Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 on Tuesday

2 on Tuesday

What are your pet peeves?

Oh geez this is something I could probably talk about ALL day! However, I will not do that! I will pick 2 or...3!

1. Listening to people eat. NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD for this girl!!! Crunching, smacking, licking fingers gah I can't stand it.... certain people I know drive me nuts with this so I try to get as far away as I possibly can when they eat. Or listen to my Ipod if I can get away with it without seeming like im rude.

2. SLOW DRIVERS! There are 3 lanes on the interstate... the far right is for the slow @$$ people... the middle lane is for the people who want to go the speed limit and that far left lane are for the people who want to HALL @$$. If you want to go 50 do not and I repeat DO NOT get in that left lane. I will curse you!

3. Obnoxious noises when I am trying to sleep... people stomping, dishes, dogs, tv's etc... most of the time at home on weekends I wear ear plugs just to keep my self as sane as possible. It helps! :)

Now that I seem like a crazy person... what are your pet peeves???



Amy said...

I am so with you on the eating thing.. I have Family that does that and it drives me crazy.. Have a great day..

CrysHouse said...

Loud noises when I sleep drive me crazy, too. My husband makes a crazy racket with pills when he comes in at night and it ALWAYS wakes me up. UGH.

Stopping by from Two on Tuesday.

Sheena said...

totally laughing at #2 because I experience this EVERY day of my life!

Cole said...

Ugh, I really dislike the sound of people chewing loudly. I have one family member that I refuse to sit next to at holiday gatherings...I just lose my appetite!

And I totally agree with your labeling of the three lanes of traffic. :-)

Jo said...

My friend & I were just talking about this list night. She has someone at here work who chews chewing gum, loudly, all day long!

Holly said...

ARGH! Eating noises!

Also, the driving thing, although slightly different. I hate it when I'm driving along, at the speed limit and along comes some driver RIGHT up behind me, all super angry that I won't go faster. It's even worse when it's on a quiet road where they COULD pass me, but instead they sit there sending me angry vibes. Grr. I may or may not slow down a bit just to piss them off, hahah! :P

AndreaLeigh said...

I hate hearing people eat as well. Smacking is the WORST!