Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Star Wars Party

 This past weekend, Saturday to be exact my cousin Matthew celebrated his 12th birthday with a Star Wars themed party. The drive was 40+ minutes but it was worth it for sure. They live out in the country with a nice big yard, lots of ducks and chickens it was a definite change of pace for the kids. I always loved going to visit my friends who lived out on Johns Island/Hollywood as a kid because it was so different. I will let the pictures do most of the talking but I will say this we had FUN!







Digging for time capsules
 Pure joy on her face in both of these pictures

We left around 5 and the sun was starting to set which was so pretty!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Busy but fun

So a week ago I told my friend Ashley that life was slowing down, apparently I jinxed myself because it hasn't and it definitely isn't until January. I really should look at it differently and see how blessed we are to have such fun times ahead.

So let's talk about the past week of fun. My friend Melinda celebrated her birthday last Tuesday and invited me to a spa party Tuesday evening. I won't even lie to you guys I wanted to just stay home out of pure laziness BUT I love my friend so I forced myself out the door and would you know I had a great time and ate really unhealthy foods haha Melinda and I have quite opposite schedules so we rarely see each other but always enjoy our time together on the rare occasion we get to hang out.

 The complex she lives in is ridiculously nice. The party was at the club house, SO nice!! The pool looked amazing so hopefully we can have a pool day next summer.

Evidence of the unhealthy foods, chips and dip not pictured.

Wednesday at work we had our Thanksgiving, Kimmy Marie and me with a photobomber.

Hanging with Alayna outside Wednesday night.
 So recently I have noticed our relationship changing and it has been pretty cool. We are closer and there is definitely a friendship along with parent/child relationship we have. I have always noticed she craves a relationship/attention from me which has been cool but it's fun to see it changing.

Saturday morning I was up at 6 to head to the Quoizel warehouse sale with my Aunt Christine. I didn't really know what to expect but I definitely got some nice things. My biggest steal is the light for over our Island, I paid $75 and looked it up online to see the value $839... mind blown. I got a few other things and my aunt got us a really awesome chandelier for our dining room. It was worth waking up a little earlier than normal on a Saturday. Now we just need to get his buddy over to hang them up for us. They HAVE to be up before the holidays.

After I got home we all got ready for the day then headed to get groceries. BIG BIG BIG mistake!! I clearly forgot Thanksgiving was this week until we were in a ridiculously long line to check out at the store. It took us 25 minutes of standing in line to check out. I will never again make that mistake at the Commissary, lesson learned my friends.
The boys got me some flowers, they ventured away while I was standing in line and came back with flowers. Red are from Dave and the pink are from Logan, so sweet! It definitely cheered me up in that moment.

We got home, put away groceries, ate a super quick lunch then headed to Johns Island for a Star Wars party. That will be a completely separate post as I took a million pictures.

Hope yall had a great weekend and are staying warm!


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Spirit and yard work

 Last week at work they had a little throw back to high school and did spirit week. Monday was Halloween, Tuesday was PJ day, Wednesday camo day ( I didn't have any), Thursday was superhero day and Friday was team day ( I was out sick). It was fun even though the participation around here was seriously lacking! Kimberly and I enjoyed it! You should have seen her for camo day, why did I not take a picture!

 Dave and I started some yard work this past weekend. I took some before pictures and we are most certainly not to the after pictures yet but we have some progress to show. We got rid of the god awful pine straw, why do people like this stuff???? We replaced it with brown mulch which I think looks SO much nicer. As most projects go we didn't buy enough the first trip to Home Depot so we made a second trip, a third trip will happen this weekend. I am sure a fourth will be happening.... that seems to be the way this goes.



I even had some help planting my flowers on Saturday. I hope I end up with a green thumb but we shall see!