Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hard work pays off

So this post contains a picture I would not have posted until now. I have been on a 4 year weight loss journey and have lost a total of 40lbs which has not been easy. Even though I have not been losing lbs really at this point I am continuously watching my body change. I think that is quite cool honestly most people think your body won't change if you aren't losing weight. You can actually gain weight and look better because muscle weighs more than fat! 
Working out is one of my passions. I may skip a day here and there but it is my daily goal to get to the gym. That's why my hurt ankle has been driving me crazy. I have had to take more days off than I would like. Luckily my mom bought me a really good brace so I can workout without too much if any discomfort. 
In July of 2010 I was roughly 180lbs and little did I know I would have a back doctor tell me I was overweight and needed to lose weight if I wanted to have less back pain. Well guess what he was right and with him saying that I recovered from a caudal black (painful injection) and started working out and have never looked back! 40lbs lost and I am feeling better and better about how I look! This is a lifestyle not a diet or some fad that I will stop anytime soon. I encourage anyone who has a desire to lose weight to just try, if I can do it anyone can! 

Haha didn't mean to turn that into almost a motivational speach but I look at this blog as a diary and this is something I want to document! 

<3 Sara

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