Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cars, parks and fun

Today has been a busy one!! I feel like we did so much today. 

The day started pretty chill with some story time in bed. 
Then we all got ready and headed to the Mt. Pleasant Riverfront Park to play. We got surprised by a free car show which we all really liked. 
Firetrucks were there and even gave a demonstration which involved the ladder going super high holding a fireman. 
We saw some really old and cool tractors that the nice men let the kids climb on. 
There were tons of corvettes the kids liked the ones with the flames. 
My favorite part was the really old cars. It's not everyday you get to see cars like this especially in such amazing condition. 

We walked back over to the park for a bit to play. 

We played for an hour then headed home due to an unmentionable accident. We grabbed some lunch first then went home. 

After a bit at home we went to a playground at park circle. 

We all enjoyed this "zip line" thing at the park and then Alayna jumped down. She basically bit the crap out of her tongue when her mouth hit her knee. So our park trip quickly ended. 
There was a LOT of blood so he wanted to have it looked at. We both assumed a doctor really couldn't do anything because of how small the bite was but hey better safe than sorry. 
She was a trooper and let the doctor look with no fight at all. Most kids would be scared but she was good to go. He said it's pointless for stiches in a tongue plus hers would be fine on it's own. His only suggestion: popsicles! Haha she was fine with that. 
We went to wal-mart for a few things and Dave got me pretty flowers :) Logan helped him pick them out. 
We fed the ducks some bread when we got home, had spaghetti for dinner and relaxed. What a day!! 

It was fun despite our hour of craziness! 

Tomorrow should be even more fun!! I just love weekends!! 

<3 Sara

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