Monday, November 13, 2017

Trick or Treat

This year we had the kids Halloween Night and we were so excited to get to dress up and take them out. I was actually sick for a few days and stayed home from work on Halloween. I rallied though so I could enjoy the holiday with the family. Alayna insisted I dress up so I figured I would wear my old pumpkin costume to at least be comfortable and not cold since the temps were supposed to drop. 
 I got showered and ready to go get the kids from their mom around 3. We headed home, they got in their costumes pretty quickly then we waited on daddy to get home so we could head to JI. 
 Dave didn't want to dress up because his knee was bothering him so just me and the kids. A halo character, zombie bride and a pumpkin. 

 We met up with everyone at my grammys house then we walked down the street to start trick or treating. My aunt and uncle had their entire pirate set up out there and it was awesome!

 Lots of photos of course like you guys would expect anything else at this point. 


 Selfie with daddy

 There was a house giving out mimosas, um favorite house! My friend Kelly said what if they put something in it? I had already drank it by that point lol clearly I grew up in a different time because I don't sit there and think about things like that when trick or treating. Like people messing with the candy? Not even a thought. 
It was delicious and I am still alive to talk about it so all good :)
 I love this picture of Alayna, mom and grammy! 
 Dave and his kiddos. After I took this picture Logan said "Do you think I was smiling?" HAHA that kid is a trip! 

 We got to the church at the end of the street for some pony rides, jump castles, games, cotton candy, popcorn, cake walk, and a fire truck with a house you could go in that was filled with smoke. We only got to spend a little bit of time down there since it was a school night but it was still fun. 

   When we walked back down the street to grammys house we saw a few fun decorations all lit up. It was a bit harder to keep track of the kids in the dark so we used our cell phone flash light for them to locate us after hitting up a few houses for a second time. 
End of Halloween selfie in the car waiting for mommy. If only it wasn't a school night, fun was had though regardless. 

Next year we won't have them but I am sure we will still go down to JI to help out with giving out candy. 


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Family Halloween Party

I have been wanting to blog for over 2 weeks now but my computer all of a sudden won't upload pictures from my phone so that's been hindering me. First world problems, I know. I contemplated just giving up the blog but I really enjoy going back and reading them plus it has been a great storage spot for my pictures! So I will continue! 

The Saturday before Halloween my aunt and uncle hosted a Halloween Party at their house. Dave and I got all dressed up and headed to JI. I was a my little pony, twilight sparkle and Dave was a Ninja. 
 Before we headed to JI we picked up a handsome little nephew of mine so he could come have some fun. 
 He is looking at this like what the heck are you. 

 They had a ton of decorations, they looked really great. 

 There are TONS of pictures taken of all the family with their costumes. I don't have the patience to label each and every one of them lol  

 I sure love this husband of mine
 Why are these pictures tiny?? 

 He sure was enjoying playing with Uncle Dave, they are always so silly together it's cute!


 Not all of us but a big group of us!
 Mommy and the pimp HAHA he looked crazy!

 We ate a bunch of yummy food, Dave had a few drinks cough cough (we take turns on who gets to drink in these situations), and spent lots of time with the family! I have many many years of memories from family Halloween parties! 

We left around 10 since we have a longer drive home then most, we were maybe 10 minutes from the party and both boys fell asleep in the car. 

Fun times, can't wait for next year!