Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 on Tuesday

2 on Tuesday

What are your pet peeves?

Oh geez this is something I could probably talk about ALL day! However, I will not do that! I will pick 2 or...3!

1. Listening to people eat. NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD for this girl!!! Crunching, smacking, licking fingers gah I can't stand it.... certain people I know drive me nuts with this so I try to get as far away as I possibly can when they eat. Or listen to my Ipod if I can get away with it without seeming like im rude.

2. SLOW DRIVERS! There are 3 lanes on the interstate... the far right is for the slow @$$ people... the middle lane is for the people who want to go the speed limit and that far left lane are for the people who want to HALL @$$. If you want to go 50 do not and I repeat DO NOT get in that left lane. I will curse you!

3. Obnoxious noises when I am trying to sleep... people stomping, dishes, dogs, tv's etc... most of the time at home on weekends I wear ear plugs just to keep my self as sane as possible. It helps! :)

Now that I seem like a crazy person... what are your pet peeves???


Monday, November 14, 2011

2nd Birthday

I still can't believe it but last week our little Izzy turned 2! I feel like it was just yesterday she was born and now she is 2! Time flies by a little WAY too fast! Yesterday afternoon we got to celebrate with all her family and friends. Thank God the weather was nice and not freezing like it has been here lately. And of course all of my pictures are out of order... as always! She had an Abby Ka Dabby party... I have NO clue if I spelt that right... haha and I must have been bloated from the night before because I look all kinds of blah in these pictures!

Lola with our cousin Matthew!

Yes I am the cool aunt who will jump in a jump castle with my niece/God Daughter!

She is the coolest 5 year old I know!

Birthday Girl enjoying some ice cream and icing!

One handsome little guy! He has the most gorgeous eyes too!

Yes I was on the other end of this thing lol I thought for sure my big butt would break it!

I absolutely love this picture of her!

Bouncing in the Jump Castle with her little cousin Xavier!

Blowing out her candles! Look at Lola's face... PRICELESS!

Sissy and me! Oh and Abby too!

This picture cracks me up! Izzy is trying to get out of my arms, we have a giant Abby in the middle of us and Lola is being all dramatic.

Although Lola did have a reason to be semi dramatic still. About 30mins before this picture she got kicked in the face in the jump castle. Nose and mouth were bleeding and I am quite sure she has a goose egg on the top of her head. I think she was done with the party at that point.

After the birthday party I went out to my favorite Park with Laura! It was nice out there but the gnats were horrible to that was short lived. I was able to get 2 gorgeous sunset pictures though.

There is nothing I love more than a gorgeous sunset!

That night I got to spend some time with Jen. We went out to dinner at Fatz and then picked up her friend from the airport. So I ended my weekend on a good note!

Busy busy busy is how I feel sometimes. In one aspect I feel like my life is lame and I never do anything then I step back and realize I am always doing something! Maybe tonight I will do nothing and just stay at home.... yeah probably not! haha


Darius Concert

This past weekend was awesome!! I am doing it in 2 posts just because I have SO many pictures. I am actually not even posting them all but I picked my favorites.

Friday was Veterans Day so I actually had the day off which was nice. I woke up hit the gym then had lunch with my friend Ashley and her adorable baby boy. I wish they lived closer so I could see them more. After lunch I went and spent some time with my grammy at the hospital. On Tuesday she had surgery on her heart and then had a pace maker put in on Thursday I believe. She is doing really well and I enjoyed getting to spend a couple of hours with her. It was just us and I enjoyed it. Although she did force me to look at her giant cut down her chest. I am not good with stuff like that and it made me feel sick. What was worse... the nurse came in to take out one of her IV's which happened to be in her neck. Let's just say I am glad I was sitting it was not fun to watch. Then the nurse is like hey can you watch this just to make sure it doesn't start gushing blood. She obviously didn't know I am not good with that kind of stuff. But we both survived the couple of hours. She was also appreciative I was there to help her with her dinner. She actually said thank you I couldn't have done it without you. It made me feel good! She has done so much for me in my lifetime and it was nice to finally be able to help her with something.

After the hospital I hung out with my friend Jen. One thing I love about hanging out with Jen would be we can literally sit in her living room for hours and just talk. It is SO rare to find someone like that where you can be content just sitting there talking. However, we did eventually get off our butts and had Mexican for dinner. YUM!

Saturday morning I hit the gym at like 8am for spin class and tanning. I ended up the rest of the day with my sister shopping. It has been a while since we went out so it was nice to spend time with her and the girls. Later that night was the Darius Rucker Concert. Laura went with me and we had a BLAST. He seriously puts on an amazing show. He had 2 opening acts Thompson Square and Justin Moore, I didn't know ANY of their songs. They were still very good performers and I enjoyed getting to listen to them. We took a TON of pictures. Well I really should say Laura took a TON of pictures haha.

