Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Stuff

Well all of the wedding stuff is finally over. The wedding was yesterday evening and it was really nice except it was a million degrees. I honestly can't say I have ever sweat that much. I am sure at a later date I will have some pictures of the wedding to share but for now I have the bachelorette pictures to post. I meant to last weekend but kinda forgot.

So last saturday we did a pole dancing class for the first part of the party. Lets just say this was WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY out of my comfort zone but it was for everyone. So we all decided to just have fun with it and know that none of us know what the heck we are doing. That made the party way more comfortable for everyone. Well as comfortable as pole dancing can be! haha I am not posting all of the pictures but just a few.
 Amanda (the bride) and me
 Pretty sure I laughed like this most of the time. I can't take stuff like this seriously.
 All of the girls she did two group poses.
 After the class we all went and got dressed to go out downtown. We had dinner at Wild Wings then we all headed to Molly Darcys. One of the bridesmaids got sick so it ended up being just the 3 of us in the picture below for the rest of the evening. We ended up at NV, Henrys and Rooftop at Vendue Inn. We ended our evening with a little bit of dancing at Club Trio. We got in free so it was worth it... we stayed 30 mins! It was a lot of fun... definitely a good girls night out.

 My friend Shannon did my nails and hair for the wedding. She did a really good job. Oh and my middle finger looks horrible because it is about to fall off. No clue why honestly but it is so that is not a reflection of her manicure abilities.

This was me before the wedding! I was all ready to go but we still had an hour. Too much waiting in that house where we THOUGHT we were hot. Haha little did we know when we got outside we would have sweat all over our entire bodies! GROSS!!! just a hint if you want to get married outside in Charleston NEVER do it in the summer! Your guests and wedding party will thank you! It was still a great wedding despite the temperatures!

Hopefully I will be back soon with some more wedding pictures. OH and I move Saturday!!!! Crazy!!!


Sunday, June 10, 2012


Happy Sunday everyone! This has been such a great chill weekend. My last chill weekend for the month of June! Busy busy month!!
Next Weekend I will be in Fayetteville for less than 24hrs then I have Amandas Bachelorette party which should be fun and then of course fathers day Sunday! Then the next weekend is basically labeled Wedding Weekend. Amanda gets married Sunday but we have the rehearsal Friday and nails saturday and of course Sunday is the wedding. THEN the next weekend I move into my new apartment. busy busy busy but so exciting and alot to look forward to.

But I will update for the last week. Last Saturday I chilled most of the day besides the gym then headed to see Norrissia and her family. They just built their awesome patio and I had to check it out. 6 Hours later I went home. It was such a great time with them. We talked, laughed, drank sangria, ate pizza and just enjoy eachothers company. 2 of her other friends came over throughout the night and it was great to catch up with them and really get to know them a little better. 
Sunday I worked out then Laura and I went to her aunts pool then drove around Johns Island just looking at houses. I never knew she enjoyed it like I do so we had a good time. We were dreaming about our future homes :)

 So after a crazy work week I got to enjoy another weekend. Saturday morning I woke up about 7am for my very first bootcamp. Shannon and I went all the way up to Summerville to basically get our butts handed to us but it was AWESOME!! I believe this was the first bootcamp they had ever done but a good bit of people showed up considering it was the first one. I enjoyed it but I did learn to NEVER drink jack3d before a workout that intense. I had about 5 mins where I thought I was going to pass out or puke. But once I sat down for 5 mins I felt better and got back out there. NO giving up for this girl!! Shannon knew I felt bad when I sat down because she knows I do not give up so she came to check on me. Good friend :) They took some pictures so I got them off FB to post here.

 After bootcamp we headed home and got ready for the beach. I went with her family out to Folly which was SO darn nice after our morning. I needed some chill time on the beach. I really need to go out there more but the traffic on the weekends to get out there is just ridiculous sometimes.
We went to Sally Beauty Supply after the beach to get hair dye. I now have almost black with red hair. It will fade a little but so far I love it!! Once I actually do my hair I will post a picture and hopefully the red will show through. Tonight we are having a dinner at my Grandmothers house for my mom and sisters birthdays! I love family get togethers especially when yummy food is involved. :) anywho Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Myrtle Vaca

I feel like my weekend is over and I have to go back to work tomorrow but I don't! I took off to Myrtle Beach after work on Wednesday to see my best friend Angel and her family. They are the ones from St. Louis so it has been 8 months since I have seen them. I spent the last 2 days with them and headed home this afternoon. W

Wednesday when I got there I met them at Barefoot Landing and we had some dinner after a long hug! It sucks when you only get to see your best friend a few times a year. When I say best friend I mean BEST friend! I have a ton of friends but she is the one that gets me completely and just understands it all! So after dinner we headed to their condo and just chilled the rest of the evening.

Thursday we woke up and went to the pool. It was really nice it had little islands so you could be in the pool without having to really be IN the pool. After the pool we went to Salsaritas for lunch which was yummy. Nap time came after which for me meant a little tv chill time. One thing about me is I never nap. EVER! Angels dad, sister in law and niece came later that afternoon so we got to spend the rest of my time with them. However, Angel and I had planned for a date night with just us. So we left everyone. We did a little bit of shopping then headed to Broadway at the Beach for dinner and browsing. She bought hot sauce but other than that we didn't buy anything. Oh wait she did buy a cross chain for a necklace she is making for Josh. We headed home after it was 10:30ish and I believe we were both quite tired. We got to spend some time with George and her dad before we all went to bed.

Today we all woke up and went to the beach! Can I just say I needed that trip to the beach. It was so chill and I enjoyed every minute of it. Plus I had my best friend there so come on it couldnt be bad haha After we left the beach we all showered then I headed out. Mom wanted me to do a little shopping for her so I wanted to make sure I got to do that. Plus I reallllly wanted to go to Forever 21 where I got a dress and a few shirts. I headed home after and as soon as I got here I put my stuff down and went to the gym! After all that eating I had to workout. It felt super nice! Now its tv time and chillen in my bed until bedtime. I can't wait to sleep in my bed considering the first night I slept on a twin size bed and the 2nd night I slept on a couch. I am not complaining just saying I am ready for a bed to myself that's big!

So my pictures got out of order! But here they are :)

 Broadway at the Beach for "date night"

 Angel and I in front of one of the fountains

 Here is little Joshua! The last time I saw him he hardly talked and this time he talked up a storm. He even said my name and was always wanting to make sure I was right there and was going wherever they were going. I am going to miss him!

 The rain on the way to Myrtle Beach. Told you my pics were out of order
 Beach day!! Which was today :)

This picture is AMAZING! it took me back to middle school where you would get stuff like this for your best friend. We got them at Claires for $1 so it was very much needed!

I am so glad I got to see them and can't wait until October when I head to St. Louis to visit them! Well off to enjoy the rest of the weekend :)