Sunday, December 24, 2017

Evening Downtown

Last Saturday we had plans for the four of us to pick up Isabelle and head downtown to see the Marion Square tree and whatever else we could come across. Well Logan got a much better offer to go see the new Star Wars movie. To say he was excited would be an understatement, I am so glad my Aunt Theresa was willing to take him.
Once it was dark Dave and I took the girls to have some fun downtown. I had pretty low expectations because I wasn't really sure how much fun we would have BUT we had a BLAST. I think Alayna loved having some special time with Dave and I and a huge bonus was having her cousin with her. 
 We got to the parking garage then headed toward king street, we saw some seriously cute dogs along the way. Our first stop was the Charleston Place hotel.  
 They have the best set up in the middle of the grand staircase, it was awesome. 

That chandelier is huge and beautiful.  

 The girls spotted this fountain from the upstairs balcony we found so we headed down and I gave them all the pennies from my wallet for them to make a few wishes. 
 We headed back inside so we could see the pretty trees and take a few pictures to remember our night out. 

 We ended up using a bathroom on the 2nd floor and I won't lie it is fancy. The girls were absolutely hilarious in this bathroom, talking in british accents and just being silly. It was one of my favorite moments from the night, haha in a bathroom!  
 After we left the hotel we ventured down King Street headed toward Marion Square. We made a few stops along the way in a few fun stores. 

 We stopped and got some dinner at Subway then another store for some amazing cookies then we arrived to see the tree. The temperature had dropped quite a bit by the time we got there and we were COLD. We took some pictures, let the girls run around and be silly then we headed back towards the car. 
  On our way to the parking garage we were passing by the College of Charleston and decided we had to venture through the gate and see the pretty lights. I have actually never been in this courtyard before but it is iconic and absolutely beautiful. 

See, gorgeous! The pictures don't do it any justice. 

This will definitely be a highlight for this Christmas for me. Dave and I truly enjoyed spending time with just the girls even though of course we missed Logan. He definitely had the best time and was SO excited when he got in the car. I don't think he cared about what he missed out on downtown. 

Tomorrow is Christmas, I can't even believe it but I am SO excited. 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


Monday, December 18, 2017

Gingerbread Houses

Friday afternoon when we got the kids we did our gingerbread houses. I rushed to get them built before the kids arrived so we could get started and they wouldn't have to wait. 
The Trader Joes gingerbread houses are the BEST. We got them last year after I saw someone else blog about how awesome they are. The one we made last year never once cracked or broke. 
 This process was MESSY especially when you are trying to do it solo. I survived and they looked like they were supposed to, well minus the leaning trees. I could not get them to stand up straight no matter what so they leaned against the houses. 

 Dave and I were in charge of the icing, we let them tell us where to put it and we improvised a little bit as well. 

 Logan with his awesome house. 
 Alayna with her masterpiece.  
 We all four honestly really enjoyed doing this together, quality family fun. I also had Christmas music playing on pandora to help us be in the Christmas spirit even more.  

 While we were waiting on our pizza to arrive ( I was NOT cooking) they found the photobooth props and we took a few fun pictures.  

It was safe to say we had a great friday night!