Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Star Wars Party

 This past weekend, Saturday to be exact my cousin Matthew celebrated his 12th birthday with a Star Wars themed party. The drive was 40+ minutes but it was worth it for sure. They live out in the country with a nice big yard, lots of ducks and chickens it was a definite change of pace for the kids. I always loved going to visit my friends who lived out on Johns Island/Hollywood as a kid because it was so different. I will let the pictures do most of the talking but I will say this we had FUN!







Digging for time capsules
 Pure joy on her face in both of these pictures

We left around 5 and the sun was starting to set which was so pretty!


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Lubu said...


I stumbled upon your blog by clicking the "next blog" button over and over, and decided to comment. I read your three most recent posts. I couldn't really figure out what the purpose of the blog was, but there were a lot of cool pictures. Wherever you lived looks pretty scenic.

I like to look through blogs and learn more about people's lives, but so many blogs are "dead", i.e., haven't posed in years, or post in a different language, or are about a specific topic not related to people's everyday life. I commented on yours because it seemed "up to date" (that's the third time I used quotation marks in two paragraphs. I am so embarrassed).

Anyway, have a nice life? Keep on blogging? Not sure how to end this.