Monday, December 18, 2017

Gingerbread Houses

Friday afternoon when we got the kids we did our gingerbread houses. I rushed to get them built before the kids arrived so we could get started and they wouldn't have to wait. 
The Trader Joes gingerbread houses are the BEST. We got them last year after I saw someone else blog about how awesome they are. The one we made last year never once cracked or broke. 
 This process was MESSY especially when you are trying to do it solo. I survived and they looked like they were supposed to, well minus the leaning trees. I could not get them to stand up straight no matter what so they leaned against the houses. 

 Dave and I were in charge of the icing, we let them tell us where to put it and we improvised a little bit as well. 

 Logan with his awesome house. 
 Alayna with her masterpiece.  
 We all four honestly really enjoyed doing this together, quality family fun. I also had Christmas music playing on pandora to help us be in the Christmas spirit even more.  

 While we were waiting on our pizza to arrive ( I was NOT cooking) they found the photobooth props and we took a few fun pictures.  

It was safe to say we had a great friday night! 


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas work edition

Dave and I had the BEST time at our work Christmas party last Saturday night. It was SO cold but I still wore my dress. This was a much fancier party, think people in sequins gowns. 
 We took a few pictures before we left, I am glad we did because my curls started to fall as soon as I walked outside.  
I have figured out curls with my flat iron but I really want to get a curling wand, maybe with birthday money. 
  We took a few pictures once we arrived while we waited for the event to really start. 


 Selifes galore, sorry not sorry.
  They had two whole pigs and they were delicious. I could have done without seeing their heads... but I still ate them. haha I could never be a vegetarian. 
 We ate, danced, chatted with co-workers and overall had a great night! Below are the pictures we took in the photobooth they had.  

 Thursday finance had their Christmas party so Kimberly and I took a selfie in front of the tree they had. 
 Friday we had the Marines and Rob Fowler stopped by our Command to pick up our Toys for Tots donations. We had 1,300 gifts, they had to fill up the entire truck and a van they had. 

 Front and center you will find me, my knees were killing me on that hard floor. haha for a good cause though. 
 I got these pictures of the toys from Rob Fowlers FB page, I didn't even think to take my own pictures. 

It was such a great experience to be part of.

Lots of Christmas fun going on around here and I have alot more to blog about. Now that I have my laptop working better I plan to keep up better, we shall see haha


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Parade

 Sunday afternoon around 2 we headed downtown to Marion Square for the City of Charleston Christmas parade. I may have gone as a kid but this was my first time that I can remember going. 

 We got down there a good hour before the parade started so we went through the holiday market then watched a break dancing show. The show was AWESOME they even let Logan participate in one of their stunts where superman jumped over 9 people! Apparently these guys are well known around Charleston, we definitely wouldn't mind seeing them again. 

 Mom, Shannon, Lola, Isabelle and Oliver met us once we got our spot for the parade. 

 This was Olivers first parade and I think he loved it, do you agree? 

 The weather was awesome until the sun started to set and get started to get a little chilly. After the almost 2 hour parade we went back into Marion Square to wait for them to light the tree. 

 These three were having a lot of fun playing. They were running around, break dancing and doing a million cartwheels. 

 Mommy and two of her girls. 

We ended up leaving around 5:30 before they lit the tree, not even sure what time that actually happened. We needed to get the kids fed and to their mom by 7 and the mosquitoes were HUGE and swarming us. We definitely are planning to go back soon to see the tree lit up and maybe stop and grab some hot chocolate along the way. 

I love all the festive things we have already been doing this holiday season. 
Tonight Dave and I have our Command Christmas party which will be nice. I am not looking forward to wearing a dress with it being super cold outside. It will be a blast and I will hopefully remember to take some pictures!