Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Party Time

Last weekend was a party weekend for this family! We got the kids Friday and just hung out all evening because we knew our Saturday would be busy.
 I got in a good walk first thing in the morning. Sometimes I don't feel like doing it but after every single walk even when it is 38 degrees outside I am SO glad I did it. There is just something about how quiet the neighborhood is and how beautiful the sky is that is just amazing for my soul.

We got ready then headed to Monkey Joes to celebrate Jesse's birthday! This place was crazy but the kids had an absolute BLAST!

 I loved that they did doughnuts instead of cake, yummy!!

We came home, did some things around the house then got ready for our work Christmas party. We had Aunt Shannon and Lola come over to watch the kids.
Saturday morning when I went to get Alayna for breakfast she said it's Jesse's birthday and babysitter day! haha apparently she was excited for both!
 Pictures before leaving, we cleaned up nicely!
They had the party out on the USS Yorktown and of course it made me instantly think of my Aunt Susan. This was our place, this is the second time now I have been without her. It wasn't as difficult this time considering the last time I cried like a baby for the first 20 minutes I was there.

 Family love!

This may or may not be a non sober dance floor duck lip picture.
We had a BLAST! Food and fun with our coworkers! It was a much needed night out because honestly Dave and I never go out and do anything like that.
 I can't wait to see all the pictures we had done by the professionals. They took a serious picture then a silly picture of us then we took a few group pictures. I hope they turned out good especially the silly ones.

Sunday Dave and the kids slept in, I got up and walked off some of the calories consumed the night before. Then we hung out for awhile, Alayna checked out every gift she could see without touching under the tree then we went to JI to hang out for a bit with the fam.
Me and Grammy, I found this picture in my Aunt Susans room.
We had a really good weekend! This weekend we have a few plans but nothing major. The next weekend we are having a party, the kids are staying with us for a week as well as his parents (possibly) then Christmas then my birthday the next weekend! Busy busy but I love it!!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Thanksgiving weekend

Normally our Thanksgivings are spent with my moms side of the family but last year things were changed up a bit and we continued that change this year. We had Thanksgiving at my sisters new house and it was just Mom, Dad, Shannon, Lola, Isabelle, Dave and myself. We obviously were missing Krystal, Vincent and Oliver which stinks but once you have a significant other with family in town holidays get tricky. We get them for Christmas so I won't complain.
Dave and I got there around noon and hung out until almost 5.
The girls made a gingerbread turkey, so cute!


Isabelle reading a Thanksgiving story, very cute.

Lots of food, hanging out, lots of walks outside with Henry and as many pictures as I could take.
Side note: I was in my Aunt Susans room yesterday and I was looking around at all these pictures she had in her room. I know for a FACT she is the reason I take pictures all the time of everything. She always took lots of pictures especially if we went out places like the gardens.

Dave and I decided Thanksgiving night to go to Target to check it out. We figured why not, we had nothing else to do and we didn't have the kids. It was definitely interesting but we got a few good deals so it was worth the trip. We were back home within an hour so it definitely wasn't bad!
Saturday was the Clemson Carolina slaughter I mean game. Clemson killed Carolina! We hung out with the fam on JI for awhile.

Sunday after church I went and picked up a pallet Christmas tree someone was selling and come to find out the guy actually makes them. I love supporting small business so I was thrilled with this purchase. I may paint it next year but for this year it will stay like this.
We hung out for the afternoon before Dave had a buddy of his come over to install the lights I bought a few weekends ago. They look AWESOME!! I am so happy with them especially the light over the island.


I forgot to mention Saturday morning while my husband slept until 11 (channeling his inner teenager staying up late playing video games) I wrapped a TON of Christmas presents. I actually didn't even get them all wrapped but most of them got done. It looks like I went crazy this year and I guess I kinda did BUT I got so many great sales/discounts so I am pretty pleased with everything this year. I plan to start early again next year because that helps a TON.
December is already off to a busy start but I love it!