Sunday, November 2, 2014

Super lazy weekend

This weekend has been by far the laziest weekend. Sometimes you just need that, am I right? 

Friday night instead of going out for Halloween I watched Gilmore Girls all night. And thus began my laziness haha

Dave did a haunted house for the Navy the last 3 nights and will again tonight. So yesterday he didn't feel like doing anything so we ate lunch and watched tv until he had to leave. 

I went home to hang with the family when he left for the haunted house. My sis and I did go up to Obrions for a drink and appetizers then came back home to hang out some more. 
Izzy sure is silly!! Love her to pieces! 
It was nice to just hang out with my sister for a little bit. It's rare for it to be just us anymore. 
I saw a pretty rainbow on my way over there, so beautiful!! God is an amazing artist and I love his work :) 

Today has been yet another lazy day!! I do plan to go home for some chili later but that's kinda it. This is the last lazy weekend I will be able to have for awhile with so much planned so I am enjoying it. 

Hopefully everyone else had a more eventful weekend :) 

<3 Sara

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