Friday, April 6, 2018

Vacation Day 3 & 4

I didn't take as many pictures for days 3 & 4 so I am combining them into one post. 

 Monday morning we woke up to snow flurries, I was hoping it wouldn't accumulate and it didn't. After the 7 days of snow we had in January I don't want anymore for a long long time. There were flurries until around 10 then it was just a misty rain the rest of the day. 

 Dave, Joe (his brother) and I headed to the AFB to get in a workout. I won't lie I am over snow but it was pretty to watch it falling while I was walking on the treadmill. 

 When we got home all the boys had a bit of a nerf war going on. 
 The boys all went over to see Daves mom, step dad, and his sisters. They ended up being over there most of the afternoon. Jess and I headed out to get some lunch and do some shopping. When she gave me the option for lunch to get Chipotle I jumped on it because I love it and Dave hates it therefore I never get it.  
Her sister ended up joining us and we shopped the entire afternoon. 
We got home, made a delicious drink and had a delicious dinner Joe had cooked. 
After dinner we watched the weirdest movie, The Snowman, I do not recommend this movie it was hard to follow the story. 

 The next morning, our final day in Jersey, we woke up and headed to the gym. I got to love on Lincoln a little bit before we left. He is a huge lab but such a baby. 

 We all got ready after working out and headed out for the day. First stop was Shake Shack, it was absolutely delicious and lived up to the hype. I would LOVE for them to bring us one to Charleston.  

 After lunch we headed to Atlantic City for some shopping, gambling and exploring. Our first stop was the Bass Pro Shop, it was HUGE, way better than the one we have in Myrtle Beach. 
 We walked over to Caesars Palace which was literally right across the street to gamble a little bit. 
 Trying to get a group pic on the escalator haha  
 The boys just love our group selfies but one day they will love back and be glad Jess and I make them take pictures.  

 We headed to the boardwalk before we left and ended up walking for probably an hour. The weather wasn't great but it wasn't bad either.  

 We wanted to ride the ferris wheel but unfortunately all the rides are still closed for the winter. They said it would probably be a few weeks before they open them back up. 

We walked 10K steps just in Atlantic City. I am thankful for all the walking we did this vacation because we ate far from healthy so it all kind of evened out. I didn't gain a single lb, I wasn't stressing over it but it is always nice to come back and be right where you were when you left. 

We headed back to their house, had dinner and just hung out the rest of the evening. We packed the car and headed to sleep. The next morning we woke up at 430 and headed home. We got home Wednesday about 5PM, it was a loooooong day. 

We are already trying to figure out when we can go again. Jess and I already have plans to explore Amish country in PA, we just need Dave to get a job offer and then we can finalize the plans. I think getting to stay with them this time really helped me to build a deeper relationship with them and I am so thankful for that. They are super similar to Dave and I which is a plus, we had a GREAT time with them. 


Vacation Day 2

Day 2 we woke up around 730 got ready then headed to Trenton to pick up his dad and head to NYC for the day. This was the only nice day we had so we picked the perfect day to go walk around the city. 
 New York!!
So I ended up planning this perfectly although I didn't know until that day. We headed to Staten Island to take the ferry over to the city. It was Sunday so parking ended up being free and the ferry is free, SCORE! 
 One thing I love about the ferry is the views, they really are great! 

 We got off the ferry then headed up Wall Street to find the subway we needed. We stopped at the Wall Street Bull for a photo opp. 
 I was proud of us for finding the right train and navigating it well up to Central Park. 
 When we got off the Subway we were right near Dylans Candy Bar so we stopped in to explore and get some candy. 

 I love the brownstones all over the city, they are gorgeous!
 As we were heading to the park we saw the one place I knew I 100% HAD to go to, Baked by Melissa. The best cupcakes, I get them every time I have gone to NYC. 

 One happy Sara right there, we shared this sampler pack it was perfect!
 We had ourselves a hotdog from a cart right near The Plaza then headed into Central Park to explore. 

 They had these bubbles all over the place, they were awesome. 


 After the park we headed up 5th ave toward Rockefeller Center for our appointment to go to the Top of the Rock. We saw all kinds of Easter celebrations going on and we walked right past this absolutely beautiful cross. 

 At 2 we headed up many many floors to the Top of the Rock. 

 This was absolutely the highlight of our day, heck one of the highlights from the trip. The views up there were absolutely awesome! 
 We hit up Bryant Park before heading to Grand central station to try and find a train back to the ferry. 

 The NYC Public Library, I wanted to go in but my feet were hurting so bad we just kept walking to get back to the ferry.
 I forget what time we got on the ferry but it was sometime after 5. We walked 20K steps by the time the day was over, so needless to say our feet were done. I of course got some more awesome pictures from the ferry on our way back to the car. 


 One of my favorite pics I got that day. 

We got back to the house with enough time to hang out and watch the Walking Dead before passing out. Long but awesome day!