Monday, October 9, 2017


 Saturday morning we slept in a little bit then got ready and headed to Savannah for the day. 
They were having their Oktoberfest on the riverfront all weekend. We mainly wanted to go because Nine Line Apparel had a tent set up AND this guy Graham Allen was doing meet and greets. He was awesome and we got the shirts cheaper than normal which was great! Their shirts are SO soft, I am excited to finally get one. I was always scared to order since I wasn't sure what size I would be. 
 Down to earth all American Army Vet! Dave and I both agreed this was our favorite part of our trip.   

 After we left their booth we ventured around to see what all they had going on. 

 I loved the Fall set up they had outside of the Savannah Candy Kitchen where we went for some pralines and a HUGE rice krispy treat. I love this place!!

 The crazy stairs they have everywhere. 

 We ventured into a lot of stores this time and ended up getting some Christmas gifts and a few fun things for ourselves.  

 We had the BEST lunch at B&D Burgers and the decor was interesting! 
I had a sandwich with bacon, lettuce, pimento cheese and a fried green tomato, it was heavenly. Dave had a burger that he said was awesome!

After we ate lunch we walked around a little more (Dave caught Pokemon)  then called it a day. 

On our way out of town we had to get our pictures with the elephants, it's tradition. I made a collage of our last 2 visits! 

Our shirts, mine are the two on the left and Daves is on the right, he also got a hat. 

We got home around 5:30 and luckily had no other plans for the evening because apparently I got some sort of short stomach virus. It was awful but thank God it didn't last too terribly long, just a few hours. 

Sunday I felt better besides a lack of energy but we still worked out and then went to hang out with my family later! 
Today we had off from work so I met a friend for lunch, went by the mall and we have just been hanging out. 

I love long weekends but they make for even longer work weeks somehow! Hopefully this one will be chill.


Sunday, October 8, 2017

A few randoms and bowling

Last wednesday when we had the kids besides dinner we spent the majority of the evening outside. The weather really was nice and the kids created a game that entertained us all. Dave found a tree frog then Logan picked it up, I love these pictures. 

 My new shirt mom got me at the aquarium, I finally got to wear it Friday to work. I love it and got a few compliments. 
 Friday night we met up with Kelly and Josh for some bowling in west ashley. The place we went used to be a bit sketchy but they re-did the place and it was great! Their bar/food area was so nice, comfy and the food/drinks were good. Their homemade chips were awesome!!
We got there a few minutes before them so we took a few selfies to kill the time. 

 We really had a great time with them. The last time the four of us hung out was when Dave and I first started dating. I told them to move back to Charleston so we can have some more dates. 
 I asked Dave to take one picture for me and he took wayyyy more. I thought these were funny! 

 He jumped in our bff selfie haha 
 What the heck kinda face was I making?? haha Dave looks cute though so I will keep the picture! 

PS. I absolutely suck at bowling or at least I did this time! haha 

We had a great time and I definitely want to go bowling again even if I am not great at it. 


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Church Tailgate

After this post I will officially be caught up with blogging. I have come to realize I could never be one of those daily bloggers because I am too slack. I commend them though because they actually make money doing it and get to review products and hotels etc for free. I will stick to reading their blogs and being slack on updating mine haha
 So Friday night after the gym Dave and I hit up Target and he had to join everyone who has entered Target since Halloween stuff was put out and take one of these pictures haha (longest run on sentence ever?) haha We grabbed some Chik-fil-a and headed home to just chill. 
Saturday morning we got a phone call around 8 that we needed to go get the kids because their baby brother was going to the hospital (he is fine). This changed most of our plans but we are ok with that. We ended up stopping for Dunkin Doughnuts on the way home so thats never a bad thing! Although I will say I was super disappointed by the pumpkin doughnut... it was NOT good and I love almost everything pumpkin flavored except the coffee. 

We hung out around the house, did some yard work then I had to do some work after my boss texted me, then we headed down a little later to my parents house to hang out and have dinner.  
 Dave was able to get the kids out in the backyard for some touch football. I love seeing them all playing together, making memories! I helped daddy cook the red rice while we were all just hanging out back. 
 We hung out until Alayna was about to pass out then we headed home and she went right to bed. I think that was the fastest home girl has ever fallen asleep. 

Sunday morning we got up, got ready then headed to church. This day was more special than most Sundays because they were doing outside baptisms along with a huge tailgating party. 
My parents along with another couple from church had a tent set up with super yummy food. They had bbq, green beans, coleslaw and red rice. There were no leftovers, thats how darn good it was, you see the line in the picture below? 
  They also had a few different inflatables that the kids LOVED!
 The Spells dog joined us and he was ADORABLE. If labs didn't shed so bad I would want one. 
Balloon sword  

 Dave played football behind the church in a big field with a bunch of the youth. I asked him if he has thought about maybe helping with the youth group, the younger guys always talk to him and always have fun playing football together. I hope he at least considers it. 

 My daddy with his sign, isn't he the cutest! 

 A few of my favorite ladies but missing my other sista Krystal!
This picture is out of order but the candle at the communion table seriously looked like the rose on the wall  from  the Beauty and the Beast movie! I thought it looked so cool! 

This weekend we don't have the kids so initially we were planning to just chill but now we have more plans. Tomorrow night we are supposed to hang out with Kelly and Josh before they head back to VA. Then Saturday we decided to head to Oktoberfest in Savannah because one of our favorite companies Nine Line Apparel will have a tent down there with this awesome guy who does the daily rant videos that I find awesome. Pretty stoked to meet this guy and get a picture with him! Hopefully the weather will be nice and we will get to really enjoy our time there. So I will have a lot more to blog next week! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!