Monday, December 19, 2016

Start the crazy

We got back our pictures from the Holiday party from work! I love them, we had such a good time at that party! Hopefully next year it will be just as fun!

Friday afternoon I had a few appointments then ran a few errands. We got the kids early then did some stuff that evening to get ready for our party Saturday.
This cabinet was a house warming gift from Aunt Susan which I love! I got the stuff on top from Kirklands Friday night for 50% the hat I absolutely LOVE and almost paid full price for it a few weeks ago. So glad I waited and got the very last one! Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Kirklands?? HAHA
 Saturday morning my parents came and got Alayna to go have breakfast with Santa! They sent me some pictures, looks like they had lots of fun! I am very thankful to have such awesome parents! I know Logan and Alayna both enjoy having my parents in their lives since all of their grandparents are up in NJ.

Saturday we spent the entire day getting ready for the party. Cooking, cleaning, setting up etc...
Then around 6 it was party time... more on that later even though I really didn't take THAT many pictures.

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