Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ice Skating

So the day after thanksgiving instead of going shopping like i had PLANNED on doing. Seth and I went with his nephew his gf his other nephew and his brother ice skating at the ice palace. We had a great time although i have bruises and seth has a huge blister looking thing on the back of his leg from the skates. But none the less we had a great time. Before we went skating we had waffle house which i had honestly never been to before and boy was it YUMMY the best waffle EVER hands down. We had angela and stephen over last night for dinner I made yes I made teriyaki chicken mashed taters and green beans with some cookies. cant leave out the sweets. when they left we got in the hot tub which he had worked on for a good part of the evening. it sure was relaxing considering my body was HURTING from ice skating. note to self dont ice skate for 4 hours. its just not a good idea. anyways here are some pics! enjoy!

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