Sunday, November 30, 2014

Family Bonfire

Saturday was an all around great day!! I slept in, worked out, showered, made some buffalo chicken dip (YUMMMM) then headed home to hang with the family for the Clemson/Carolina game!! Clemson won woooooohooooo!!! We were all quite happy in our house! 
We watched the game, ate some food and enjoyed eachothers company. After the game Dave changed my oil with dads help. Thankfully I didn't have to take it anywhere to get done. 

Dad mentioned building a fire so we all agreed smores was a must. Dave and I headed out to the store for all the fixins. 
We had such a good time with the fam. It's rare these days for us all to be together and I loved every second of it. 
My family is my everything. I wouldn't am in life without them! Love yall!! (A few read my blog :)) 

Dave enjoying some smores mmm mmm good! 
The dogs wanted some smores but sorry doggies no chocolate for you! 
Dave in my hoodie lol a little short on himb 
The dogs loved the warmth of the fire especially Kodie. This dog is always cold, been like that since day 1 of me having him. 
Saturday was just one of those good for the soul kind of days! :) 

Ended it with a nice shower to get the fire smell off me and some prison break. Obsessed with that show by the way!! 

<3 Sara

Friday, November 28, 2014


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it was such a good day! I must say I am beyond grateful for the life God has given me. I am thankful for my amazing family who loves me and supports me they are my rock and my foundation. I have a truly amazing boyfriend and feel so lucky to finally have such a good guy in my life and enjoy being with his kiddos and getting to know them and be an example for them. My friends rock!! Over the years some have come and gone but the ones that are still here are the best. They are so supportive and always there for me. And of course I am thankful for my health, my job and all the other things too lol too many to list. 
We started the morning watching the parade after we ate breakfast. 
He took the kids back to their moms then we headed to James Island for Thanksgiving dinner (lunch). 

Soooo much yummy food to eat I was stuffed!!! 
Mommy and her sistas! 

Mommy and me! 
Kimmy Marie. 
mommy, Theresa, me and Kimmy! 
Shannon, me and Amanda!

I didn't take as many pics as I normally would but I was busy enjoying my time. We stayed over there until about 4 then headed home to watch Football and I decorated for Christmas! I love having a Christmas tree it just makes me happy! 

I will post my Christmas decor another day! It's nothing crazy but I love it! 

<3 Sara

Monday, November 24, 2014

Krystals Baby shower

Sunday afternoon at 1pm we had a wonderful baby shower for Krystal and my sweet nephew. 
Mommy and her girls :)
And with Lola
Cousins-Shannon, Amanda, me, Krystal and Kimberly
The amazing cake! I was so excited with how this cake turned out. It was the first time I have ever had a special ordered cake for a party. A friend I used to work with makes them and does a fantastic job. She is officially my cake lady! 

We kept the food very low key. We ordered pizza, fruit trays and rice crispy treats. Simple and it worked!! 
Me and the girl who made me an aunt, Lola. 
Izzy before she left to hang out with Dave, Logan and Alayna. 

Krystal got so many amazing gifts! Her baby boy was very spoiled by lots of friends and family! 

She had a great turnout and I am so happy with how everything came together so nicely. 
I love the banner mom bought, so cute! 

After the party we hung out for a bit then I spent the rest of the evening in bed watching tv. I was so darn tired so resting was needed. 

This week is Thanksgiving and I am so excited. I love holidays, the family and the food!! :D This will be Daves first Big holiday with my family and I am quite excited for him to be there! 

I feel so Blessed!!! Have a wonderful week everyone! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Festival of Lights

Saturday night we decided to use a gift certificate I won at work for the county park and go to the festival of lights. I figured this may be the last weekend that this way be the last saturday that won't be crazy busy! 
We were right! There was a decent amount of people but not too many to keep us from enjoying our time. 
We loved seeing all the lights the kids loved it and got super excited at some of the themes ie: dinosaur land and candy land. 

We got out and walked around through some of the trails. Then we rode the carousel since the train was all full. 

We also may have shared 2 funnel cakes YUMMM! 
We were there almost 2 hours then headed home for the night! It was definitely a good end to a very Christmasy day! I can't wait for Christmas!! One of my favorite days! 

<3 Sara

Some fun and seeing Santa

Saturday was honestly the first day I have felt like myself again. Diagnosed last friday with a UTI and a sinus infection. 3 medicines later, 1 allergic reaction and about 8 days I feel human again! Can we just say that sucked!! 

Anywho we have the kids this weekend and always try to do fun stuff at some point so they aren't just cooped up in the apt all weekend. Plus if you know me I hate being cooped up too. 

So saturday we made plans with my sister and the girls. First stop was chik-fil-a for some lunch and playing. 

Then we headed to Toys r us for them to all pick our Christmas presents. They all got to pick something out and the adults survived (barely). Closer to Christmas you will not find me in that store. 
We parted ways with Shannon and the girls and we went over to the mall. The kids wanted to see Santa so we decided before the lines get too long this was the perfect weekend to do it. 

We walked right up, waited less than 5 minutes and got to see him. They took a really cute picture so we bought it. I think with me around with a camera constantly they are starting to get used to having their picture taken. 

We shopped a little bit then they played at the little playground and we headed
Home for a bit. More fun to come later that evening! 

<3 Sara