Thursday, May 29, 2014

A day later

When I walked into work yesterday morning and rounded the corner to my cubicle this greeted me! I work with my aunt Christine and it was her 50th birthday and the ladies did her cube up right!! 
I think she secretly loved it all and I definitely found it very fun!! 

We got to eat "dirt dessert" basically oreos and pudding which was delish and there were a few other things to snack on! I probably ate 5,000 calories haha I kid, maybe! I love being up in payroll now, they celebrate everyones birthday and make it fun! They will have to celebrate mine early because this girl does NOT work on her birthday! :) 

<3 Sara

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Happy Memorial day and thank you to all who have served and our currently serving to protect our freedom! I spent the day with my sailor, his kids and my fam. 

We had lunch on the patio waiting for my sis and nieces to show up. Then we all headed to the pool for an afternoon in the sun. I loved chilling and enjoying the day. The water was quite chilly so Shannon and I only put our feet in yes we are not fans of colddddd water. 

The kids had such a good time together. Izzy and Alayna played so well together and I heard Alayna tell Izzy she loved her. Too darn cute. They are close in age so I figured they would end up as friends. 

I took the girls to the park but that was short lived thanks to some nasty storm clouds. It only rained for a short time but it did force us to leave the pool. 

Everyone left us and Dave and I ate dinner and just chilled. I am so tired probably from a busy weekend full of sunshine. 
Here's the sunset tonight, beautiful! 

Happy Memorial day and thank you to everyone serving or whom have served. Your service is very much appreciated. 

<3 Sara

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Birthday

Tonight we celebrated the birth of one of my best friends, Ashley! Her birthday is tomorrow but since it's memorial day they went for today. They had a great cookout and we had a blast. 

Tons of yummt food which I definitely ate way too much of. Her sister in law Jen made too many yummy snacks like monster cookie dough dip, OH MY GAH amazing!! Some things are just worth gaining weight for. 
We all played some corn hole which I suck at but still really enjoy and they had a jump castle for the kids. 
Alayna and I got to enjoy it for maybe 5 minutes with only us! Adults couldn't jump in it but we were allowed to sit in there so I still enjoyed it. It felt like sitting on a giant pillow. 

Ash I hope you had a wonderful party and I hope your birthday tomorrow is amazing!! I love our friendship and cherish it!! Love u Ash! 

<3 Sara

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Love this

Someone posted this on facebook tonight and I had to share it. Nobody is perfect or better than anybody else. We are all unique in so many ways. That's what is so great about this world. We are all different shapes, sizes, personalities etc... I could go on and on but I won't! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Professional pics

Sick of the Disney pics yet? :) I keep finding more and these got emailed to me today. They are a little blurry but oh well I still love them!! 
Our group photo in front of the castle. The guy who took them was awesome and I love how he made us pose! They are cute and more fun than just a normal pic! 

I look incredibly short in this pic! They are all just too tall haha 
Me and my boy! There was a kissy pic but I left that out! I didn't want anyone to gag haha 

<3 Sara

Monday, May 19, 2014

A few more...

A few more pictures from Disney! Ashley posted these on her blog and I had to post them on mine because I love them! Her blog is super cute too so you should follow it. 

Friday we met up with my Newmans and got to watch the parade. I am glad Ashley took these pictures especially the group pic. 
It is so great to have wonderful friends to share life with. We don't see eachother all the time but that's ok! I value their friendship so much and love getting to see Jesse boy grow up! Which he is doing way too quickly!! 

Jesse was telling me something awesome Apparently :) We also watched the log (splash mountain) go down the mountain many many times. He would get SO excited to see it go down, so cute! 
I love this sweet boy! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Disney day 4

This day was the day we traveled home but we had breakfast first then headed to downtown Disney. It sucked because every store was closed for over an hour from when we got there. But it was cool to walk around and look at the Lego projects they had and the characters in front of the stores. 

We headed home around 9 and got back at a decent time! Laundry is done and getting ready for work tomorrow. I am not looking forward to going back to work but hey got to do it so I can have the money for more trips. Dave and I are planning to head to Jersey and Philly in September so I guess I have to start saving again. 

Disney was such a great trip and the weather was awesome which made it even more amazing!! I am definitely happy to have such great memories. 

Disney Day 3

This was my favorite day probably because it was our most chill day of the trip. Dave and I started off with a yummy breakfast! Mickey Waffles, does life get better than that??? Nope! haha
 We met up with everyone at the busses and headed to Epcot for the day. We all started out together but like I said in my last post we got seperated because of the wait times at Test Track. Dave and I did the single rider line which was 30 mins and everyone else did the stand by line which was an hour.

 I love my new shirt by the way!! So after him and I did Test Track we did mission space and then walked around the rest of the morning/early afternoon. We did a boat ride in Mexico, had a drink in Morrocco, did the Nemo rides and just enjoyed eachothers company.
 They were having a flower festival so everywhere we turned there were fun topiaries (spelling?) of all different characters. We loved them they were so fun and looked awesome!

 We finally got to meet a character!! Mary Poppins, she was very proper and told us no slouching!

 This ended up being one of my favorite pictures from the trip mainly because the look on my face sums up how I feel about the trip. 
 After awhile Dave and I headed back to the hotel to eat lunch and go to the pool. This was the best decision we made, the pool was perfect and so relaxing. It was nice to take a break from the park and just chill for a bit. We did this Friday and Saturday and I definitely recommend it if your trip allows you the time to do so. 
 The ladies and I headed to Hollywood studios for some shopping that evening then headed back to the hotel after. Amanda, Dave and myself decided we wanted to hang by the pool, have some drinks and chat for awhile. We did also eat some yummy pizza from the cafe. I honestly felt that was the perfect end to the trip. 

We all headed to bed early to head back to Charleston the next morning.