Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

 Last week was ALL about Hurricane Matthew and this week has been all about the aftermath. We worked Monday and Tuesday then had the rest of the week off due to the hurricane. The governor ordered evacuations and I am SO thankful the military decided we didn't HAVE to leave. They did evacuate the bases but since we don't live on them we were good. I won't lie though once we got closer to Friday and the track wasn't moving as East as we wanted I started to get nervous. Dave and my parents both made me feel alright about staying and I am so glad I listened to them. Leaving Charleston wouldn't have been that bad but I heard people say it took 7 hours to get back from Greenville which should take max 4. We had a little fun before the storm though....
 They are doing this CFC campaign at work to raise money and they did a compliment event. This is the one my husband had delivered to me. It definitely was a bright point in my day!
Wednesday morning we had our final walk through on our house then after we headed to the AFB to workout. There was maybe 10 people in there so it was really quiet and nice. We hung out the rest of the day at home.
 Thursday after lunch we met up with my friend Melinda and her niece at the N. Charleston Riverfront Park. We all wanted to get out before the storm to help cabin fever not be as bad plus it was still nice outside besides some wind and clouds.  

 We walked around and just enjoyed the afternoon while Dave walked around playing Pokémon. Apparently this park is a prime location for Pokémon playing.
 We got an early dinner then stayed home the rest of the day. Friday I woke up early, took Teddy for a long walk, we hit up Target and grabbed his buddies truck then chilled the rest of the day. The weather started to get bad Friday evening so we knew we were staying put after moving our cars to a better parking spot. Where we normally park has TONS of big trees around so we moved them to a better location.
 All Friday night and Saturday morning this is what I was watching, I wanted to stay informed. I was able to get some good sleep though and so did Dave so that was a win.

 We drove around Saturday afternoon to check out the neighborhood and went to check on the new house. There were trees down and water but nothing major near us.

This was the only thing wrong at the new house, a bent tree.

Poor baby squirrel I saw Saturday afternoon, I was too scared to touch it because the other squirrels were near by. Hopefully it was ok. I read online there were TONS of baby squirrels that people took to shelters, thanks to the winds they fell out their nests.
Sunday we went to my parents house to hang out with the family! Then Monday we packed, worked out and just chilled.

We were supposed to close on our house yesterday but the hurricane put a lot of things behind. We are scheduled for Monday at this point. IF inspections happened yesterday there is a slight chance for tomorrow but I highly doubt it at this point. I told Dave to just go ahead and bank on Monday. It definitely have been inconvenient and stressful BUT things could be worse so I am trying to stay as positive as I possibly can. I am struggling but I am trying! Soon we will be all settled in and all this will be behind us....

Hopefully my next post is about us moving in!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Jam Packed w/ FUN

Whew what a weekend! We had lots of fun this weekend and I am beat! I won't have a chill weekend for a few weeks so I guess I should just get used to it. You can sleep when your dead right?

Friday I got the kids early, came home for a little bit then met up with our friends at the N. Charleston Riverfront park to play.
We loved getting some Isaac time, he is seriously the cutest!
One of the huge container ships went by, the picture doesn't do it justice, it was HUGE and made me feel tiny.
 After a picnic dinner and playing at the park we ventured over to the splash pad area. This didn't last too long thanks to the mosquitos but for the 30 mins or so we were there they had fun. The water was a bit cold so Logan didn't really play in it but the others did.
I am thankful to have such good kids for Logan and Alayna to get to play with.
 I love this man of mine and that pretty sunset in the background.

Love these 2 ladies!!

Saturday morning I walked Teddy and worked out then Logan did some homework. Around 1030 Soccer Saturday commenced. Alayna played at 1130 but we left the house at 1030ish then Logan played at 230.

 After soccer we went to JI and hung out with the family the rest of the evening.

Sunday was church with a tailgating competition after service. Dad and Mr. Ricky made a TON of bbq which was delicious and my lunch for today :)

 The kids had a ton of fun with the inflatable football toss.
 Grammy, Theresa and David came to church too which was really nice! I love the pic of mommy and Grammy!  

Lots of corn hole was played even if it wasn't properly played everyone had fun tossing the bags.


 On our way home from church we made a pit stop by the base to go visit Charlie the "officer in charge of complaints". This was the first time the kids and I had seen him, all 600lbs of him! He was MASSIVE! He also had lots of smaller alligators, I say smaller they were still large in my opinion. We thought this was SO cool, Dave was shocked in the almost 10 years I have worked here that I had never seen him but I had not. I am sure we will visit again one day!

We got home and had planned to go to the pool but they officially closed it since summer is over. We decided to go back to the Riverfront Park for a little bit just me and the kids. Dave had car issues this weekend so he went to get an oil change and a new battery. The park didn't last too long because the water was freezing.

We got home, had dinner, Logan did more homework, chilled then the kids went back to their mom. Dave and I tried to stay up to watch Fear the Walking Dead season Finale but we lasted 10 mins. This weekend wore me OUT! Next weekend is going to be all about packing and the weekend after will be moving our stuff and setting up the new house. That is if Hurricane Matthew doesn't throw a wrench in our plans. Fingers crossed that big guy stays out to sea and doesn't touch the US.

Have a great week!!