Friday, April 30, 2010

Night Out

Last night I went out for a visit to the IOP firestation! It was really nice out there and the sunset was just gorgeous! Hopefully once it gets warmer I can take Kodie out there for walks on the beach.

Isn't he handsome? haha

Here's a pic of the sunset. I wish I would have gotten a picture before it got SO low.


<3 Sara

Family Photos

We got the rest of our family pictures and I just love them! There were only 2 pictures where I actually thought I looked like an elephant! haha But I have decided that I need to get some of the weight off and a TAN! OH and I realized how freaking short I am compared to the rest of the family. Love them and love the pictures! Kayce did a great job!

<3 Sara

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Sister Shannon!! I hope you enjoy those krispy kremes that you so graciously told me about! yum!!


<3 Sara


I took this picture last night and it made me think what could I do without my little Kodeman! I got him at a very "lonely" time in my life and he SO filled that void. He sure loves his mommy!!!

Seriously, how precious is he????

BTW like my new duvet cover? Got it at IKEA for $19.99 and I LOVE it. Kodie loves it too! It matches my green sheets so well. AND it will match my new ones that I have yet to put on my bed. Laziness? haha probably!

Happy Thursday!! ALMOST friday! WOOO!

<3 Sara


A. AREA CODE : 843 Charleston, SC!

B. BED SIZE: I used to have a full now its a queen. I have also decided when I get married it is a reuirement to have a king sized bed. I just don't think a queen leaves enough room for anyone else but ME! I know im ridiculous but when I sleep I hate to be touched! haha

C. CHORE YOU HATE: Hmmm I would have to say cleaning the bathroom.

D. DOG'S NAME: Kodie! I love my little kodeman!! The BF loves to call him Kobe in fact a lot of people do that!

E. ESSENTIAL "START THE DAY!" ITEM: Shower.... I am not addicted to caffeine like most people. In fact caffeine has zero affect on me. I could drink an entire pot of coffee and go right to bed.

F. FAVORITE COLOR: Depends on the day... I don't have ONE fave! Today its Royal Blue!

G. GOLD OR SILVER: Silver!! I really don't like gold... I have one pair of gold earings and thats IT!

H. HEIGHT: 5'1


J. Job: Administrative services for the Govt! Most days I like my job(s)

K. KIDS: None for now!

L. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: I live in an apartment with one of my BFF's!


N. NICKNAME: Don't really have any...


P. PET PEEVE: Oh lord.... this list could get TOO long!! Ill list a FEW... when people smack their food, breaking on the interstate for NO reason, when theirs trash on the counter near an empty trash can, laziness, etc!

Q. QUOTE FROM A MOVIE: "You want the truth, you cant HANDLE the truth"


S. SIBLINGS: 2 older sisters

T. TIME YOU WAKE UP: For work its 5:30 on the dot! PS I have NEVER pushed a snooze button in my life. I know im not normal.

U. UNDERWEAR: Victoria Secret briefs like boys kind

V. VEGGIE YOU DISLIKE: mushrooms, brussel sprouts, and avocado if its considered a veggie.


X. XRAYS YOU'VE HAD: I've had a TON on my back and of course dental.

Y. YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: Anything sweet :)

Z. ZOO ANIMALS YOU LIKE: Tigers and Otters ooo and Sea Lions

<3 Sara

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Weekend

I can't believe it's already Tuesday. Seriously, Where does the time go?? And its almost MAY??? oh Lord! Anyways, this past weekend was a great one hands down! Friday after work Kodie and I went to Norrissia's and played for awhile. Kodie and Busta (her dog) played for 4 hours in the backyard! I got a couple of pictures but only this one was really worth of keeping! Then I took Kodie to my parents house so they could babysit him for the weekend! Thanks mom and dad!! Yall are the bestest!

