Monday, November 30, 2009

Cola weekend

Besides the Miley Concert this weekend we did do some other things. Sunday we woke up and headed out to the zoo. It was a nice sunny day outside and the kids had a great time. Lola kept saying Aunt Sara thank you so much for bringing me here I love it. lol that warmed my heart a little bit. She honestly loved our little trip. We had Olivia with us too *shes 5*. After the zoo we went to cici's pizza for lunch and then headed off to Target. Love that place spent too much money... I have this addiction called shopping. I get it from my mother lol Im hoping it will go away since im kinda lacking in the money situation. Anywho around 4:30 I decided I would leave Cola to come home. Yeah well traffic had another plan for me so I turned back around to let it die down. So Heather and I went to Old Navy *bought nothing* and then to Wal-mart she needed groceries. Around 7ish I decided to try the whole leaving Cola thing AGAIN. Got 2 miles past 77 and 26 interchange and it was already stopping and I was getting tired. I have discovered im not very good at night driving by myself. The girls do NOT count as company lol. So we ended up staying in Columbia last night. Since we were staying Heather and I took the kids back to the zoo for some christmas lights deal. It was ok not that wonderful but not that bad either. Heather and I ended up visiting someone last night too which made me very happy. Im starting to really like this guy *totally freaking me out* so we shall see! I just don't know how I would like the whole long distance relationship deal *if/when it gets to that*. We shall wait and see! I had breakfast with that someone this morning so that was nice. Lola approved haha it matters! Anyways I am SO glad to be back home!! This was an exhausting trip mainly because there were kids involved. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Back to work tomorrow! Its weird but I missed being at work today... I must be sick!

Enjoy the pics!!

<3 Sara

Miley Concert

Here are some pictures from the Miley Cyrus concert this past weekend. You know I was honestly a bit disappointed by her show. I thought she would have been a better entertainer but she really just wasn't. But the girls had a great time regardless so that made me and Heather happy. Enjoy the pics!!

<3 Sara

Saturday, November 28, 2009


At 7pm tonight we are seeing this chick right here and her brothers band Metro Station..

Im pretty excited because I dont think Lola realizes that shes going to see the real Miley like in the flesh. And we have great tickets from what I can tell on the internet. I just hope they don't give me issues since I lost my cc downtown and had to get it replaced. They do a ticketless concert so you get in with your cc. Well I called they said it shouldn't be a problem. Lets hope its not because that would just freaking SUCK. So pray for us! Oh and I have a car full so pray for me... Sara doesn't have A LOT of patience lol Im scared!!!

<3 Sara

Friday, November 27, 2009


Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone like a flash. This year was really nice and spent with alot of family. Including our new baby Isabelle. I <3 her!! I hope you all enjoyed your time with your family as much as I did. Oh and I got to see a special Sgt so that made the evening nice. Watched Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage... didn't really like it. Anywho below are some pics from our fabulous Thanksgiving day.

*Dad I need more pics of you*

This morning SOMEHOW my co-worker Shawn convinced me I needed to wake up at 3AM and go shopping with her BEFORE work. Ugh!! NEVER EVER EVER EVER again!!!! Mark my words UNLESS I have the day off. We went to Belk *got an $80 pair of boots for $15 not bad!! Then we went to Target and I got Lola's xmas present and some movies. Shawn had a shopping cart FULL in a matter of 5 mins!! CRAZINESS!! But overall it was fun!! Tonight I got to see my friend Pam who just moved to Texas in July. I have missed her and her family SOO much!! She is truly a great friend and I am so glad her and I became such great friends. I REALLY hope that maybe once I have some money I can fly out to Dallas and visit them!!

Tomorrow I am driving with a car FULL *me, Heather, Kainen, Lola, Olivia and Heathers dog* to Columbia. We are headed to the Miley Cyrus concert! Lola is really excited and im not going to lie im a little excited myself. I like Mileys music so don't hate! lol Im sure ill have plenty of pics for my next post.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

<3 Sara

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am so excited to get to my parents house and spend quality time with my family. Oh and eating AMAZINGLY yummy food. This year I am so thankful for my family and my newest family member Isabelle. She has stolen my heart I just love her so much. I am also thankful for amazing friends. I don't have a TON of friends but the ones I do have are seriously just awesome. I am very thankful for one of my friendships that just grew SO much in the last couple of weeks. Angel has been such a great inspiration to me. I love where I am currently in life and I just hope it keeps getting better.

<3 Sara

Monday, November 23, 2009


Ok So my Pastor emailed me back with an encouraging email. AND the Youth Pastor emailed me about serving in the youth. SO I have a meeting with him next Thursday. I almost feel like its a job interview lol so silly. I just pray that the youth is somewhere I will fit in and really do a great job. I loved being in the youth group and I just want it to be awesome for them too. AND If I can help then how awesome would that be??? prayer will be appreciated :)

<3 Sara

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lady in Waiting

I just wanted to write a quick post about a book im reading. Its called Lady in Waiting "becoming Gods best while waiting for Mr. Right". My friend Angel introduced me to this book last Monday. I have only read a little bit but its seriously changing the way im feeling. Its about building a relationship with God NOW!! Tonight I read about serving in the church or in any way pleasing to God. So I emailed Pastor Chris and im hoping with his help I can find a place to serve in the church. I really think if ANY single Christian women read my blog they should seriously read this book. I just wanted to inform my readers if I have any lol!! <3

My friend Angel is really an inspiration to me even though she may not know this. Shes a bit older than me but she is so great. <3 her!!

<3 Sara

Kellys Birthday

Kelly is officially 23 years old!! My little Kelly Welly is growing up! :D

Friday we went with her cousin Carie to the Fat Hen on Johns Island. It was a french restaurant (sp?)lol My spelling isn't the greatest. Anyways I had the butternut squash soup it was AWESOME!!!! Saturday we had some friends come over for cake and a movie. Overall Good birthday for her I think. I enjoyed it!!! :D Oh and we had breakfast at the Bear E patch SOOOOO yummy!!!

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zoo with the Shults fam

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!! I know I did. As usual I decided last minute to head on up to Columbia. YAY! I got there around 6:30ish Friday night and left today around 4ish. We had a great time!! Heather, Kainen and I went to the zoo and did alot of shopping. I honestly didn't spend too much money thank God. BUT I found the BEST new store Hobby Lobby its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! If you ever see one GO! Oh and I got me a blackberry Curve! SO excited about my phone at first I didnt think I would like it but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! We did go to dinner with her hubby as well he was working all day otherwise he would have gone to the zoo with us. Last night we also put up their Christmas tree that was fun. Then Heather and I took a trip to Fort Jackson but we didn't get to see my friend but we had a GREAT time at Walmart got home at like 1am. Oh and I got to drive her car which I loved. Its a huge durango but I loved it. lol So fun!!! This morning was ROUGH I am definitely sleep deprived!!! Today we went to the riverwalk and that was fun and then I had lunch with my friend. Then I headed back to Charleston!! I hate daylight savings time because I drove home in the dark. *late lunch* Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! and has a great work week!!

<3 Sara

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Award

I got another on the spot award for being AWESOME!!! Its nice to be recognized for all my hard work. :D Hope everyone had a great Tuesday. I have off tomorrow for Veterans day YAY!! Can't wait to sleep in.

<3 Sara