Thursday, March 16, 2017

Parade, shopping, new things

Saturday morning I got in a workout, Dave and I cleaned up the house a bit then my sister and I headed to Park Circle for the St. Patricks day parade. It started out quite chilly but in the sunshine it was just the right temperature.
  The festival officially began with the parade which sucked 3 years ago but this time it was really good! I definitely want to take the kids next year for the parade and a little bit of the festival.

 Chocolate with potato chips and a lemon blueberry doughnut were the only things we ate there. The lines were long and the food was a little pricey. I think we both agree the lemon with blueberry was the best and the other was just meh. You have to try it though to know for sure so duh we tried it!
 Festival selfie

  We went to lunch then did some shopping after we left, my feet were killing me by the time I got home. I was wiped out, it's been a LONG time since I did that kind of shopping. Even MB didn't make me that tired but I guess I can blame the festival too.

 I got some new turtle d├ęcor and 2 new shirts from the festival. I love the one with the dog!

 Full Moon!
 I bought Teddy a new toy and he has loved it but he has almost ripped the tail off. He normally doesn't care though this much about a toy so I would say it was a win and only $3.

  I also got a few new things for the house last weekend. I got both the pink and white flowers at Homegoods and I absolutely love them. I caught Alayna trying to smell the pink ones yesterday it made me laugh. I guess she is just used to me always having fresh flowers not fake in the house. I also got the picture hung up and I absolutely LOVE how great it fit the space. $12 win from Hobby Lobby! I love finding deals especially when whatever I have purchased looks great in my house.

 Dave and I were at church until 1 on Sunday then we went home to get some stuff done before dinner at Angels house.
 We hung out, ate some delicious bbq, slaw, corn on the cob cooked on the grill and garlic bread. We played a game that required creative thinking which I lack but I did OK then we headed home.

It was a really busy weekend and I didn't get to go by my parents house which kinda bummed me out. I was hoping to get by there this week it just never happened. But obviously we have this weekend coming up so definitely plan to go hang for a bit. The boys are going to Nerf Wars again on Friday night and honestly Alayna and I may just order pizza and watch a movie. Basically just CHILL! Hopefully it's a good weekend and the temps start going up again because this cold weather is not cool. Well I guess it is COOL but I am not a fan haha 28 degrees on my way to work, NO THANKS!
Have a great rest of the week!!

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