Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pumpkins and rides

Last weekend was a really good weekend! I could have used an extra day off though but ya know it is what it is. Monday always returns even if we aren't ready for it.  
Dave found this Thursday night on the Offer Up app which we have had some serious luck with. We  got this for $260 and I know for a fact it was over $500 because the quality is amazing. They even gave us the pillows which we weren't expecting. Definitely a win on this purchase!

Dave and I went to Lowes after work on Friday and they had 1/2 off medium pumpkins so I talked him into getting two so we could carve them. We wanted to carve pumpkins with the kids but they didn't have big ones at the pumpkin patch. #fail But I was happy we still got to carve some together which was a first for us.

His is the one on the left and mine is the right.
Friday night Lola spent the night so we could wake up early and hit the road for Carrowinds. It was early, chilly and quite foggy out.

About 3 hours later we arrived and it was time to have some FUN!
 These two rode a ton of rides, most I wouldn't do and a couple Lola said no to. Dave rode 1 by himself, a backward roller coaster, yeah no thanks!


I love this kid who is now taller than me and she made sure to point it out. Punk! She may be bigger but she will always be Lolly Rolly Polly to me. Dave and I enjoyed getting to spend the day with her.
We got auntie Annes pretzels for a snack as well as a Starbucks for Lola then headed back to Charleston. We had talked about IKEA but after being in the park walking around for 4 hours and it being hot shopping was just not at the top of my list.
We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and got all the ingredients to make this Brownie Trifle I saw on Mix and Match Mamas blog. We took it to my parents house Sunday afternoon and it was a hit! It tasted even better on Monday. The longer it sits the better it tastes and it was SO easy.

 To any of my family looking to get me something for Christmas I want her cookbooks, look up author Shay Shull on Amazon. :)

We had a great weekend that ended with family time! Next weekend we have a good bit planned. We get the kids Thursday since their mom is going out of town. Dave gets to have fun doing the whole school drop off and pick up on Friday, I do not envy him haha

Have a great week!!


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