Wednesday, July 31, 2013

God is good

All I can say is God has got my back! First paycheck with 2 furlough fridays on it sucked. To the point where I wanted to cry. I am not sure why I felt that bad about it... It's just money but man it sucks to see that low number. So I log in to my bank account to crunch numbers to see what I will be working with after I pay a few bills. I then see a wonderful thing!!! TAX money arrived TODAY! I have been waiting months to see this. I have called the IRS and checked their website a million times. Gods timing is perfect!! Some people may see this as a luck thing but I know it's a God thing. Just like my lease ending earlier than I thought it was supposed to. I think this is like a high five from the big man upstairs for finally standing up for myself recently. Woop woop!!!!! 

And here is just a pretty pic I took from our porch last night! I may have a slight obsession with taking pictures. Maybe ;)

<3 Sara

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