Monday, November 30, 2009

Cola weekend

Besides the Miley Concert this weekend we did do some other things. Sunday we woke up and headed out to the zoo. It was a nice sunny day outside and the kids had a great time. Lola kept saying Aunt Sara thank you so much for bringing me here I love it. lol that warmed my heart a little bit. She honestly loved our little trip. We had Olivia with us too *shes 5*. After the zoo we went to cici's pizza for lunch and then headed off to Target. Love that place spent too much money... I have this addiction called shopping. I get it from my mother lol Im hoping it will go away since im kinda lacking in the money situation. Anywho around 4:30 I decided I would leave Cola to come home. Yeah well traffic had another plan for me so I turned back around to let it die down. So Heather and I went to Old Navy *bought nothing* and then to Wal-mart she needed groceries. Around 7ish I decided to try the whole leaving Cola thing AGAIN. Got 2 miles past 77 and 26 interchange and it was already stopping and I was getting tired. I have discovered im not very good at night driving by myself. The girls do NOT count as company lol. So we ended up staying in Columbia last night. Since we were staying Heather and I took the kids back to the zoo for some christmas lights deal. It was ok not that wonderful but not that bad either. Heather and I ended up visiting someone last night too which made me very happy. Im starting to really like this guy *totally freaking me out* so we shall see! I just don't know how I would like the whole long distance relationship deal *if/when it gets to that*. We shall wait and see! I had breakfast with that someone this morning so that was nice. Lola approved haha it matters! Anyways I am SO glad to be back home!! This was an exhausting trip mainly because there were kids involved. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Back to work tomorrow! Its weird but I missed being at work today... I must be sick!

Enjoy the pics!!

<3 Sara

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