Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kayak Adventure

On Friday while I was checking my email I had an email from Coastal Expeditions that they were doing kayak and SUP rentals at 50% off for Locals as a way to recover from Irma. I jumped on this because back in May we were supposed to go but it got cancelled due to wind. 
I went over to Kimberly then Dave and once they were on board I made the reservations for Saturday at 1230! 
 We had a blast and the day was absolutely beautiful. 

 Dave out there paddling, he had fun until his legs started to go to sleep. He turned back before me and Kimberly. 

Kimberly and I ventured further into the Harbor to see the bridge and regretted it. The harbor got more rough and we struggled to get back to the creek. My shoulder was absolutely KILLING me. 

Once we got into the creek it wasn't as bad. Kimberly was a little behind me because I just paddled as fast as I could to get back. 

 All in all we had a good time but definitely next time we will stay closer to Shem Creek and not go out far into the habor that way we dont kill our arms/shoulders and we could actually do the 4 hours.

The facility and the staff were amazing I would definitely go through them again. I actually went through this company when I went to Bulls Island a few years ago. That is one place I would love to take Dave. The lady told us early fall is the best time to go. Now I need to start planning our adventure out there!

 This was the shell of a turtle they had in their shop.
Dave napped when we got home so I went to buy Halloween goodies at Kirklands then met up with my sister and the girls for dinner at Wild Wings. Then I caught this pretty sunset on my way back home!

It was a great Saturday for sure!! 

Here is Maria, insert eye rolls now! It updated to a Catagory 1 since I saw this picture this morning!

Today we went to church, came home for a bit then headed to JI to hang with my parents. They harvested shrimp this morning so we helped a little bit with de-heading the shrimp, hung out, went to Aldi and the guys went to help retrieve a dock while mom and I went to have dinner. I enjoyed the one on one time with my mommy tonight just chit chatting about life. It's rare to get one on one time and I value every second of it. 

Now time for some fear the walking dead then bed! I got all my meal prepping done when we got home, not to relax! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! 



 One of the few hummingbirds that are hanging around my parents house right now, we saw them on Saturday night while we were hanging out. I forgot to add them to my last post. 
 Sunday they cancelled church due to Hurricane Irma and the unexpected impacts on the lowcountry. We hung out around the house most of the morning. Alayna, I mean Elsa and I colored pictures with chalk on the back patio since we had removed all the furniture back there. 

 We then decided we were bored and ventured to Target to spend the rest of her allowance ($2) she ended up getting a $3 unicorn tail I told her I would spot her a dollar since she had been on her best behavior. 
We had fun in the halloween section. I dont know why I did peace signs but later when I got home I realized she did them too which cracked me up. 

 When we got back to the house we decided we needed to go outside and get some fresh air. We were already starting to feel the effects of Irma, nothing crazy, but we knew we needed to get outside before the storm got crazy. 
 Logan sure is the cutest, we went for a walk and found a huge baseball and a cut out for him to take a picture in. 
 Sunday night the kids went back to their mom as usual but more so because I had to work on Monday. We had thought of keeping them longer until I found out I had to work from home. 
 The storm wasn't too terrible in my neighborhood, the wind was definitely intense and loud at times which I didnt like but besides my flowers ending up in the middle of the yard and a neighbors tree falling our neighborhood seemed fine. There was a lot of flooding in other areas of Charleston especially downtown. Now we have another Hurricane out there in the Atlantic and I pray it goes North and east QUICK. Those poor islands do not need another hurricane this darn quick. 

 Tuesday we had late in for work so I woke up around 7 and took Teddy for a walk and I was amazed at how beautiful it was when just a few hours before we were still having tropical storm conditions. 

Dave and I worked out, I took this waiting on him to finish showering at work. It was nice to have a chill morning then go into work. 

We were able to ride to work together and leave together which I loved and I am hoping next year he will work here and we can do this daily. That is my prayer right now but at the end of the day Gods will be done! 

Pray Maria goes out to sea and spares everyone!!!


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Afternoon downtown

Warning: tons of pictures! 

Saturday afternoon we decided to head downtown because we heard since Irma was going to cause us some issues that downtown was almost a ghost town. Basically that is my love language because the thing I hate the most about downtown is all the people. 
 We got down there, parking was free and we ventured out to walk around and shop. 

 We started out in the market where i bought a Christmas present for 2 family members and Alayna bought a fan with her allowance money. We both agreed it made us think of Aunt Susan. 

 We found a table full of crazy masks so we let her put one on. 

 Normal face. Scared face. She is a mess!

   We were loving the market and we both ended up getting free flowers! 

 We decided to have an early dinner so we headed to get some amazing pizza! 

 After we stuffed our faces full of yummy pizza we decided to walk off a few of the calories consumed and headed to waterfront park. This is a must for me anytime we go downtown. 


 Famiy selfie!

 Dave offered to take a family photo for some tourists and they offered to take one of us. This was way better than our selfie! 

 Logan thought these pictures were hilarious since it looked like the water was in his mouth. 

 We saw a lot of places boarded up and with sandbags at the doors. Downtown ended up flooding pretty badly but as always we will recover. 
We had a BLAST! Then we headed to hang out with my parents for a little bit. I am thankful we went there since we ended up not going there on Sunday. We hung out, watched some CLemson football and even got to see their hummingbirds that keep hanging around their house. The hummingbirds were SO cool.