Saturday morning I woke up way too early for a Saturday and got my stuff all together! Then I went to meet up with my fireman at the firestation! I felt so out of place there while they did a shift change over. When you are the only girl and a bunch of guys are looking at you like who are you and why are you here it makes ya awkward but oh well! They will eventually get to know me. I do know a couple of them which was nice so I didn't feel completely awkward. Anywho, we rode up to Charlotte, NC to go to Carrowinds for the day and it was a blast! He made me ride every rollercoaster though which wasn't the best thing ever. Especially the nighthawk which makes you lay down and you are looking at the ground the entire time. Well I don't remember MUCH because I swear I blacked out from the fear. NEVER.EVER.AGAIN will I ride that! The weather pretty much sucked though while we were there so it started to rain and we left. BUT we got season passes so we can go again soon. I had a blast but im definitely ready for that waterpark! After we left there I got to go to my FAVE store in the entire world (so far) IKEA I didn't buy much considering money is tight for me right now but I did get a $20 Duvey cover which I absolutely LOVE! Oh and 2 candles but they were CHEAP and smell amazing! If you have never been to this store you must go. I have dreams about this store and so does my aunt. That just tells you im not the only crazy one. :) We really had a great time and he wasn't bad to shop with like most guys. Im wondering though if this will change. Ya know how guys are one way at the beggining then their true I hate shoppingness comes out? Ya prob will! We headed back to his house after IKEA though because the weather was beggining to get worse. All in all it was a great day!! And it was really nice because we had so much time to just talk.

What was really nice was waking up to this Sunday morning! Being in the country is just so different. Its peaceful! When I was younger I always envied my friends who lived in the country and got to play in the woods. But I really did love it and its so quiet minus the cars from the hwy.

oh and I love this picture! I thought it was cool how the picture ended up thank God it was windy! Otherwise they wouldn't have even been moving!

Sunday when we got back to Charleston we went to my sister and grandmothers birthday party. I don't know why I didn't take any pictures! Maybe Shannon will post some. It was a nice time with all the family and lots of yummy food. Oh and Isabelle threw up on me 4 times... that was fun! The last time I actually had to change my shirt and all I could smell was baby throw up! Shes lucky I love her so much and that shes the cutest thing ever.

All in all a great weekend!! Hopefully there are more great ones to come! And I have GOT to get back on the ball with my picture taking on my camera. I swear all the pictures I take now are just on my phone and the quality is just horrible. Time for me to get to work! No more slacking!!

Happy Tuesday!

<3 Sara


Here are a couple of the pictures Kayce took of our family a couple of weekends ago. This is a "sneak peek" and I love them! Seriously Kayce does such a great job!

I have the greatest looking family!!!

I was still getting over my strep throat in these pictures! I thought I was going to look like death... maybe Kayce photoshopped me haha jk! I think! Im just glad the strep is OVER that was probably the worst sickness EVER!

Happy Tuesday!!!

<3 Sara

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bug Bites

I got bug bites on the brain this morning since they are ALL over my legs. We had our family pictures this past Sunday with Kayce at Charlestown Landing ! We had a lot of fun just hanging out and getting our photos done. It was nice quality family time for us! It's somewhat rare for us ALL to be together doing something besides family dinners.

After we got our pictures taken the girls and my new man went to the animal forrest to see all the animals. Honestly, I was disappointed by the lack of animals. When I was younger they had a TON of animals now there is probably less than half of what they used to have. Im thinking maybe they arent completely done with renovating it?? I did love seeing the bears though they are just so cute and cuddly. I seriously would want to go up and just hug it but im pretty sure it would tear me to shreds so ill avoid that. haha! I can't wait to see the pictures I really hope they turned out good. I am unsure of how I looked since I was still recovering from Strep Throat. Which by the way is the WORST sickness I have EVER had in my life. I pray to God I NEVER get that again. It was so bad I wouldn't even wish that on my worst enemy not that I have one but if I did.

Btw here is a pic of me and the BF! Not a GREAT pic but its alright!

So this week at work I am delivering mail for the inside of our building. The guy who normally does it is on leave *lucky him*. So as im pushing this embarrassing cart around I am nosey and see what peoples cubes look like. WELL some are normal, cute, boring BUT some are a COMPLETE MESS!!! You would think their bosses would say something about it. I know my boss would yell at me if I had a desk that looked this way. LOOK BELOW!

Im sorry but that is NOT proffessional. Plus how the heck would you find anything?? haha My ADD brain could not function in that madness.

Well I have to get back to work! Just felt like updating the blog. Have a great Humpday!!

<3 Sara

Friday, April 16, 2010

Strep Throat

I am officially MISERABLE!! I was diagnosed yesterday with strep throat and its the first time I have ever had it. All I can say is it SUCKS.... Finally my fever seems to be gone but that's only ONE of the things. Now if only my throat would stop hurting I can barely swallow!! I hope if you have never had it that you never do!!! :( I haven't been to work since Wednesday! I hate missing work too but my boss knows that im truly sick! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend im praying I start to feel better.

