Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fun with friends

It's only Saturday and this weekend has already been super eventful. My friend Angel came into town from St. Louis to see me and spend some time in the city she used to call home. Friday they drove down and we met up for lunch at the Kicken Chicken. One of my favorite places in Charleston. She has not eaten there in probably 2 years so she was game for it. I got the grilled tenders with their amazing sweet potato fries and she got their chicken salad. We both loved our lunch so that was a win.
 After we chatted and had lunch we headed out to Folly beach. It ended up being such a great day. I was worried it would rain but why do I ever believe the weather man?!?! We stayed out there for almost 2 hours and her little boy was kind of over it. So we left but still had a lot of the day left. So we ended up heading over to the James Island County Park to Splash Zone and had a BLAST. We got there right at 3 which is when they cut the price in half to get in. So for $6.99 we got in and hada blast for 2 hours. I would call that a win my friends. We parted ways after that so she could head up to our friend Julies house where she spent the night. I stayed home just to make sure I got plenty of sleep. Last weekend I didn't sleep great so I am catching up this weekend. 
 Her son took this picture of us at lunch
 Me, Josh and Angel *Selfie*
 So apparently selfies were popular this weekend
 This is Josh and I both at the end of the same slide. I got a kick out of my face in that picture.

So this morning I woke up and headed to the gym with Shannon. We did killer arms so I was so tired after we left. I went home and got ready so I could meet up with everyone for lunch then headed to the aquarium. We had lunch at the Rising High Restaurant downtown. I had never been before but it was so good. I had a turkey panini with pepers and a spicy mayo with homemade pasta salad. After lunch we headed down to the South Carolina Aquarium for some fun. We all had such a fun time and luckily for us it was not all that crowded.
Josh and I in front of the sign out front. I thought this one turned out pretty cute.

Ok so I know this is an odd one to add BUT it's a big deal for me. This is the first picture of my backside (i'm not talking about my butt) where I haven't been unhappy about it. My shape is really changing thanks to my workouts and this makes me very very happy.

This was my absolute favorite part of the aquarium. I absolutely love sea turtles and this guy was showing off. We had hoped to go to see the sea turtle behind the scenes tour but they were sold out today. Hopefully we can go again and actually get to go.
This is cutie Mr. Bowen, his hair was killen me in a good way of course. He is so dang cute I just love this little guy.
Yes, there is a fish in this picture :)
Oh look another selfie, go figure!
Angel and I with the Ravanel Bridge behind us. This is definitely an icon in Charleston.
I really wish the dredging boat was not in the pictures but that's ok. Maybe next time it won't be there and photo bomb my pictures.

They headed back to her parents house after our adventures. We had so much fun with them and definitely made some memories. Luckily I still have Julie to go on adventures with. I can't wait to blog more about them too. This is such a fun way to document lifes happenings.

 Also, I should note that this is the first blog from my laptop since FOREVER so if you noticed more words that's why. Blogging from my phone is convenient but I like this better. I can type out a long story and not feel like my fingers will fall off. Oh and I can add links to the places I go which is also a bit different.

Have a great rest of the weekend.


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Julie Sprankles said...

Hahaha, Marlow's face in that last picture cracks me up! We had so much fun today... can't wait to go on more adventures with you :) And we'll have to plan an awesome girls' vacation every year that Angel meets up with us for and we'll blog about that too ;)

xoxo - Jules