Friday, November 6, 2009

Coastal Carolina Fair

Last night Kelly and I went to the Coastal Carolina Fair. We had a GREAT time even though we wish more people would have come with us. It was still fun and thank God she rode the rides with me. But you know what is funny at least to me its funny. I will go on things that spin me really fast turn me upside down and love it. YET I am TERRIFIED of the Ferris Wheel. Thank God we had nice people in our bucket thing because they didn't make it move. I think its because when I was younger my Grammy used to practically walk around the thing and it just scared me to death. Oh and I saw one of my old friends Katherine there with her soon to be hubby. I am so excited for them they are SUCH a cute couple. I always had such a great time with her. I should really try to do lunch or dinner with her and re-connect. She used to live on a farm *might still* and we had a GREAT time!!!! Oh the stories her and I have on that farm together. :D

So we really didn't eat fair food like most people do. But we did try the fried oreos... EWE we BOTH didn't like them. I would no recommend unless you just like the dough of fried food. There is a pic below. We took a couple of pictures but we had to use my cell phone because my camera is so darn big. Enjoy the few pictures we did get.

Us on the tilt a whirl

Us on some other ride

Fried Oreos... EWE

Mr. Grumpy pants
*I nicknamed him*

She had an attitude problem lol

<3 Sara

PS. Isabelle comes today!!!! At 9:30am please be praying for my sister and the baby since she is being born via c-section. I have heard some horror stories so please pray that they come out with no problems. I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED to meet my God Daughter/Niece. :)

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