Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Happy Memorial day and thank you to all who have served and our currently serving to protect our freedom! I spent the day with my sailor, his kids and my fam. 

We had lunch on the patio waiting for my sis and nieces to show up. Then we all headed to the pool for an afternoon in the sun. I loved chilling and enjoying the day. The water was quite chilly so Shannon and I only put our feet in yes we are not fans of colddddd water. 

The kids had such a good time together. Izzy and Alayna played so well together and I heard Alayna tell Izzy she loved her. Too darn cute. They are close in age so I figured they would end up as friends. 

I took the girls to the park but that was short lived thanks to some nasty storm clouds. It only rained for a short time but it did force us to leave the pool. 

Everyone left us and Dave and I ate dinner and just chilled. I am so tired probably from a busy weekend full of sunshine. 
Here's the sunset tonight, beautiful! 

Happy Memorial day and thank you to everyone serving or whom have served. Your service is very much appreciated. 

<3 Sara

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