Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Greenville Wedding Weekend

This past weekend my cousin Scott married his high school sweetheart Kate. They both live in Greenville so the fam traveled up there for the festivities. 

First stop was in Landrum, SC for mom to check out some amish furniture. It was nice but a bit overpriced. We had a yummy lunch and explored a little bit of this small town. Then we headed to our hotel in Greenville to get ready for the rehearsal. 

Mountains!!! So close yet so far! I need a trip to them soon. 

We stayed at the Hyatt in downtown greenville and it was a nice hotel. I loved this piece of art in the middle of the hotel above the bar. 
We all got fancied up for the rehearsal dinner that evening. 

Isn't my mommy gorgeous?!?!? :) 
Shannon and I with the man of the hour, Scott. I still can't believe he is married. It is so crazy to me. 
Ashley, Julia, Shannon and I, loved getting to spend time with them. We live in the same city and never see them. 

Saturday morning it was raining so instead of the pool we went shopping and had some breakfast. Luckily it stopped and we headed down to the Reedy River Falls in downtown Greenville. This was SO neat!! I love waterfalls so this was fun to me. The water was really orange I guess from the rain? Either way it was really pretty to see. 

Dad and mom in front of the falls :)

I won't lie this made me a little nervous. I have a slight fear of heights and the suspension bridge kept moving because of the people walking. I didn't stay up there long. 
We headed back to the hotel then walked around to a few shops near it. I got a really cute dress, earrings and a bracelet at Wish. We had lunch at Sharkeys pub which was really yummy. Their fries were handmade which means they were very yummy. After lunch we went back to the hotel to chill. 

The wedding was at 6 that evening, it was a really nice ceremony. Their wedding party was large I didn't think they would fit on the stage. 

Cousins :) 
Mommy and me in the Zen garden. 
Shannon and I took a "selfie" it turned out cute! 
Our group with the bride and groom. I must say I have one good looking family. 

Missing Krystal but here is our family pic at the wedding reception. 

Sunday morning before heading back we went to meet up with the fam. Outside of their hotel was a really pretty part of the riverwalk. So of course we had to take some pictures. 
Mom and Shannon at the top of the cool waterfall feature. 

Dad all the way at the top! Always waiting on us haha

We got some yummy krispy kremes (breakfast of champions) then headed home. 

I really enjoyed spending the weekend with the fam. 

<3 Sara

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