Monday, January 15, 2018

The last of the snow

Ok last snow post, promise! 
 After I logged off of work Thursday we ventured to Target to just get out the house. My sister really wanted to go to my parents house to get Bubs so we offered to drive her. 
The roads were mostly ok but there were some pretty scary spots. Dave saw some guy fishtail on the way to my parents house and we saw some guy spin out on the way back up to her house.  

 My parents house is so pretty covered in the snow. 

 We didn't get to stay long because we wanted to get back home before the temps got below freezing again. I did make time to chat for a few minutes, eat yummy spaghetti they made and let bubs play outside in the snow.  

 So pretty on the way home. We made it safely but there were definitely a few moments where I was nervous. We only went out because Dave is from NJ and is familiar with driving in the snow. I would not have driven in it, in fact I didn't drive again until Sunday afternoon.

 Day 3... Like I said this snow lasted from Wednesday until Tuesday. 
  This is actually behind our fence in an area that is normally hideous, the snow and ice made it beautiful! 

After a few days I was absolutely over it, it was no longer magical just inconvenient. There is a rumor that we may have snow again in February, hoping it doesn't stick around as long if it does happen. We shall see!!  


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Snow Day 2 part 1

I knew I would wake up Thursday to see snow covering everything but I also kinda thought it would be gone because hello it is South Carolina and that is what normally has happened when it randomly snows. Nope this stuff stuck around for like 6 days.... The kids were so excited to see everything was so pretty. 

 I was so excited our snowman was still there lol again I thought he would melt. I was wrong. 
 Teddy for a short walk when the sun came up, snapped a few pictures too. It was so pretty out there with the sparkles in the snow.  

 Teddy frolicking in the snow, he liked it more than the first day. 

 I let the kids go out in their pjs after breakfast to play around. 

 This was the final measurement of our snow!

 Insanely beautiful icicles!



 After they got dressed we went back out for a little bit before their mom came to get them. She was actually supposed to get them back the day before but her neighborhood wasn't easy to get out of but that was ok we got more fun in the snow with them. 

 After she picked them up I took Teddy for a walk, I loved the magic of the snow all over the neighborhood. It was absolutely beautiful.  

Besides my few work breaks where I got to step outside and take as many pictures as possible I was inside most of the day working. There really wasn't much work to do since most people were on leave from the snow but I was still productive.