Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Date Night

Last Saturday night Dave and I headed downtown to have a date night with our faves, Mike and Ashley. I absolutely love it, I wish we could do more date nights but you know kids! haha 
 I had just had my hair done a few days prior and loved how my color was looking. 
 How gorgeous was it when we got there, oh my goodness I loved every second of it. 
 We had dinner at Fleet Landing which was delicious and mine and Daves first time ever going there. I ordered Tillapia and he ordered some chicken we ended up swapping dinner after a few bites haha this is not abnormal for us to do. 
 Love these people!!

 After dinner we met up with her sister and her friend to do an escape room which fyi I am terrible at. I am not good at puzzles and critical thinking like that but I still enjoyed being part of it and letting them figure it all out. 

What's a date night without dessert? We ended our evening at Kaminskys downtown which is one of my favorites. Tollhouse cookie pie with ice cream YUM!!! 

Love good times with good friends!


Monday, March 12, 2018

Great Wolf Lodge

Back in November right after Thanksgiving we spent 1 night at the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte  and had a great time. Logan would not stop talking about it for weeks so we asked him would he like to celebrate his birthday there and he of course was game with that. We told him there would be no official birthday party or any other gift from us and he didn't care. This was such a great gift he was thrilled. 
We wanted to go ON his birthday but the price was significantly higher so we went Feb 24th just for one night. We got there early enough to let the kids play in the waterpark before we went over to Concord Mills for some dinner. 
 Clearly we didn't read the sign that says stay on the sidewalk, woops. 
 She wanted her picture in front of this in the mall, so funny. 
 The sunset that night was so pretty, this picture does it no justice. 

When we got back from dinner we wanted to do something else fun but magiquest was just a little too expensive so we decided on some mini golf which was SO fun. This was also affordable to where all 4 of us could play so this was very much a win for our family. 

 After we played mini golf we still had an hour before the waterpark closed so of course we let the kids have a ball. I love that they have lifeguards everywhere and we don't have to worry too much since they are older. Alayna found some friends and I got the BEST picture of her when she got off the slide, pure joy on her face. 
 While Alayna was off doing her thing with her new friends Logan was playing on his own and having a BALL. He definitely is one to play solo and still have a blast where Alayna tends to need others to have fun which is totally ok I just love that they are so different. 

 Selfie with my hubby while the kids enjoyed some ice cream and story time before bed. 

 This picture is completly out of order but I love it. Dave sent it to my cousin because she got him the shirt. haha
 The next morning we had a dozen doughnuts delivered to our room, it was a little pricier BUT totally worth not standing in the long line downstairs. They delivered them within 10 minutes of us waking up so it was perfect. After breakfast we got ready to head downstairs for some yoga together before the kids headed to the waterpark and I headed to the gym. 

  Yoga was super quick but we loved it.  
 He was So ready for the waterpark to open!

 Great workout, check out those traps! 
 After my workout I checked in on the Dave and the kids in the waterpark before I headed back to the room to shower and get us all packed up. 
 It was pouring all morning and continued to pour almost the entire drive home I was glad Dave was driving.
It rained a little bit when we got home but didn't last very long, it brought us a beautiful rainbow though. 

I was SO tired after that quick 24 hour trip out of town but seeing the kids have a blast was so worth it. Hopefully we can go again another time but it will for sure be awhile.