Saturday, February 3, 2018

Oliver is 3

 On Monday one of our favorite little guys turned 3! I can't even believe Oliver has been in our lives already for 3 years. He is a mess (in a good way) and has brought so much joy to all of our lives. I think he has also taught us all a lot about life and how it isn't always the same for everyone. He has started talking up a storm and I absolutely love hearing his little voice. 
He also finally loves coming over to our house now that he knows we have the good toys and a fun Uncle Dave. 
 So on Sunday we hosted his birthday party for our family and friends. I love having everyone over and was happy to host his party. 
  Aunt Theresa brought him some balloons, safe to say he LOVED them. 

 The bigger kids all played outside until it started raining, Logan absolutely LOVES when other boys come over to play especially when it involves nerf guns. 
 I sure love this little man. 
 Cutest and yummiest cake!! I won't even say how much of it I ate haha
 Krystal wasn't planning to have everyone sing to him but I told her we had to try it that he may not hate it. He didn't hate it but I wouldn't say he loved it.  

 Mommy, Oliver and daddy.  

After everyone left we cleaned up and took the kids to their mom. It was an exhausting but AWESOME weekend. 

I think this weekend Dave and I will chill for the most part. I had to have 3 moles removed Tuesday which has been pretty sucky. The one on my back is fine but the two on my arm have stitches and quite painful so relaxing most of the weekend sounds good to me. 
More fun times to come!!


Friday, February 2, 2018

Lets go Rays

Saturday night we went to the Stingrays game for military appreciation/pack the house night. We got our tickets at work and had free parking so we knew it was a great opportunity to take the kids. Normally the prices are a bit higher for the seats we had. My cousin Kimberly came with us, she met us at our house then we all rode over together. 

 We seperated Logan and Alayna and then Kimberly was just as silly lol so that plan foiled but that's ok they had fun!

We left with 10 minutes left of the game to avoid the insane crowd. We decided we needed some TCBY though before we headed home. Luckily sugar doesn't seem to affect the kids otherwise they would not have had that so late at night. It was already after 9. 

We headed home, the kids were asleep in just around 5 minutes after getting into bed. I believe this is a record for them BOTH to be asleep that darn quickly. I guess that's what happens when you have an amazing day!


Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Last Saturday was one of the best days I have had in awhile! We woke up early, went to pick up Daves friend and his son, headed to mom and dads then followed them over to my dads hunting property. Then the fun began! 
 BUT first A family photo from friday night before bed. I put her hair in curlers and it looked SO cute Saturday. 
 When we first got there me, Logan and Alayna ventured down a trail while they set everything up. It was so quiet out there which is my love language. I love quiet! 

 Pretty much everyone shot guns except me, mom and Isabelle. I just wasn't in the mood to do that it stresses me out, I was more into a relaxing time then stressing myself out. I know I need to become more comfortable with guns but just not my thing. I enjoyed watching everyone though and after a bit the noise no longer bothered me.  


 Our friend Josh was great with the kids, trying to teach them all about the guns and I think they enjoyed it. Logan and Alayna both shot guns for the first time. They had shot BBguns before but not a real gun. 
 We also highly enjoyed riding the 4 wheeler! I learned how to operate it and really had a blast riding around. 


 Selfie in the middle of the woods!
 A few family photos :)


I think we all agree that it was the best day. We hung out, guns were shot, 4 wheelers were riden, yummy hot dogs were consumed along with brownies, cookies and other yummy snacks. Fun times with the best people! Hopefully we can do this again sometime! 

Once we dropped off his Josh and his son we got home and we were all exhausted but we already had tickets for a hockey game so we had to rally.