Wednesday, July 31, 2013

God is good

All I can say is God has got my back! First paycheck with 2 furlough fridays on it sucked. To the point where I wanted to cry. I am not sure why I felt that bad about it... It's just money but man it sucks to see that low number. So I log in to my bank account to crunch numbers to see what I will be working with after I pay a few bills. I then see a wonderful thing!!! TAX money arrived TODAY! I have been waiting months to see this. I have called the IRS and checked their website a million times. Gods timing is perfect!! Some people may see this as a luck thing but I know it's a God thing. Just like my lease ending earlier than I thought it was supposed to. I think this is like a high five from the big man upstairs for finally standing up for myself recently. Woop woop!!!!! 

And here is just a pretty pic I took from our porch last night! I may have a slight obsession with taking pictures. Maybe ;)

<3 Sara

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Greenville Wedding Weekend

This past weekend my cousin Scott married his high school sweetheart Kate. They both live in Greenville so the fam traveled up there for the festivities. 

First stop was in Landrum, SC for mom to check out some amish furniture. It was nice but a bit overpriced. We had a yummy lunch and explored a little bit of this small town. Then we headed to our hotel in Greenville to get ready for the rehearsal. 

Mountains!!! So close yet so far! I need a trip to them soon. 

We stayed at the Hyatt in downtown greenville and it was a nice hotel. I loved this piece of art in the middle of the hotel above the bar. 
We all got fancied up for the rehearsal dinner that evening. 

Isn't my mommy gorgeous?!?!? :) 
Shannon and I with the man of the hour, Scott. I still can't believe he is married. It is so crazy to me. 
Ashley, Julia, Shannon and I, loved getting to spend time with them. We live in the same city and never see them. 

Saturday morning it was raining so instead of the pool we went shopping and had some breakfast. Luckily it stopped and we headed down to the Reedy River Falls in downtown Greenville. This was SO neat!! I love waterfalls so this was fun to me. The water was really orange I guess from the rain? Either way it was really pretty to see. 

Dad and mom in front of the falls :)

I won't lie this made me a little nervous. I have a slight fear of heights and the suspension bridge kept moving because of the people walking. I didn't stay up there long. 
We headed back to the hotel then walked around to a few shops near it. I got a really cute dress, earrings and a bracelet at Wish. We had lunch at Sharkeys pub which was really yummy. Their fries were handmade which means they were very yummy. After lunch we went back to the hotel to chill. 

The wedding was at 6 that evening, it was a really nice ceremony. Their wedding party was large I didn't think they would fit on the stage. 

Cousins :) 
Mommy and me in the Zen garden. 
Shannon and I took a "selfie" it turned out cute! 
Our group with the bride and groom. I must say I have one good looking family. 

Missing Krystal but here is our family pic at the wedding reception. 

Sunday morning before heading back we went to meet up with the fam. Outside of their hotel was a really pretty part of the riverwalk. So of course we had to take some pictures. 
Mom and Shannon at the top of the cool waterfall feature. 

Dad all the way at the top! Always waiting on us haha

We got some yummy krispy kremes (breakfast of champions) then headed home. 

I really enjoyed spending the weekend with the fam. 

<3 Sara

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Goodness and Grit

I just wanted to take a second to share my friends blog. I have known Julie for a few years now and she is a very talented writer. She's legit folks. She recently started a blog and I just love it. So go check it out. Her and I plan to go on some adventures in the future which will be featured on le blog.

Julie, we need an updated pic. This is the only one I could find and this is forEVER ago. 

Happy Thursday all. Or Friday if your "lucky" to be furloughed like myself. 

<3 Sara

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First furlough Friday

This past friday was officially our first furlough friday. Obviously it just felt like a day off so I can't complain. This paycheck is only going to lose $81 which stinks but the next paycheck will be a bit more. I am not a fan of that part. Looks like I am in need of fun free things to do for 11 weeks. 

So my first furlough friday was spent at my friend Shannons. We had lunch, chatted a lot, dyed our hair and watched Sleepless in Seatle. It rained the whole day so going out to the beach/pool wasn't going to happen. I ended up babysitting for them that night so they could go on a date. They ordered pizza for me and their little boy. I stopped at Redbox for 2 movies. I got "The Call" and "Safe Haven". They were both really good but The Call was a bit freaky. 

Will and I having a serious conversation. Haha

Saturday I woke up went to the gym, did a little shopping and had lunch with Shannon. I was exhausted for some reason so afterwards I chilled and watched a bunch of tv. Later that evening Kelly and I went to dinner at Kicken chicken followed by yummy TCBY. On the way home we saw a really pretty rainbow so we went to Sunrise Park hoping for a better view. We did see it much better and a gorgeous sunset right before it started to rain on us. 

Haha is this not too funny! 

Kelly and I, besties for life! 

Sunday was another good day that started rainy. I went grocery shopping then hit up the gym. My friend Amanda asked me if I wanted to go out to Folly so I was def down for that. It was gorgeous out there. 



Lets see what the next weekend brings! 

<3 Sara

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cake anyone?

Saturday after the gym I went to my aunts for her after the 4th of July cookout. Tons of food and fun with the family. There was the pool too but it was freezing and the sun wasn't warming it up any. 
My cousin took this silly pic of me! 
Soon to be Uncle David and Izzy! 
Haha Lola looks like she hates me for taking this picture. 
Aunt Theresa and Izzy having fun in the pool. 
Shannon and me! 
Amanda and Izzy! 

After the party I went to see my friend Norrissia at the hospital. On Friday she ended up having her twin girls 5 weeks early. They are healthy and so so tiny. I won't lie I was scared to hold the 5lb babies!! I am hoping to go back this Saturday and get to see them again since they are now home. 

So my friend Shannon and I have kicked up our workouts again. We are now doing an ab routine in the am and doing more Tabata. Gooogle it if you want to know what that is. See also: Suicide. Haha it is NO joke people!! It gets to a point where you want to throw up and quit. Luckily neither of those has happened. Now I just have to get back on track with eating. The last 2 weeks have thrown me off. I will get back on it though!! I know what to do I just have to do it. :) I am loving my adventure of getting in shape! It is definitely not easy but it is so worth it! 

Have a blessed day loves!! 

<3 Sara

Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm on a boat ya'll

This 4th of July was mostly spent on the water. We woke up early and headed out on the boat to Kiawah. It was me, dad, mom and my sister Shannon. Oh and dads friends family! We got beat up on the way out there thanks to the waves but the day turned out to be great!! We got a lot of sun and fun! Unfortunately my sunscreen sucks and I have streaks on my legs. And yes it is the sunscreens fault! 
Before we left the yaucht club in the am 
I went on a long walk with mom and Shannon. We saw a ton of different things. Stingrays, crabs, a snake (yes) and horseshoe crabs(mostly dead)

Mom found a cooler full of beer so she brought it back. I never did find out whether they were any good or not. 
After the boat with the fam I went on a Brews Cruise with some friends. It was really nice out on the harbor and we got to see fireworks! 
Shannon, me and Rebekah! 

Being silly then a normal picture! 

By the end I had a super swollen ankle which was painful. I need to go see a dr it keeps popping and swelling. I'll do that eventually. 
The view this morning!! I love it!! 

Hope you all had a great 4th!! 

<3 Sara