Wednesday, December 31, 2008


TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Im oficially 22 years old and im hoping that once I get out of work my day will be superb!!!

Im sure ill have pictures to post and a blog to write about my birthday celebration!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

<3 sara

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My computer is FIXED

My computer is magically fixed. I have no idea what I did but after 3 weeks it works!! Can I explain how happy I am? lol HAPPY! Anyways below are some pics i wanted to put on here. Its seth and I's christmas tree and a few pics from a parade we went to last sunday in Mt. P. Enjoy!!!

recent happenings

Hello everyone

I was hoping to wait to do a blog until my computer is fixed so i could add pictures but i see that is not going to happen. Its been like 3 weeks now since it crashed and im sick of waiting. I would add pics to my moms computer but macs are a bit confusing in that dept. Hopefully seth can get it fixed this weekend before he goes back to GA. Anyways since the last time I blogged all thats really gone on is christmas shopping and TONS of it. I did go to the mt. p christmas parade last sunday that was actually really neat. They did some really awesome fireworks right before the parade. Plus it was something I got to do with seth. Since hes out of town m-f in GA working we dont get to do too many things like that. But we got to and it was fun. OH and I rode on a motorcycle like a sport bike for the first time and i LOVED it. The bike just needed some pegs and I could have ridden that thing for ever. I dont really think much else has been going on. 

This next week is going to be busy busy though. monday-wed im working in the captains office answering the phone that should be oh so much fun. NOT! But wed is my last day until the following monday. But monday im hanging out with angela i think, tuesday i have a massage after work then i have GOT to finish christmas wrapping if i dont today, wednesday after work seths mom is throwing a huge christmas eve party, thursday is christmas so that day will be super busy, the rest of the week we will see his dad at some point and hopefully just have alot of fun with family or whomever. Im just SOOOOOOOOO happy to have seth around for more than a weekend. HOWEVER that means it will be extremely hard come monday morning to have to say bye until friday. As our relationship gets stronger its getting more and more hard to leave his place on monday mornings.


Anyways thats all for now. HOPEFULLY next time ill be able to post the pictures ive been dying to post. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

tis the season

So its FINALLY starting to feel like christmas is upon us. I wasn't really in the spirit until pretty much today. Now everyone is putting up the lights, work is becoming more festive, i have a christmas party tommorrow night, and best of all i have started buying peoples christmas presents! i have actually gotten a good bit done so far. im rather proud of myself! Im really excited for this christmas i feel like its truely the start of something great. Plus I really love to see lola open up her presents. I think this year will be more fun than last because she is a little older. not to mention she is going to just die not literally when she sees what aunt sara got for her. Ok mommy bought it for me while they were in disney but hey that doesnt matter! :) anyways i hope everyone gets in the spirit like i have if they are not already!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ice Skating

So the day after thanksgiving instead of going shopping like i had PLANNED on doing. Seth and I went with his nephew his gf his other nephew and his brother ice skating at the ice palace. We had a great time although i have bruises and seth has a huge blister looking thing on the back of his leg from the skates. But none the less we had a great time. Before we went skating we had waffle house which i had honestly never been to before and boy was it YUMMY the best waffle EVER hands down. We had angela and stephen over last night for dinner I made yes I made teriyaki chicken mashed taters and green beans with some cookies. cant leave out the sweets. when they left we got in the hot tub which he had worked on for a good part of the evening. it sure was relaxing considering my body was HURTING from ice skating. note to self dont ice skate for 4 hours. its just not a good idea. anyways here are some pics! enjoy!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I just want to write a short blog with a couple of pictures for thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving I am most thankful for my family they are my rock although i dont see them enough I love them more than words could ever express. But I am also thankful for my friends and Seth. My friends have truely lifted me up this past year when I thought my world was crashing. I honestly didnt think my world would ever feel normal again. Then Seth comes into my life and ive learned not to let my past affect my future. I never thought I could ever feel this way again but as you can see its happening. So I just want to thank my family, my friends, and seth for making my year much better than I imagined it could be. I love you all!!

