Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Solar Eclipse

 Last Monday the Solar Eclipse was pretty much what everyone was talking about and we were definitely in on it. We planned to get the kids that morning and hang out with them during the day. Our original plan was to go on base to the library to their big eclipse party but last minute changed our plans and I am SO glad we did. I initially thought my parents had their car all full but when I found out they had room for us I jumped on it.
 We got the kids, grabbed some doughnuts, headed home to pack a cooler and headed to JI.

 While looking for my wedding dress Alayna spotted the bird and deer in my dads closet and felt the need to touch it. I think every kid in our family has at some point wanted to touch the deer head, a right of passage?
 We got ready then headed to the yacht club to hang out and wait for the show.

 We enjoyed playing down on the beach at low tide.

 Around 1:30 the clouds started to clear a bit and I heard someone say I can see it so of course after that our eyes were on the sky.

Mommy and me with our cool eclipse glasses!
 I got a few pictures using my glasses in front of my Iphone camera.
 Not staged, legit her reaction to everything! :)
 During totality, this was by far the coolest thing I have EVER seen!
It was 100% worth all the hype and weeks of talking about it. I would even venture to say I would travel (not TOO far) to see it again because it truly was THAT cool.

 After the fun of the sun we went back to hanging out, painting rocks, eating snacks and enjoying our day before heading out.

 We had an absolute BLAST and I am thankful I got to spend that time with my family. It was definitely an experience!

Monday, August 28, 2017

A weekend behind

I went to post this blog so many times last week but then chose to watch Pretty Little Liars instead.... I am addicted to that show. I always saw commercials when it was on tv but never watched. GOOD SHOW!
 Friday morning I left a love note to the husband in his uniform. He leaves it at work because he doesn't like to wear it out in town.
 A fun snapchat filter!
 Saturday was a pretty low key day. We worked out, dropped his car off to get worked on, shopped at Target, went back to get his car and hung out at home the rest of the evening.
 We did do s'mores though, YUM!!!! It was his idea to have a little at home date and we both enjoyed it. Although we do plan to have our next s'mores date night when the temperature is a bit lower.


 Sunday after church we went to the AFB gym and I took some selfies because I felt like it. haha  
 On the way to mom and dads and saw the bridge stuck open.... the caused some fun traffic luckily it was the opposite direction.
We hung out with the fam per usual on our Sunday afternoon. As we were leaving our realtor posted some chairs she was selling on FB and I jumped on it. We went home to grab my car then headed to her house.
 For $30 we ended up with the chairs I initially planned to buy, a picture for Alaynas room, an end table, coffee table and 2 lamps! :) We got lucky!  

 Here are the chairs. I have been looking for just one chair to add to the office but she posted both and I jumped on it. They are super comfy and I definitely got these for a steal! I kept waiting for a good deal and so glad I did because on Saturday I almost bought a chair at Target on sale but it was still over $100. Glad I waited!
After we played around with the furniture in different places in the house we headed to bed. We got up early Monday morning to get the kids for the Solar Eclipse! That will be it's own blog post though!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A little more

After lunch on Saturday we hung out around the house for a little bit before our friends came over to hang out and have dinner. They brought over these special burgers and holy cow they were good. One was cheddar bacon and the other was one with onion. I had the cheddar bacon and it was SO delicious! Dave and I plan to go to HT to see if they have the jalapeno one at some point. They told us about that one and now I am dying to try it.

  Isabelle and Alayna were playing upstairs, Logan and Jesse were playing Pok√©mon, and the rest of us were hanging outside while dinner was cooking. We love our time with our Newmans!

 On the way to church Sunday morning!
 After church I told Dave we needed to get the kids outside for awhile. So we brought out the Slip N Slide which my grass is still recovering from.

 Isabelle left right before dinner and I am pretty sure there were tears shed because she went home. cough cough Alayna!
We had dinner, ate popsicles on the hood of my car, they rode their bikes a little bit then it was back to mommy.  
It was a good first weekend back with the kids. I am hoping the next weekend we get them we can go to the beach and play for a bit. It all depends on the weather, I am hoping the rain is going to chill for awhile. We shall see!
Today is their last day of summer, school starts back tomorrow, so we are going to Velocity tonight to have some end of summer fun!