Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's easy being green

Here we go... another RANDOM post! I don't know why but I haven't much felt like blogging lately. Even reading blogs has taken a backseat which was something I always enjoyed during my lunch. Things at work have been super busy lately since my co-worker has been out sick since the end of January. There have even been days where I skipped the gym just because I was dead tired. His job is physically demanding so I guess in the end I am kinda getting in a workout here too. I did start a body pump class once a week and that is killer. It is nothing but weights for an hour so hopefully I can start noticing a change.
Anyway I will do a little weekend recap just for my memories sake.

Friday I wore this super awesome kermit the frog shirt to work. My mom bought me this and initially it was a tiny bit snug but now it fits so I finally got to wear it. It was funny because on that day I was filling up a water bottle and a group of ladies were walking towards me. One of them said while still off in the distance she is just the cutest and sweetest little girl. While I was thankful for the compliment I was thinking really a little girl?? I am not 5 people! I decided to look at the good and not the bad except for that 5 second thought. After work I went to visit with Norrissia and baby Nevaeh which was so nice. Nevaeh was being so silly and it was So nice to sit and chat with Nor. I wish they didn't live so far away so I could see them more. Then I went to see Ashley and her family. We all went out to Gilligans for dinner which was really yummy. Later I went and shot darts and drank a few beers with one of my other friends. I would say Friday was a success! :)

OH I almost forgot this picture! I had to wrap cartridges to send to Virginia and by the time I was done this package just made me LAUGH! A. it looks like a house and B. I used a TON of tape. haha I figure it is shippable so no complaints! :)

Saturday I slept in VERY late then went to the gym. I needed that workout something aweful! Then I went to another friends house and had dinner and watched fried green tomatos. I loooovvvveee that movie! it will forever be a classic in my book!

Sunday I woke up early to go to Body Pump with Shannon. Our arms were in agony at the end. The first time we did it the instructor focused more on legs but this lady was all about triceps biceps etc... OUCH! Later Laura and I went out to Folly for breakfast at the tides hotel. Well I really should say brunch because we ate breakfast and it was 1pm. They had SUCH good food and it wasn't TOO expensive for a buffet. We had great conversation and super super yummy french toast :) I can't forget the very yummy mimosa. They are my favorite! Later I went walking downtown with another friend and we walked through all the residential streets and she took lots of pictures. We also went walking through my old school First Baptist. I went there from K-4 until 8th grade. About an hour later there was a fire in the science building which we had JUST walked past might I add. There ended up being probably 15 fire trucks, ems and cops for a few hours. We went back to JI and picked up Laura to go back downtown for dinner and dessert. We had kaminskies which is ALWAYS amazing. Then we went back to the fire to see if we could see anything and we got close but saw nothing really.

That is all for now. Hope you all have a great Tuesday! I am off early today to go to the Dr. fun times!