Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day (a day late)! 

I woke up early to go to church with mom, dad and Shannon. The service was really good all about worry and basically how pointless it is to worry. Amen! So many of us are guilty of worrying too much when we just need to give our worry to God and trust him to take care of us. Easier said than done but something to work on more. 

We headed to Costco and then Outback for a yummy lunch. 

Here's the card I gave mom and kodie had to tell her he loves her too ;)
I love my mom so much and appreciate her more than she will ever know. I love you mommy!! 
We had a very yummy lunch at Outback, salad, parmesean crusted chicken with delicious veggies and to top it off AMAZING carrot cake! 

I enjoyed getting to spend my morning with the fam! I hope all your moms had a wonderful mothers day! Without yall we wouldn't be here ;) haha heard that in church! 

<3 Sara

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Ashley Newman said...

love your shirt!!! and your sweet mom!! :)