Friday, January 30, 2009


Today after work I went to the yorktown with my aunt and we had a great time. It was WAY too chilly though and the wind did NOT help too much. I think my face was practically frozen when we finally got off the pier and to the car. It was nice though I dont really see her as much as I used to so its fun to get out. I took some pics and TRIED to upload them but for some reason its just having ISSUES *got it working*. Tonight I went to S&S cafeteria with Shannon, Tony, and Lola and that was fun. We also went to bestbuy where lola no lie about broke a VERY expensive TV. not on purpose of course but lets just say aunt Sara saved the day. I also got to look at some valentines day stuff, didnt buy anything but I get excited about it for some reason this year. I never REALLY cared about it before. I just thought of it as another stupid holiday that made me feel like crap. Oh well NOT this year!!! Anyways I just wanted to write a short blog. Hope all is well with everyone!!!

<3 Sara

Monday, January 26, 2009

NOt me monday

So here goes nothing!!

I did NOT induldge in a ton of brownies this weekend while I am TRYING to lose some weight. nope NOT me!

I did NOT get drunk saturday and be a crazy gf lol nope not me!

I most certainly did NOT slice my finger open while trying to cut an english muffin.

I did NOT cry my eyes out for 30 mins this morning because seth left for ga. nope definitely NOT me!!!!

I also did NOT spend a ton of money on candles. :)

So there is my first not me monday!! lol maybe ill get better at this!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My weekend

Well this weekend wasn't all that eventful. Seth got home late friday night, like usual. Saturday was his moms bday so we hung out with her for most of the day and had some cake. Becky (his sister) made a spice cake omg YUMMY! I think she had a very good bday. Then seth and I got sheets for our bed from BB&B they feel like silk. AMAZING!! We ended up meeting up with his friend Wyatt and his wife Pam for pizza at some nice place and then had drinks at los arcos. I really liked them so I hope we hang out with them some more. Also I am praying so hard seths job comes back to charleston or he finds a new one. I miss being able to see him during the week and actually getting to hang out with BOTH our families and friends. Hopefully soon!!! Today we woke up and went to Coastal Community Church and I really enjoyed the service today. It was about making time to have quiet time with God. Something im not terrible at but I need to give him more of my time and I really want to start reading my bible. Also, Seth and I signed up for Dave Ramsey's financial peace class. I'm praying we get alot out of this for both of our futures. hopefully that future will be together! :) Anyways I just wanted to update and post 2 pics!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


my computer is OFFICIALLY fixed. A guy at work took it and when he brought it back wahla it was FIXED! This makes me very happy now I dont have to use my cell phone to use the net.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So if you haven't already you need to go read TWILIGHT! Lets just say i've never been much of a reader but recently I have discovered I love it. I heard about twilight and started to get curious about the book, everyone was talking about it friends, radio etc! Well I read it in two days and im on the second book. My sister has also gotten in on the craze and is waiting to read book 3! So if you want to read a good love story with a vampire twist (its not demonic or anything i promise) then go read it!!!

Also, not much has been going on really. Kinda happy all the christmas stuff is over back to the norm. But seth is back to georgia AGAIN its really starting to get extremely hard.... I just wish he was home more and we could have a more normal relationship. I asked God for patience and this is my ultimate test. Im surviving but dang... its hard. But i've been praying ALOT for help getting through and trusting that everything is going to be ok. So I just hope in the end everything works out the way I hope. I haven't ever felt this way about a guy not even my last ex whom I dated almost 4 years. So that should tell you something! Prayer would be great I can't do this alone. My friends and family are def keeping me busy and I love getting to spend time with them. Love you all!!!

Other than that my computer is broke AGAIN. But this guy at work said he would take a look at it for free and he MIGHT be able to fix it. God I hope he can fix it and maybe not for a TON of money. Bestbuy cost $69.99 JUST for a diagnostic which was WRONG! ugh i hate stores who are only out for themselves and not the customers! haha I won't start that rant!

Anyways back to work its lunchtime leftover chili is calling my name. with some yummy home made chocolate chip cookies, YES I MADE THEM! :)

Hope all is well!!!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Top 8

So i know its a little late but here is my Top 8 of 2008!!

1. I bought my very own car. This is a huge accomplishment for me. I def see this as a huge milestone in getting older.

2. I went on an awesome vaca with one of my bestest friends and had an AMAZING TIME!

3. Lola's 2nd birthday DAY! I had her all day and we had a great time before her birthday party with ashley and newme!

4. Spending lots of time with my family and friends.

5. Angela and Stephen getting married in August. AND NOW my ashley and newman being engaged!!

6. Getting my very first massage. Granted I got it in december it was AMAZING! It will be the first of MANY!

7. Meeting Seth has changed my world. I never thought I could meet a guy like him. Now I know the way a woman is supposed to be treated by a man. its AMAZING!!

8. Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year was different than any other. I had not only my family but Seth's family. I have truely started to feel like they are apart of my family. This Christmas just wasn't about presents but about family and being with the ones you love.

You know I have learned SO much in 2008 its ridiculous. I have changed/grown up so much and its amazing. I can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for not only me but EVERYONE!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope its a great one!!!!