This was what I decided on for the concert. I didn't find anything that day to wear so I just wore clothes I already had. Money saved :)

Nice butt and he had GORGEOUS blue eyes

Intermission and BEER!

(Note: never in my life did I ever picture myself drinking beer at a country concert! Goes to show you how much life can change haha)

DARIUS!! Best Concert!

After we left the concert we headed downtown for a drink. We didn't plan to stay more than an hour. annnnnd 3 hours later we were headed home! haha We ended up drinking a few drinks/shots and dancing down at NV. I had a guy ask me to dance and when I turned my head he looked like a white Steve Urkle... I felt so bad but I had to say no. Of course I probably wouldn't have danced with any guy to be honest... just not looking! Thanks!

Poor Kathy got cut out of this picture. Sad thing is it was her husband who took the picture.

I have had so much on my mind lately it was so nice to get out and just let loose for a night. I definitely needed Saturday night!! It was such a great time and when Darius Rucker comes back to Charleston I am so there!! He seriously is amazing!!


Thursday, November 10, 2011




I entered to win a contest through one of our local news chanels and I actually won! I am so excited! I am taking my friend Laura with me so I know we will have a great time! Now the question is what the heck do I wear to a country concert?? haha


Tidbits of me

A. age :: 24 ALMOST 25

B. bed size :: Queen

C. chore you hate :: Laundry.... I don't mind the whole washing machine and dryer part. But the whole fold, hang and put away part sucks!

D. dogs :: Love my little Kodie

E. essential start to your day :: SHOWER!

F. favorite color :: Depends on the day... but mostly Blue! Today it is green

G. gold or silver :: Silver

H. height :: 5'1"

I. instruments you play :: None! But I always had this desire to play the drums

J. job title :: Admin Assistant

K. kids :: hopefully never

L. live :: South Carolina

M. mamas name :: Mary

N. nicknames :: Sara Lynn, Sara Lee, Shorty etc I never remember all of them!

O. overnight hospital stays :: None!

P. pet peeve ::eating with your mouth open, slow drivers, whistling ETC

Q. quote :: "Never stop smiling because you never know when someone is falling in love with it"

R. righty or lefty :: righty

S. siblings :: 2 older sisters

T. time you wake up :: 5:55am for work and whenever on non work days

U. university attended :: Attended Trident Tech but didn't graduate

V. vegetables you dislike: cabbage GROSS

W. what makes you run late :: other people. I am a VERY timely person!

X. x-rays you’ve had :: dentist and a million on my back

Y. yummy food :: Bacon Cheeseburger with BBQ saucse... lol it's what I have been craving!

Z. zoo animal favorite :: Sea Turtles!! my absolute favorite!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Another weekend has come and gone...

How on earth has another weekend already come and gone?? It's like I blink my eyes on Friday and it somehow turns to Monday in an instant. Boo!

This weekend was a pretty good one like most! Friday night I spent the night at Jens house and we watched movies all night. I finally saw the Goonies so now nobody can make fun of me. At least for that. hah! I must say it was definitely and older movie but it definitely felt like a classic.

Saturday morning we woke up WAY to early to head to Savannah. On our way out of Charleston we hit something and ended up having to get a tire fixed. 3 hours later we were finally on our way to Savannah. I was surprised she still wanted to go after all the car drama. We got to Savannah around 1 or so which really wasn't bad. We walked down Riverstreet which was FREEZING. We had lunch at the Pirate house which supposedly is haunted but I wasn't sticking around to look for ghosties. We ended up stopping at a bar and walking the streets with our drinks. I love that you can drink on the streets. We walked through the squares, a cemetery, back down to riverstreet and back through some of the streets. It wasn't very eventful but it was nice to get away from Charleston. We got back went out with some friends and that was that. Somehow my pictures got way out of order... oh well.

Sunday I woke up a little bit late and went to the gym. Only worked out for an hour because Laura asked me to go to lunch. It sounded way more appealing than a workout. So I headed out to a place called D.D. Peckers with her and her dog skeeter for lunch. Then at 5 she had to go get re-certified for CPR. We went to a fire station and since she was doing just an inidividual training I got to tag along. It was INTERESTINg to say the least and I know that I can count to 30 after watching that hour training video. I should have paid the dude and got certified since now I pretty much know how to do it. We were quite hilarious through that if you can't tell in the picture below! Her pictures are quite funny but I will leave those off of here since she got certified. Don't want anyone thinking we didn't take it seriously... haha ;)

I got home and Kodie was staring at me from the top of the stairs so I took his picture. He looks like he has Alien eyes. Kinda creepy dude!

one last picture... I took it this morning on my way into work. I love this view and seeing the sun starting to rise behind the city. So gorgeous! Sometimes I forget how beautiful the city I live in can be.

Happy Monday everyone! 4 day work week thank Goodness!!