Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Birthday Party Saturday

Saturday was all about birthdays for us and it was a blast! I was so worried the weather was going to ruin everything but it turned out to be cloudy and spotty rain.
Dave was able to get in a workout at the AFB and I did a quick workout at home before we headed out for the first party.

 First party was to celebrate Mr. Isaac (left) turning 1!  We didn't get to stay for the whole party unfortunately but we enjoyed getting to bring him a little something and spend time with him along with his family and friends!

(Daves drink of choice for the day)
 Next up we drove almost an hour out to Wadmalaw to celebrate Kimberly turning the big 3 0! It was a pool party with a few stray showers that forced everyone out the pool but luckily those showers didn't last too long.

  I love this man but I don't love tiny pictures.... I just don't get the tiny picture deal lol

 Isabelle and Grammy, I love this picture of them!
 The birthday girl!!  


Grammy, Mommy and Me, I love this picture and those two beautiful women!
 The yummy red velvet cake!
 The boys made a huge slip n slide in the front yard. Most of us just enjoyed watching, I was not about to injure myself doing that.
 Isabelle sure had a good time with it!
 Birthday girl getting sprayed in the face haha

We got home at almost 8 and we were so tired! I know I was in bed no later than 10. Sunday we ended up skipping church, going to the gym, then did yard work for a few hours and ran some errands.
Next weekend we have the kids! We actually get them tomorrow for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks so it will be nice to see them and hear about all their adventures.
Happy Tuesday!!

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