<3 Sara

Monday, April 12, 2010


I can't believe its already Monday AGAIN! I swear the weekends go by just way too quickly. Especially the good ones, I hate it. Anywho! Heres a bit of what I did this weekend. Friday, I went to Happy Hour and to the mall with Norrissia and her friend whom I forgot her name... thats pretty bad. I think it was Victoria.. anyways didn't buy anything and the drinks were HORRIBLE. Never going to Centre Pointe ever again. Saturday I woke up REAL early and went with my mommy, Aunts, and grandmother to the Florence Flowertown Festival. It was actually really nice except the weather was a bit chilly. I mainly went along for the ride seeing as how I live in an apartment meaning no flowers needed for me. I took the pictures below and all I can say for the first one... ONLY in the south. haha Saturday night I went to Norrissia's house for a little BBQ which was nice! Kodie loves going over there to play with the dogs.

Sunday was nice I slept in which means im a slacker who didn't go to church! haha Then Kodie and I cuddled for quite awhile before I finally went to visit the fam. I ended up chatting and sunning with my sister in the driveway. I was excited to see that my arms got a little bit of sun on them. Im trying to catch up with someone who is already freaking tan! I'm jealous!!! But I am not going to lay out until its much hotter outside. And I FINALLY got a pedicure!! I have needed one for a couple of weeks now since im wearing sandals all the time. Not much else really went on for the weekend but I had a great time! Ready for the warmer weather and HOPEFULLY more boat rides this summer. HINT HINT DAD!!!! :)

Happy Monday!

<3 Sara

Friday, April 9, 2010

5 Question Friday

If you want to play along go link up HERE

1. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
Katie Holmes even if she is remarkably older than me! I have been told before that I look like her. I don't personally see it but hey ill take the compliment.

2. Did you ever go to summer camp?
Yes and it was without a doubt the WORST experience EVER. Ugh brings back horrible memories. I faked sick the entire time because I was so miserable. I was SO homesick and quite honestly it was NOT fun. I just don't think I was a go to summer camp kind of kid.

3. What sends you running and screaming in the other direction?
Well I learned from a old co-worker that when you see crazy run the other way. So I run away from CRAZY in whatever form. lol

4. What is something you do that drives your spouse nuts?
Yeah im not married so this does NOT apply.

5. What is currently your favorite song?
The current song out by Lady Antebellum (sp?) I hear it ALL the time and just love it. Im sure ill hate it in a few weeks when its OVERPLAYED like every other song I fall in love with.

Play along! Kept me occupied at work for about umm... 2 mins haha! BTW im working the mailcenter and it is BEYOND boring in here. I told Nor I was coming to see her at lunch to hopefully keep my sanity. :)

<3 Sara

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today I am covering for a co-worker so he can spend some time with his little girl on her Spring Break. We always joke around and I leave him notes on his desk from time to time. NOT love notes... ewww more like " " LOVES HANNAH MONTANNA. Inside joke because of another guy at work. SO I come in this morning to see the below picture! I almost peed myself laughing.... a little excessive... haha

Nice laugh this morning...

<3 Sara

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Friends

Not sure why but I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. Maybe its because my computer has been dead for like 2 weeks. I ordered the power cord so HOPEFULLY it should be up and running sometime soon. Not like a lot has been going on honestly. I mean a few things that won't be mentioned until a later date. Most of my friends and family already know though. BUT one thing I will say is I have a new friend named Norrissia who I have become BFF's with. lol yes I still use the acronym BFF. I met her at work and we just clicked as friends. We have hung out quite a bit! Shes in one of the pictures below with Kodie.

Now Kodie has 3 new friends. Yes Nor has 3 dogs... I know she's crazy! haha jk! But they just got a new puppy he's supposed to be lab but he looks like a chow so I guess we will wait and see what he looks like later. Him and Kodie became fast friends yesterday. They seriously played for 3 hours straight. While I went to visit someone else he slept the ENTIRE time. Poor baby AND he has cuts all over him from the puppies RAZOR sharp teeth. But I think he will be just fine. I took a couple of pictures with my camera phone so thats why the quality isn't great. But I still think they are cute pics!

Poor babies wanted to come outside and play!

Not sure why but when Kodie goes over to Nor's house he RUNS and RUNS and RUNS! Im talking FAST!! Way more than he does anywhere else... Maybe its because she has no gate and he feels free? who knows!

This picture should have been first. This is when they first met eachother.

Nor and Kodeman!

Also, My friend Angel's mom is having her brain surgery this morning at 8:30 so please keep her in your prayers. I know her mom is very nervous as would anybody! So just pray for peace of mind and pray for the doctors who will be operating on her.

<3 Sara