Here are just two of my fave pictures this thing takes way too freaking long otherwise i would post more.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

whats new

Hello everyone. I have been MAJORLY slack in the updating department. Not much has really been going on. My boyfriend seth has been going out of town alot for work so i havent been able to spend that much time with him. But when we do get to hang out I really have alot of fun. Hes such a great guy and im really glad that i have him in my life. Other than that i have been hanging out with my friend heather alot, trying to make enough time for family and all of my friends. With age everyone gets so busy its hard for us to get together. I have been trying to be active i just never have time to get to the gym. I think ill go tonight if i dont decide to stay home since its FREEEEEEEEZING outside.

Normally at work i am inside of our building sometimes going out to deliver supplies. WELL the guy in the mailcenter is on leave so guess who is freezing their butt off delivering mail outside all week. YUP ME!!! i have learned how to layer! today i wore socks that were almost to my knees and boy did my feet and lower legs stay warm. it was amazing!

im SO excited for thanksgiving and christmas. i FINALLY have a boyfriend who loves holidays and everything about them. We are very excited to finally put up the christmas trees at his house. and yes treeS he puts up two. one int he den and one in the living room. its exciting!! i cant wait for everyone to put up their trees and decorate the outside of their houses. I have two christmas parties so far. One for my company capstone and the other for my friend shawns (a girl) hers i think will be alot of fun. Our code at SPAWAR always does a fun christmas party too so im just excited for the holidays in general. there will be a TON of pictures. i plan to take some at the christmas parties etc. anyways i feel like im rambling. So im going to go. Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm! God Bless.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Here are some pics from the halloween party at my aunts house. it was this past saturday, everyone was there and it was alot of fun. i have a lot more pics but this thing is taking way too long tonight. So enjoy!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

a little update

* i took this picture about 2 months ago on the way to work with my cell phone*
feel like i havent written a real blog in forever. So here is a small blog just to update whats going on in my life. Work has been going steady keeping my busy unfortunately. The ladies and i went to lunch on friday which was nice i love getting out of the building during the day. friday night i went on a date with ashley and newman. We went to wild wings, A.C. Moore, HHgregg which sucks btw and headed home. Ashley and I went back out to michaels a halloween store and kmart. We got back and started watching norbit its HILARIOUS too bad i was about to fall asleep. And seeing as i had a 30 min ride home i figured i shouldnt finish the movie. Saturday was pretty chill didnt do much during the day but a little bit of laundry. Anyways angelas husband stephens bday was yesterday so there was a rather large party. We had food, drinks, bonfire and hanging out with a little guitar in the mix. OH and we roasted some marshmallows YUMMY YUMMY! some of the guys got a little out of hand but oh well guys will be guys. Overall it was a fun party and i love getting to hang out with angela. Did i mention my new guy was there yup that made it that much better. Things are really going great there. Really happy about that. Im thinking in the very near future its going to be time to meet the parents. hmm lol i wonder!! Anyways ill try and update this thing more. Hopefully have pictures next time. ive gotten slack with my picture taking. Hope everyone is well!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i got tagged

8 favorite TV shows that are on TV now:
1. the hills
2. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
3. real housewives of atlanta
4. Run's House
5. greek
6. army wives
7. making the band
8. janice dikinson modeling agency

8 favorite restaurants:
1. fatz cafe
2. kicken chicken
3. california dreaming
4. longhorns
5. subway.. does that count?
6. applebees
7. rio grande
8. irish pub madra ruas

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. watched lifetime
3. watched more tv
4. went to angelas
5. angela and i went to see a movie
6. had dinner at her house with the boys
7. listened to the guys play guitar
8. went to seths

8 things to look forward to:
1. i dont have to work tommorrow
2. im going shopping with my angela
3. My birthday!
4. meeting mr. right
5. halloween
6. my next paycheck lol
7. christmas
8. possibly a vacation

8 things I love about Fall:
1. the weather feels amazing
2. i get to wear my hoodies which i love
3. Halloween
4. dressing up for halloween
5. Thanksgiving
6. christmas shopping
7. being with my friends getting ready for the holidays
8. eating lots of yummy food

8 things on my wishlist:
1. Win the lottery< ditto
2. move out
3. a clean car
4. to find a better job
5. get that new turquoise phone its so cute
6. hang out with my friends more often
7. again find mr. right
8. lose lots of weight and be hot

8 people I tag:

i dont know! whoever would like to do it!

