so about the ice cream, so far it sucks, I am rather disappointed. The chocolate peanut butter cup tasted AWEFUL like trash can aweful. I had the cookie dough last night and it was OK but I will never buy it again. I have the cookie shake flavor which I will try but so far I am disappointed due to so many people saying how awesome it was, liars haha.
So either A. they have NO taste buds OR B. they were paid to endorse it, both are highly possible! haha Dave told me to stick to my skinny cow ice creams which taste great but still have too much sugar but I guess that is the nature of the beast when you want YUMMY ice cream!
Dave got home, we had lunch and finished supernatural on Netflix and he took a little nap then headed back to JI for my daddys birthday party!!

 I got him this awesome Clemson spatula and a fishing shirt, I couldn't pick just 1 so I got them both.
 Mom made him a homemade chocolate pound cake, can we say YUMMY!!! I may be trying to lose weight but you best believe I ate that cake and the 2 pieces we took home. haha no shame people no shame! I should probably not have even admitted that, Fat girl status right now!
 Daddy cooked some really yummy chicken in his po man grill, there were veggies, red rice, potato salad, deviled eggs (YUM) and rolls. We ate really good that night! I hope daddy enjoyed his party, I know I did! I know I say this ALLLLL the time but I seriously am so blessed by an awesome family!!!

This kid is a trip! haha being silly while not eating dinner! Why do kids make eating meals so difficult lol I will never understand!
This week has really been pretty uneventful so far, I am going to an Advocare tasting party tomorrow night which should be fun and my cousin is going with me. I am excited to get to try some of the products without having to purchase. Some of their products are a bit pricey even with a discount but I really do love a few of them. I absolutely LOVE catalyst, omega plex and the Slam! I am officially down 20lbs since January and I know Advocare jump started my weight loss again! I may not use this stuff forever but it is helping for now! BTW this is not a plug for anyone to buy anything, seriously! I do NOT want to be that annoying person like a few people on my facebook just using this for documentation purposes! I almost let myself go on a rant about the people that sell stuff and that being the ONLY thing they ever post about lol but I won't let myself do that! ;)
Happy Hump Day people!! I hope your week is going great!! Is it Friday YET??? haha

Monday, July 27, 2015

VBS Party

Last week our church, Coastal Community Church had their VBS all week. I had hoped Logan and Alayna could go but they went to New Jersey to see family and go to a wedding. I am hoping they can go next year because I know Jesse, Lola and Isabelle and over 100 other kids truly enjoyed it. I didn't volunteer for the week but I did volunteer to help with the party Friday. I had no clue what they would want me to do but just went with it anyway. Dave and I got there really early to beat the traffic so we were one of the first volunteers there. Ashley and Mike got there shortly after, well actually Mike was already there with Jesse. Anywho, we asked what they needed help with and we were told to set up the food area under the tent. So that we did!
 Have you ever seen so many bags of chips? haha we decided sorting them by flavor was the best way otherwise it would have been a mess. We all sorted and got it done super quick! We got all the drinks, plates, etc set up and then just hung out until everyone arrived.
Ashley and Mike had Jay and he was being super cute!
 The theme was Everest, how fun is the stage!
 Jesse boy going down one of the slides!  It looked like fun but I doubt they would have wanted the adults to play. Plus I still was recovering from my procedure (no energy) so probably not smart anyway! Maybe next year ;)
 In addition to the jump castles/slides they had a petting zoo. There were goats, donkey, mini horse, mule, tortoise (NOT a turtle according to Jesse woops), bunnies and a sheep. I think I named them all, maybe! It was fun to get to see the animals and pet them, the sheep literally felt like a rug!

 I walked around with Ashley, Jesse and Jay for a little bit since there was nothing else they needed us to do at that time. The boys were driving golf carts to pick up/drop off the people that parked across the street.

