Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Date Night

Dave and I have been talking lately about things we can do to ensure our marriage is always where we want it to be and one thing we decided to do was a consistent date night. It is SO easy to get wrapped up in the day to day things and get complacent.
Another thing we have decided to do is when we are with each other we are not to have our phones in our hands unless taking a picture or responding to a quick text. We have done this for 2 nights now and honestly the difference it has already made is HUGE.
So Tuesday nights are now date nights around our house and hopefully we can make it happen weekly but at least every other week for sure. Our first date night was last night so we decided to go to the Pitt St. Bridge in Mt. Pleasant to watch the sunset. We were there maybe 5 minutes and rain came off the ocean and we were forced to leave. But not before we got some pretty pictures...

We went to TCBY after because a 5 minute date just isn't enough. I can't wait to see what all we come up with as far as ideas but I am hoping to get creative and have our dates not always be a money spending venture. Free is my love language haha
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dr. Seuss

After I looked over my pictures I realized there is quite a theme going on, GREEN! Lots and lots of green in these pictures which is ok because it happens to be a great color.
 Last Thursday I spotted this guy on my fence. I was inside the house and he caught my eye, that's how big he was. The kids and I got super close and luckily he let us because it was so neat.
 I came home to a love note on the driveway.
 Painted our nails green for her school performance later that evening. I also got some new friends for my desk in the mail which I love.

The performance was all things Dr. Seuss and it was so cute. The songs, dancing and the costumes were awesome.

 My cute little family


Saturday I went to IKEA with my mom and sisters and it was a productive trip, lots of new things for the house. I could have spent my entire savings but you know that's not the responsible thing to do.
We hit up Cheesecake Factory for some delicious cheesecake before heading home only to be re-rerouted due to some horrible traffic. Needless to say this trip to IKEA was more eventful than most.
All in all a fun few days!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Picture overload commencing

 We had a FULL weekend way more than normal!
I got the kids Friday as soon as I got off work and we hung out at the house for a little bit. I needed some stuff from the grocery store so we headed to the AFB and decided to take a turn and head to a new park spur of the moment. This park was seriously AWESOME! It had a zipline, lots of swings, a rocketship with slides you could climb in and another area for smaller kids with a lot to do. I would venture to say this is going to be our new favorite park. I have heard many times everything involving the Air Force is nicer because their budget is higher and I would believe that.

  My cousin also ended up last minute spending the night with her friends little girl because the little girls mom was sick. We had a great girls night and the boys had a blast at Nerf Wars again!
 Play Doh creations with LeLe, they had such a good time together despite the 3.5 year age difference.

Love notes from Logan on the bathroom mirror, he did this Friday and Saturday night.
 Saturday morning Kimberly and I were talking about the day and decided to head to Magnolia Gardens like we used to do all the time as kids. We packed a picnic to have while we were there which we ended up sharing with a peacock. Legit this peacock was begging for our food like a dog would.  

 After our picnic we headed into the gardens to walk around and explore.

 We decided to take pictures with a flower in our hair because it's something Aunt Susan would have had us do and we both kept thinking of her while there. I went to Magnolia Gardens so many times as a kid with her, grammy and Theresa it's insane.


 I am very thankful for the relationship Kimberly and I have had since childhood. Since she started working with me we have gotten closer again!

We had so much fun seeing the pretty flowers, lots of animals and just running around (the kids)!
We ended up heading to my parents house to hang out for a bit and caught this pretty sunset on the way home.
 Logan looking handsome before church Sunday morning.
 After church we rushed over to the movie theater to catch Beauty and the Beast, we LOVED it! I knew it would be good but it surpassed all expectations.
 We took mom home, had lunch then headed to Riverfront Park for an hour to hang out with my friend Melinda and explore some more. It was so windy out there and tons of people so not the ideal day out there but we still enjoyed it.

I am exhausted from this weekend but we seriously had SO much fun! I am thinking our next weekend with the kids will be much much more low key! It's needed! Although we may have them sooner than later since their mom could have their baby brother at anytime! Either way it will be low key whenever they show back up!
Hope you all had a great weekend!