Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mini Golf Fun and some sun

Saturday started with bootcamp and was supposed to be a pool day however the weather was not on our side. It was cloudy and slightly chilly so Dave and I decided to go to Frankies Fun Park for some mini golf and a few arcade games. 

 This was his first out of I think 3 holes in one. I never got one :(

 Our final score, he won, SHOCKER! haha we had a lot of fun so it doesn't matter who won!

After we played at Frankies we went to Walmart and to our excitement the sun came out!!!! YAY!!!!! So we headed back to hit up the pool! 

 Someone fell asleep at the pool 
 We had some yummy stuffed chicken and pasta for dinner followed by brownies and vanilla ice cream. And I wonder why I have put on a few lbs? haha oh well! I am enjoying life and I won't let myself gain anymore!

Dinner on the balcony watching the sunset, it was definitely enjoyable and we both loved our dinner! I definitely do not mind having a boyfriend who can cook, it is a definite perk!

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