 OH and they had the Kona Ice Truck, Snowcone anyone?
 They put on a 30 minute show for the parents, they sang songs, Pastor Chris talked a little bit, prayed, took up the offering and the best part was Joy putting a pie in her husbands face (part of the skit) SO funny! I walked out for a minute to wash my sticky hands from my ice and they were putting the animals up. Well one of the chickens got loose and they were literally chasing him around the front of the church, it was REALLY funny at least to me! I felt bad for them but it really was funny at the same time!
Once it was over it looked like a huge storm was about to go down so I went to put up all the food and all of a sudden I look up and see a ton of kids wanting hot dogs haha so hotdogs they received. Little did I know there were gloves right next to me, woops, I had kinda just washed my hands so it's all good! We finished cleaning up after feeding more hungry kiddos then headed home. It drizzled but never stormed as bad as the clouds looked.  
How pretty is this sunset with the rain on the windshield? You guys know I love a pretty sunset!
I am so glad I pushed through my no energy and went to the VBS party, I really loved getting to serve my church alongside Dave, Mike and Ashley! We were a pretty good team if I do say so myself!

IKEA etc

Man, I have really been slacking on the blog front or at least I feel like I have. The kids haven't been around the last 2 weeks so I guess I haven't had as much fun to post about. Don't worry there are still a few things I am going to post about.
Last weekend was our first weekend just the two of us in what feels like forever even though duh it hasn't been that long. Dave has been really wanting a new dresser from IKEA like the one I got so we decided to head up to Charlotte and get him one. We had nothing else going on so why not?
 We left around 8:15 and we hit some major traffic, let's just say traffic was a major thing on this lovely Saturday. We ended up on some back road before we got to Columbia because I was NOT getting back on I-26 unless it was to head home. I really did enjoy this road though, we saw a few pretty farm houses which you hardly see anymore.  
Luckily once we got back on the interstate the traffic was behind us so we continued to IKEA. We got there and browsed around, got our dresser and a few other things. One of the best parts of IKEA are their cinnamon rolls, HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH PEOPLE trust me on this one!!!
 IKEA selfies :)
 Thank God he works out, those boxes are HEAVY!
 We wanted to go explore downtown Charlotte but it started to rain, boo! I have never been downtown there so I hope when we possibly go back in October we get to explore a little bit.
 We had to stop and get gas before 95 and we saw this old timey looking gas station, check out the gas pumps at the front, the inside was just as cool.
 We got home and Dave put his furniture together while I went to Old Navy and GNC. Man Old Navy had some really good sales going on. I got myself a pair of awesome shorts for $10, Dave some basketball shorts for cheap and I got Logan pants and a shirt they were both $3, can't beat that! 
Later Our friend Warren came over and we ordered pizza and hung out the rest of the evening. We sat on the porch and watched a storm approaching, the lightning was awesome!!
 It was all in all a good day, I enjoyed spending it with my boy minus the traffic of course haha
Here are a few random pictures from the week:
I took a walk one day at work last week, it wasn't too muggy hot outside yet I think it was like 9:30 in the morning and I really enjoyed it. I love getting to be outside but not when it is a million degrees.  I normally go walk on the treadmill at work in the mornings just to get my blood pumping and it really does help to break up the work day.

This is me on Thursday morning before having my first colonoscopy. Dave was so silly and was like lets take a selfie HAHA This was right before I had the best nap ever ;) Oh and everything looked good, no cancer or anything else to be concerned about. Now I just hope I don't have to get them every 5 years because it may take me that long to forget about how AWEFUL the prep was haha (lost 5 lbs)  If you have ever had one you know what I am talking about, ay ay ay!
 The rest of the day was literally spent watching hours of Supernatural on Netflix and relaxing with my boy. He had the whole day off too which was nice. He did go workout with Mike later but that was about the extent of our day.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Living Proof

Friday morning was an early morning, I got to work a little before 6 so I could leave at 11 to head to Greenville with Ashley to see Beth Moore. I was so tired and very thankful Ashley was driving us the 3 1/2 ish hours to get there.
 This little cutie hanging out with me before Ashley picked me up to head to Greenville.
We made pretty good time and got to my cousins house about 3 where we dropped off our stuff and I changed clothes. We got back in the car and headed downtown to Falls Park to walk around and see the falls. It was really pretty but holy cow was it HOT HOT HOT! We were sweating and wanting to shop but I guess we were on the wrong side of main street because all we saw were places to eat and a cvs. We decided after figuring out our wrist bands were back at the house anyway to go grab some early dinner then head back to the house. Best decision ever! We got dinner at Chicken Salad Chick which was really yummy, their broccoli salad was to die for!


