Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas afternoon

Merry Christmas!

A Christmas selfie after I attempted to curl my hair with a straightener #fail

This is the first year I have contributed food to Thanksgiving and Christmas and I have to say besides my mac n cheese on Thanksgiving I have done pretty darn good. The thing I was most worried about was the darn ham and I am pretty sure I called mom way too many times with questions to not screw it up. It turned out perfect! I wanted to cook it in my crock pot but apparently buying a large ham is not the way to go for my crock pot (wouldn't fit). I cooked it for 3.5hours in the oven instead. I also made a pineapple casserole, Oreo truffles and a brownie trifle.

 Everyone started arriving around noonish and the fun commenced until later in the afternoon.  

Me with my favorite decoration this year which I got 50% off, SCORE! I almost bought it when it was $70 I liked it so much but I waited and then scored it on sale which made me love it even more.

I asked her why she was laying on the floor like this, she said she was starving.

Bubs and Dave are new besties. Last night we were at my parents house and Bubs was pretty obsessed with Uncle Dave.

I absolutely love this picture, I just wish Krystal was in it!


One of my favorite gifts, I need to sit down and go through the books so I can start trying new recipes. I love Shays blog, it is a daily read. I got both the brownie trifle and pineapple casserole recipe from her.
We had an awesome day with our family and really enjoyed hosting Christmas. I thought for sure it would have wiped me out. I took my time getting everything ready which started on Friday which I think worked out perfectly.
Dave and I finished out the day with a bike ride around the neighborhood, I also took Teddy for another walk and an evening of TV.
I hope you all had an awesome Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Eve/Morning

 I seriously can't believe Christmas has already come and gone again. Time please slow down just a little bit please. Dave and I have had such a busy month I feel like I have blinked and it is almost over.
We dropped off the kids Friday to their mom and then we were busy getting ready for Christmas day. Saturday I went to the gym, grocery shopped and did some baking before church.
I always love our Christmas eve service at church, it just has a fun atmosphere.
 I gave out bulletins and candles this year, it was fun to greet everyone. Seriously though it was hard to not say good morning to them since I am used to saying that when I serve.

We got home, I had a glass of wine and we just hung out until bed time.

 I took a few last pictures of my trees all lit up, I absolutely LOVED all my decorations this year.

 2 new ornaments, Ashley gave me the one on the left and I love it!!
Christmas morning started with a nice 1.5mile walk with Teddy.

Our Christmas card!

Once Dave got up we did our gifts to each other then had some cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

Poor teddy over there wondering where his gifts are, no worries he got treats and some ham.

Dave spoiled me: 3 new shirts, ugg slippers, $150 Victoria secret gift card, and the princess and nemo for my desk.
He got: 3 video games, 3 polos, 2 t-shirts, pj pants, Eagles hat, socks, workout gloves, and candy.

We had a great morning together, we missed the kids for sure this year but hopefully they had fun in Massachusetts.
Next up our family Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Gingerbread House

 First two pics obviously don't have anything to do with the title of this post. Just two random pictures I have taken this week. A workout selfie because why not. Also, the grill Dave got for Christmas from his mom. I am looking forward to the day Dave grills me a steak on that thing which might need to be soon.

Wednesday night while grandma was cooking dinner for everyone the kids and I made the gingerbread house my mom got for us. This thing was awesome and solid, didn't fall at all or even come close! Trader Joes officially has the best gingerbread house! Thanks mom!

I got the messy part of the process, frosting! They got to tell me where things would go and where to put the icing. Group effort and I thought it looked really cool. I got the Santa, sleigh, reindeer, sack of presents and the little presents from Walmart for 50 cent, I thought they would be perfect and they were!
The kids are heading to NJ/MA today after their mom gets off work. It stinks we don't have them on Christmas day at all but we did a lot of Christmas celebrating and having fun this week to make up for it. We even had the Newmans over last night to play, so it was a week full of fun for sure!
 Sweet baby, we love him!
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and don't forget the reason for the season, Jesus!