Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Festival of Lights

 Saturday night we hung out at my parents house for a little bit then headed to the county park at 5:30 (right when they opened) to go see the Festival of lights. I have been wanting to go all December but before Christmas the crowds are just ridiculous. The lights are great but for me it is not worth the traffic to get there. Luckily with us getting there right when it opened the lines were to a minimum but surprisingly it was still super busy considering Christmas had come and gone.

I know my Grammy sometimes gets to see my blog so thank you grammy for paying for us to go  it was a blast!!
She gave us some Christmas money for the kids so this is where we spent it!

 Logan and I were excited!

 The pirate ship was probably one of my favorites besides the tree at the very end!
(Logan is the one on the left)
 We decided to park the car and go see what fun we could get into. First up was the climbing wall which the kids did pretty good even Alayna. So this is funny at least to me but the rules say you have to be at least 40lbs which she is not BUT I just said I didn't know what she weighed and they let her do it based off looking at her and thinking she was big enough. She is such a peanut and I didn't want her to have to miss out on the fun. Like I said though they both did really good.
 Top pictures are Alayna, Far left! I zoomed the ones of Logan so you can obviously see it's him!

 We walked around a bit after the wall climbing.

 Dave ate dinner at the park which surprisingly didn't break the bank, you know how those places can be. The kids helped with the fries! We got to see an exhibit with the skull of a bottle nose dolphin which was quite cool, a sea turtle skull, a few other random items (fake snakes) and a stuffed bob cat. The kids were really interested in it and they got a hand stamp of an animal, semi educational too! 


 I swear he wanted to be in this picture with me although his face says otherwise haha

 Last thing before going back to the car, the carousel!


We were there about 2 hours then decided to head home as the crowds were getting even worse plus everyone needed baths before bed! The weather has been so warm which makes for some sweaty kids especially when they are outside the whole time at my parents house riding their scooters. I believe the weather is supposed to cool off this weekend which makes me super excited that I will get to wear the Uggs my parents got me for Christmas!!!

 ANNNNNNND my birthday is tomorrow, It will start my last year in my 20's which seems insane to me but it is true!! So much to look forward to!!


Somehow the placing of all my pictures is off but I can't figure out how to fix it so it is what it is! haha

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas night

This is the last Christmas day post for you guys!

We got home around 6ish from a fun filled day with the fam. I was sure the kids would fall asleep in the cars. Alayna rode home with me and she was talking my head off haha that kid can talk that is a fact!
 They walked in and Santa presents were waiting for them and a couple of things from us but mostly Santa

 Alayna got a my little pony castle with extra ponies, a chair, a pug that barks etc, earrings, my little pony play dough stuff and a huge tent for her bed. I forget what was in the stockings I do know there was a lot of candy in there!

 Logan got a huge garage for his hot wheel cars, a chair, a light saber, a fighter game, a remote control car with a helicopter in it and a basketball hoop for his closet door.

 2 happy spoiled kids!
I initially felt like I didn't get them enough but once you see everything they got all in their rooms I am so glad we kept it low key at our house. Plus Daves mom sent a HUGE box yesterday so they are good!

 This is semi a tradition for me. When we were younger we would put all our stuff we got for Christmas on our beds and my Aunt Susan and Grammy would come and see what we got and anyone else that was interested but I know for sure those 2 always did. Even though they obviously were not there to look I still do this and just take a picture.
 Alaynas tent, we had to re-arrange her bedroom Sunday because we found her sleeping sideways with her head out the hole so she could watch tv. I won't lie it looked hilarious but you know that is not good for her neck.
 Dave put up my jewelry holder/armoire in the closet, I really love it, tons of space for LOTS of jewelry! Now I can see everything and I am more likely to wear more of my stuff than before!

One thing I noticed from these pictures, my apartment has horrible lighting! I may need to use the flash in there from now on.

 Just for fun I made these collages with fun borders!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as we did!


Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day

Now on to Christmas day at my parents house, I definitely thought there were more pictures, probably a good thing there isn't. I won't caption all of them but I will say we had SO much fun and got lots of good presents!! We all made out like bandits!

Thank you to my family for spoiling us, we love you!!
 This picture is out of order but so cute, I took this towards the end of our day!
 Selfie while supervising the kids in the driveway! haha

 Their mom sent me the picture on the right and I compared it to last years picture, they have definitely grown up a bit in a year!
 I got to my parents house around noon, Dave and the kids were shortly behind me. We ate too much yummy food, opened gifts, hung out with the family and the kids played hard! Alayna started out in the pretty dress below but started to sweat so we had a wardrobe change.

I should probably caption the picture above real quick: Logan was all upset because he saw a bed full of presents and couldn't find his name (he had presents) so he started to mope and cry, poor guy! Trust me, his name was on a few! I have definitely started to see the more "emotional" side of his autism lately, not sure what has sparked it but it has happened a little more often lately. I just try to be loving and assure him all is good!
 Shannon got them scooters for Christmas, they are a hit for sure!! This definitely cheered Logan right up and the rest of the day he was great!

 The best part of it all, DESSERT!!!


 Christmas Chaos!


 Me with my big gift from Dave, I love it! He hung it up in my closet and I realized I need more jewelry ;)
 Cousin love!
 Adriana wanted Olivers bottle, so funny!
 Oliver was checking out Logans gift!
 Family pictures, I love these people they are my world!
 Mommy, Oliver and Grammy, he was being so cute with them!

 Isabelle got some dog poop game (no idea the real name) and they were all playing it inside and being super loud but apparently it was quite a fun time!


 We got to play corn hole which I really enjoyed, it was fun!
 I was wiped out by the time we left my parents house but Christmas day was far from over. We still had to get home and see what was waiting for them at our house! Have I mentioned these kids are spoiled?? haha

More to come!