We headed to the Wellness Center where the Beth Moore conference was being held around 6 to have enough time to find our seats and just look around at the vendors. There really were not a whole lot of vendors but we were able to get a water, we got some free pens and signed up to win something which I am assuming we didn't win haha then found our seats. 

 Before the event started, so glad we got to experience this together, love this chick!

 The music was great and the lesson was really good, it lasted almost 3 hours Friday night then we headed back to Scott and Kates to put on Pj's hang with them for a little bit then pass out. I think the glass of wine helped me sleep because I literally PASSED OUT, I normally sleep aweful but this night I slept amazingly. Like I said before I was at work before 6 so that probably had something to do with it as well. haha

 We got back to the center around 8:15ish Saturday morning and we wanted to request different seats. Let me just say those seats were AWEFUL, there was no room, I was practically sitting on the lady next to me which normally wouldn't bother me BUT I don't know her and she had aweful breath. Thankfully the event staff for Beth Moore were super nice and let us change seats. We thought we would just end up in a different seat nothing special BUT we ended up in a "party suite" that definitely had us curious when she gave us our new bands. So we walked to our new seats and found out we were in like the box seats which were AWESOME!!! We were right by the bathroom, we had ROOM to not only just sit comfortably but to move around. There was even a ledge in front of our seats so we were able to take notes much easier. This was the BEST decision made, we were so much happier Saturday which worked because that was the longer session. 8:30-12:15.

 So one thing Beth asked us on Saturday was basically what we felt God brought us to the conference for/what we got out of it. I forget her EXACT question. So I obviously start thinking because the most obvious is just learning about God and getting to worship with other Christians. BUT she wanted us to dig a little deeper. So for me it would be to get more into his word AND to start putting him more in front of my anxiety instead of letting the anxiety sometimes control me. Ashley and I both agreed we need to get into the word and one thing I kept feeling was I need to get on my knees when praying. This is something that will be a bit difficult for me even though it seems so simple because I can't get over how silly that will be. haha
 Bathroom selfie because I felt cute in my skirt which I saw about 4 other women wearing haha apparently this is a popular maxi skirt at Target.
 So like I said the event ended around 12:15, we went to meet Scott, Kate, Alicia and baby Oliver for lunch at Adams Bistro which was SO good. I got the baked potato soup and it was heavenly, I wish I had ordered a bowl instead of a cup but I wasn't that hungry when we sat down.
After lunch we decided to head home because it was still SO hot and we just were ready to get back.

 Thankfully we did because we ended up in yucky traffic before Columbia which definitely slowed us down for about 30 minutes. We stopped in Columbia for a starbucks then headed the rest of the way home. It took us about 3 1/2 hours or more.
I am so thankful for our quick little trip and truly enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with Ashley.
So Dave had the kids this weekend and when I got home they talked my face off haha it was funny but I was so tired so we hung out for a bit then we all went to bed around 9.

 Before I forget since I added these pictures, Friday night Dave dropped Alayna off to have a sleepover with Isabelle, Lola took this picture of them, cuties! Mom and Dad were getting a new driveway and they all put their hand prints in with their names. Too cute!

 Sunday after getting a good bit of sleep but not enough to make me feel all refreshed we got up, had breakfast then headed to church. I won't lie and this sounds aweful but I would have probably not gone had I not had to serve at 10:15. Come back from a church conference then skip church? HAHA I am probably going to hell for even saying that. KIDDING!  I was just SO tired but I am glad I had to serve because they sang a few songs that I had loved from the conference and pastor Chris made me feel even MORE pushed to get into the word. coincidence? I think not! PLUS the kids really love church and that would just be wrong of me to not take them.

We went to the AFB after church so I could workout since I only got to like 3 times last week because I felt sick most of the week and went out of town. I was so glad Dave was on board with this otherwise I would have probably had to go by myself. The kids really like playing there so it worked out PLUS I had a snack and drink waiting for them after church to hold their tummies over until lunch time. WINNING!

We hung out at my parents house and had dinner with the family, I love making sure I get family time every weekend!
 We then headed home to wait on mommy to get them and for us to get ready for the work week. This Monday is pretty rough so far, simply because I am just so sleepy still but I am so thankful for such a great weekend! I am truly BLESSED with the life God has given me and I don't take it for granted.