Sunday, October 19, 2008

a little update

* i took this picture about 2 months ago on the way to work with my cell phone*
feel like i havent written a real blog in forever. So here is a small blog just to update whats going on in my life. Work has been going steady keeping my busy unfortunately. The ladies and i went to lunch on friday which was nice i love getting out of the building during the day. friday night i went on a date with ashley and newman. We went to wild wings, A.C. Moore, HHgregg which sucks btw and headed home. Ashley and I went back out to michaels a halloween store and kmart. We got back and started watching norbit its HILARIOUS too bad i was about to fall asleep. And seeing as i had a 30 min ride home i figured i shouldnt finish the movie. Saturday was pretty chill didnt do much during the day but a little bit of laundry. Anyways angelas husband stephens bday was yesterday so there was a rather large party. We had food, drinks, bonfire and hanging out with a little guitar in the mix. OH and we roasted some marshmallows YUMMY YUMMY! some of the guys got a little out of hand but oh well guys will be guys. Overall it was a fun party and i love getting to hang out with angela. Did i mention my new guy was there yup that made it that much better. Things are really going great there. Really happy about that. Im thinking in the very near future its going to be time to meet the parents. hmm lol i wonder!! Anyways ill try and update this thing more. Hopefully have pictures next time. ive gotten slack with my picture taking. Hope everyone is well!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i got tagged

8 favorite TV shows that are on TV now:
1. the hills
2. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
3. real housewives of atlanta
4. Run's House
5. greek
6. army wives
7. making the band
8. janice dikinson modeling agency

8 favorite restaurants:
1. fatz cafe
2. kicken chicken
3. california dreaming
4. longhorns
5. subway.. does that count?
6. applebees
7. rio grande
8. irish pub madra ruas

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. watched lifetime
3. watched more tv
4. went to angelas
5. angela and i went to see a movie
6. had dinner at her house with the boys
7. listened to the guys play guitar
8. went to seths

8 things to look forward to:
1. i dont have to work tommorrow
2. im going shopping with my angela
3. My birthday!
4. meeting mr. right
5. halloween
6. my next paycheck lol
7. christmas
8. possibly a vacation

8 things I love about Fall:
1. the weather feels amazing
2. i get to wear my hoodies which i love
3. Halloween
4. dressing up for halloween
5. Thanksgiving
6. christmas shopping
7. being with my friends getting ready for the holidays
8. eating lots of yummy food

8 things on my wishlist:
1. Win the lottery< ditto
2. move out
3. a clean car
4. to find a better job
5. get that new turquoise phone its so cute
6. hang out with my friends more often
7. again find mr. right
8. lose lots of weight and be hot

8 people I tag:

i dont know! whoever would like to do it!

Monday, October 6, 2008


So this past weekend i went to charlotte with my aunts and one of their friends. We left right after work on friday and headed up. Got there probably around 9 and i was passed out by 10 it had been a LONG day. Saturday we woke up headed to carowinds and did a bunch of rides left during the middle of the day. we had lunch at shoneys (the parks prices were crazy) and went to the mall. Around 5 we were back at carowinds to wait for 7pm to roll around for Scarowinds. Let me just say i am not a fan of scarowinds. i was terrified!! So we left there at 10 after being tortured by long lines, people who dont know how to walk, and having things chase/ jump out after you. Sunday we got lost for EVER trying to get to florence this was not one of my best days. none the less we got to florence for the lovely flowertown festival (gag me) and then headed home!!! So it was a good saturDAY. I wish it would have been better but i think my friday just set the tone of my whole weekend. Anyways i posted a couple of pictures! enjoy.

BTW i need to get back in the gym. FATTY! ewe