Monday, October 6, 2008


So this past weekend i went to charlotte with my aunts and one of their friends. We left right after work on friday and headed up. Got there probably around 9 and i was passed out by 10 it had been a LONG day. Saturday we woke up headed to carowinds and did a bunch of rides left during the middle of the day. we had lunch at shoneys (the parks prices were crazy) and went to the mall. Around 5 we were back at carowinds to wait for 7pm to roll around for Scarowinds. Let me just say i am not a fan of scarowinds. i was terrified!! So we left there at 10 after being tortured by long lines, people who dont know how to walk, and having things chase/ jump out after you. Sunday we got lost for EVER trying to get to florence this was not one of my best days. none the less we got to florence for the lovely flowertown festival (gag me) and then headed home!!! So it was a good saturDAY. I wish it would have been better but i think my friday just set the tone of my whole weekend. Anyways i posted a couple of pictures! enjoy.

BTW i need to get back in the gym. FATTY! ewe

Monday, September 29, 2008

beach pics

Well i havent posted in a little bit! Not much has been going on. met a new guy whom is awesome so thats been alot of fun!! This past weekend shannon lola and i went to the beach to take pics of lola. I put a couple of them up on here just my faves. I chilled all day sunday with seth which i truely enjoyed. I love lazy days! Then i had kellys party lite party its the 4th one ive gone to and i am truely party lited out! i have one more party the 9th so lets hope i can make it through lol Anyways sorry for the short blog but at least there are pics?? lol right?

Friday, September 19, 2008


SO i had a rather eventful morning. Driving to work on 526 and got behind a cement truck decided i didnt want to be behind him. in the process of getting over i hear something crash on my windshield im GUESSING a rock or soemthing like it. ANYWAYS it left a rather big crack and shards of glass like all over me!! not a way to start my day. BUT thanks to my wonderful cousin kimberly all is fixed. the glass guy moved some apts around and fit me in at 4!!! YAY!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So just finished another workout! Feeling GREAT! im thinking about really joining this gym. BUT thats only if my bro in law will commit to go with me at least HOPEFULLY 3 nights a week. Well until im comfortable with the gym its rather large and intimidating! But i love that movie room. I did 35 mins of cardio tonight watching that movie million dollar baby. rather good movie but i didnt want to spend my whole time at the gym doing cardio. So i did ab stuff also. love it and feeling good. Ill probably be really sore in the AM. lol its worth it right?

So anyways i had a day off yesterday because i was lacking in the sleep department it was a really good day. after i finally got ready i got subway for me and my grammy and went to her house. i spent a little bit of time with her came home watched some tv then headed to angelas. We were a bit lazy together. i spent like forever with her but it was alot of fun. we eventually got up and went to barnes and noble for coffee and i got stori telling the tori spelling book im rather excited to read it. i fell in love with her show and now im a tori spelling lover!! THEN we went back to her house and watched baby mama not my FAVE movie but def a good one worth watching more than once. then we went to jasons deli for dinner and headed to the mall after that. i left her house around 9. i dont normally get to hang out with her for that long so i really did enjoy it and it was very chill!! i love my friends and am so lucky for the ones that i have. anyways i need to go shower! i hope my blog isnt boring and people find me SOMEWHAT interesting! lol

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun Saturday

So yesterday was A Lot of fun! slept in which i always love! heather and i went shopping got like 4 new shirts, a CUTE pair of flip flops ON SALE, and a really cute zip up jacket for when the weather finally get a bit cooler. Then we made jason a cake for his birthday and got ready for the house warming party at angels. It was pretty fun had a drink ate some food she made AMAZING cupcakes. Julie and i had to split the smoores one it was MASSIVE theres no way i could have eaten it alone. We had a really good time just being social a girl from work was there so that was cool. Small world but shes really sweet so it was cool. Got home and went to bed and slept for a LONG time and it was one of those DEEP sleeps where you feel kinda out of it when you first wake up. it was AMAZING! but i hate the fact that tommorrow i have to be up at 530 that BLOWS! So below are a couple of pics from last night! Enjoy!

