Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Movie night

Last night Dave's kiddos came to spend the night. Normally they don't stay during the week but this was a rare occasion. 

We had some dinner (homemade nuggets), got baths then watched The Polar Express. I haven't watched this movie in years and I just love it. 
We all got settled on the couch and enjoyed eachothers company. 
We also learned during that movie that Logan has a girlfriend. Aye aye aye, he is 6 lol too young for a girlfriend. 
They were being silly before bed. Lucky for Dave he had today off work so they went and played and got to spend some quality time together. I know it's not a bad thing for me to be around a lot but I know it's good for them to spend time just them! 

I was supposed to go to my small groups Christmas party tonight but I have felt yucky all afternoon/evening. So disappointing but it sounds like the girls had so much fun and I am sure there will be more parties, I hope :) 

More Christmas fun to be had in the next week, I can't wait!

<3 Sara

Party time

On Monday my work had our Command "holiday party" aka a Christmas Party! 

They had a fun photobooth that Dave and I took advantage of, catered food, desserts made by co-workers and lots of music and prizes. 
I also enjoyed getting to spend some time at work with Dave. Normally we have lunch together if we can and sometimes randomly stop in to say hey! 
The theme was hawaiian so they had some random decor and the host called himself the "cruise director" haha
This cake won the dessert contest and it was amazing, red velvet cake! Whomever made it did a great job! 
The music was so good too! These guys play around town at festivals so you know they were good. The guy to the far right is my old bossman and Daves current co-worker, he has an amazing voice! 

Unfortunately we didn't win any prizes but my aunt did and she wasn't even there. Lucky lady!! 

More Christmas parties to come, tonight in fact! Therefore more party posts ;)

<3 Sara

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A perfect Sunday

Dave and I were so slackers and skipped church today. Woke up around 8:30, had my protein smoothie (YUM), then got my workout on. He detailed both of our cars while I was in the gym and getting ready for the day. 

We really had no definite plans for today but we decided to head downtown. 
We walked around Marion Square to see the Christmas trees. 
They had some really cute ones done by local schools. I liked these two the best but all of them were good. 

I love this boy, so glad he is always down to do whatever. 
We walked down King Street for 2nd Sunday. They shut off the street from cars and have vendors and tons of local musicians playing music. We went into H&M and got a lot for the money we spent. I got 2 zip up hoodie/jackets and I LOVE them! 
We headed down to Charleston Place hotel and I bought this yummy cookie from a bake sale on the street. I bought it from a nun and it was by far the yummiest gingerbread ever. 
Bathroom selfie ;) Dave said the bathroom was fancy, but so is the hotel. 

We went to check out their beautiful Christmas decor. I haven't been to see it in 3 years so it was overdue. 

This guy was a robot and it was quite entertaining. 

Dave and I headed to JI after we left downtown to get some food at Obrions. I had nachos and he had a philly cheesesteak and it hit the spot! 

We went to my grandmothers after for about an hour to see them. Then went to my house to hang for another hour. I did a little decorating of the tree. 
Dave and I were headed home then detoured to Ollies to meet up with mom and Aunt Susan. We got a few good things at really good prices. They were having a huge sale! 
Then they came over to check out the apartment. I loved that they came by and got to see where I have been living. It was overdue! 

Now I am in bed watching The Kardashians (no judgement please) :) 
Today was a great day and I am so ready for bed!! Here's to a good weekend and a great week! 

<3 Sara

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our Sunday

A few days late huh? Yeah better late than never :) 

Sunday we went to church in the morning and it was so good. They had the church all decorated for Christmas which I loved and they sang Christmas music. 

After church we had some lunch then went to my house to hang out with the family. 

We hung out for a few hours. Mom and I took the kids on the golf cart to the park. It was quite chilly especially when the wind blew. 

They had fun but I will say this park needs some swings. 

We headed back to the house stayed a little longer then we headed back to Daves. 
The kids passed out. They always do this when they have had lots of fun!!

A pretty relaxing Sunday and definitely fun. 

<3 Sara

Monday, December 8, 2014

Owl baby shower

Saturday afternoon I got to celebrate another baby coming to our family. In January my cousin Amanda is having a baby girl and a week or 2 later my sister will be having a boy. Yes that is TWO babies in the same month. I am pretty excited, who doesn't love babies?
The theme for her shower was all Owls. My cousin Kimberly and my aunt did such a great job. 
Two cakes, my friend Cece made them and she did awesome!! 

Anyone hungry? ;)

Me and the mommy to be, Amanda. She had a lot of people there to celebrate and she got a lot of great gifts. 

My aunt Susan and me :)

It was a fun shower but that and a bday party before it had me wiped out. I almost fell asleep on the couch. No wonder I got such good sleep saturday night. 

<3 Sara

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Jesse

Saturday afternoon around 2pm we went to celebrate our friend Jesse turning 4! I still can't believe he is 4!! 

His party had a football theme and his mom did an amazing job decorating! Tailgate food and yummy birthday cake. 

Mike and I played a game of cornhole and I lost. BUT I want to say I sunk 3 bags in a row so regardless I was proud of myself! :)

The little guys played some football but after some tears it ended. The big boys however played quite a bit of football. 

Dave said he needed this, male bonding at it's finest, am I right? 

They had a bounce house too and the kids had a blast. 

I had to leave early for my cousins baby shower but Dave and the kids stayed another 2 hours and had a blast. He didn't plan to stay that long but when you are having fun why stop? 

Thank you Ashley and Mike for inviting us to celebrate your sweet little man! 

Baby shower post next :) 

<3 Sara