Monday, October 6, 2008


So this past weekend i went to charlotte with my aunts and one of their friends. We left right after work on friday and headed up. Got there probably around 9 and i was passed out by 10 it had been a LONG day. Saturday we woke up headed to carowinds and did a bunch of rides left during the middle of the day. we had lunch at shoneys (the parks prices were crazy) and went to the mall. Around 5 we were back at carowinds to wait for 7pm to roll around for Scarowinds. Let me just say i am not a fan of scarowinds. i was terrified!! So we left there at 10 after being tortured by long lines, people who dont know how to walk, and having things chase/ jump out after you. Sunday we got lost for EVER trying to get to florence this was not one of my best days. none the less we got to florence for the lovely flowertown festival (gag me) and then headed home!!! So it was a good saturDAY. I wish it would have been better but i think my friday just set the tone of my whole weekend. Anyways i posted a couple of pictures! enjoy.

BTW i need to get back in the gym. FATTY! ewe

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