Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A little more

After lunch on Saturday we hung out around the house for a little bit before our friends came over to hang out and have dinner. They brought over these special burgers and holy cow they were good. One was cheddar bacon and the other was one with onion. I had the cheddar bacon and it was SO delicious! Dave and I plan to go to HT to see if they have the jalapeno one at some point. They told us about that one and now I am dying to try it.

  Isabelle and Alayna were playing upstairs, Logan and Jesse were playing Pok√©mon, and the rest of us were hanging outside while dinner was cooking. We love our time with our Newmans!

 On the way to church Sunday morning!
 After church I told Dave we needed to get the kids outside for awhile. So we brought out the Slip N Slide which my grass is still recovering from.

 Isabelle left right before dinner and I am pretty sure there were tears shed because she went home. cough cough Alayna!
We had dinner, ate popsicles on the hood of my car, they rode their bikes a little bit then it was back to mommy.  
It was a good first weekend back with the kids. I am hoping the next weekend we get them we can go to the beach and play for a bit. It all depends on the weather, I am hoping the rain is going to chill for awhile. We shall see!
Today is their last day of summer, school starts back tomorrow, so we are going to Velocity tonight to have some end of summer fun!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pirate Festival

This past weekend was so much fun and HOT! Holy cow it was ridiculous. We went for a few hours on Saturday to a Pirate Festival and the amount of sweat was just unreal. Luckily it was also a LOT of fun so we dealt with it!
 This Parrot greeted us very loudly as soon as we got there! 
 We explored the museum a little bit first then headed back outside for the rest of the event.

Alayna got to meet a mermaid and got an autographed picture which she insisted on framing and is now next to her bed.

 My parents, grammy, aunt and uncle all were volunteering. Mommy the pirate and me!
They were in charge of pirate school which all the kids said was their favorite part.
 Fighting the pirate aka uncle David.  

 Angel and her fam were there for a little bit too!

We found another building that had some fun inside the best part A/C! :)
  We dressed up as pirates

 After we left the A/C building we found Dave and headed up the Hill to the colonial village. This was actually mine and Daves favorite part.
They shot off a very very loud cannon, guns, the girls got to learn a colonial dance and we even held some expensive guns.

 A tiny cannon
 This was us holding a gun worth $6,500

 Dave held a gun that was worth $20K, yes you read that right! I am surprised they even let people touch it!
 This was right when they shot off the cannon!
  Colonial dancing, they really enjoyed it!
We spent a good 3 plus hours there and all of us had a blast but we were ready to go and get in the air conditioned car! We stopped for lunch then headed home!
I hope they do this festival again next year because we will absolutely go! The kids got in free and for Dave and I both it was only $10. Win win!