This is Kainen, heathers baby, hes the only man in my life right now! hes soo darn cute too!!
heather and i, i believe this is our first picture together. Thanks angel! lol

And last this is SOME of our keno girls! believe it or not there is a good bit more! Some amazing girls right here and lots of fun!!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! I know i did!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So last night was KENO night which is actually pokeno but we shorten it and call it KENO! So i absolutely had a great time! after work i went to heathers and we headed to walmart to get some food to take and my keno gift. i ended up taking a really cute pumpkin bowl with 2 kitchen towels also pumpkin themed. What you do is bring a $10-$15 gift and thats what you play for. Pokeno is like bingo just with a deck of cards. Last night was a really small group it was just 5 girls but we had a great time. I actually got to know the girls last night because the last time i went there were like almost 15 people i believe it was insane. So we all ended up with a gift heather got two *the boobie prize*. After it was done one of the girls left but the rest of us just chilled and talked it was really nice. we didnt leave until 11 and did i mention it was in wild dunes. WELL heather drove so it was the drive back to the navy base then i had to drive home so i didnt get to bed until 1230. When you wake up at 530 for work 1230 is LATE! But i had a great time and i loved getting to know the girls they are all really nice and dont seem catty. One of them invited me to her house warming party tonight which sounds like fun so heather and i are going and possibly her hubby jason if we can convince him to go!! So yay for new friends and a VERY fun night of KENO!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


So i just got home from my first trip to golds gym and i must say i absolutely LOVE that gym. I went with my brother in law tony and he showed me how to do a couple of machines and we did some cardio. one of the places to do cardio is this room with bikes, elypticals, treadmills, something else i dont know the name of and mats to do crunches, well this room is DARK and cold WITH a HUGE tv to watch a movie. it was pretty much amazing! lol we stayed for i believe an hour and im def feeling the pain. lol Tommorrow night we are going back and hes going to show me how to do some chest stuff and abs. So im thinking by the time we cover the whole body i should know what the hell im doing. im feeling good about this place. its def a place i could see myself going to more than my current gym. i guess you could say this one is just more entertaining and WAY more cute guys. anyways lets see if i can actually get into a workout regime and KEEP it!! im not doing terrible but i need to be in better shape!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My First Blog

Ok well this is my first blog. and it is taking me FOREVEr to get this right. i added pictures then its messing me up with the formatting. i guess eventually you get the hang of this but for now its kinda frustrating me! Anyways im not really sure what to write since i cant just write about my weekend or something simple because its the very first one. Anyways our summer is over and that makes me sad. Got to spend alot of time with friends and family. took a TON of pictures, made MANY memories. Ive grown so much this summer its amazing. Last year i would have NEVER thought a year later i would be where i am. Alot has changed but its made me a better person. I am very grateful. Sometimes you have to endure alot of pain to get to a better place and i truely believe that. I couldnt have asked for a better family or a better group of friends. So i just want to thank everyone who has been here for me i truely appreciate everthing you have done. Im not sure what else to really put in my FIRST blog so im going to end with a couple of pictures from my lovely summer. ENJOY!

This is me and lola before the clemson alabama game!! how cute are we? lol

This is basically the last pic of the summer in my opinion. it was papas birthday so we had some cake then watched some football.

Angela and i are now learning to cook. anyone has any simple recipes send it our way. We are having a TON of fun doing this. Plus her husband is getting the benefits hes our taste tester! haha

This one is of ashley mary catherine and me! beggining of summer.

Shannon and I one of the few trips to kiawah on the boat. love it!