Wednesday, December 31, 2014

28 and some thoughts

Holy cow, I am 28 years old today. Of course to some I am still a baby which duh I get it. However in my world that just seems crazy to me. I feel like just yesterday I turned 21 and then bam here I am at 28. I decided that since it is obviously the end of the year and not JUST my birthday that I would recap some things I loved/did this year.

1. Having very little drama with anyone!! (this one was HUGE)

2. Spending time with my family which is a constant every year but this year for some reason this meant even more to me. Maybe I am becoming more emotional with my old age (hah) but being with my family is honestly something I cherish whether it is 5 minutes for hours on end.  My mom has told me repeatedly over the last 10 years at least that one day I will realize I have only my family and a few close friends. Guess what mom, you are RIGHT! :)

3. I got myself quite a great boyfriend and even though we aren't perfect we really do fit well together. I feel like he is truly the man I am meant to be with.

4. With that great guy I have formed a bond with his children. Obviously I know I am not their stepmom by any means yet but I pray that I make a good impact on their lives and that they always look back and know that we had fun together.

5. I have started going back to church and it has been a great change. I am not perfect with going every Sunday but I do try.

6. I also joined a small group with one of my best friends. Without her I would have never joined. This got me out of my comfort zone and definitely got me thinking more about friends and life.

7. I have become a little bit more open with people about myself. I wouldn't say I was a completely closed book before but definitely not an open one. It is something I will constantly work on.

8. I have blogged more and I love that. I go back every few months and read my posts and a lot of times I have forgotten little piece of information and that is why I love this thing! One day I would love to print it out as a book. We shall see when that happens.

9. I have made it a point to constantly do something fun at least once a week.

10. I got an aquarium pass and have not regretted it. We know I love the sea turtles so that is obviously my favorite part. Plus the kids LOVE going and they learn and have fun while they are there.

11. I went to Disney!!!! This trip was so much fun and I loved getting to see Dave experience it for the first time. Being with some of my family was an added perk!!

12. I have made my exercise a bigger point of my life again after my ankle injury.

13. Dave and I went to Savannah twice and I am thinking it is kind of our go to day trip spot. We both love it and have yet to explore the whole area. We may even go this weekend!

14. Through sicknesses I have tried to never feel sorry for myself or let it get me down. For some reason this year I have battled a lot of random stomach problems and anxiety which I have done my best to conquer through. It is SO easy to just let things like that consume you and no I wasn't perfect everyday with that but I tell you what I will NOT let it ruin my quality of life.

15. I have learned life can be SO short and you just never know what kind of curve ball it is going to throw you. They say to live everyday like it is your last and you know what it is TRUE!! We have to do our best to live life the way God wants us to. Give all our troubles to him and not worry about what tomorrow holds.

16. I have learned to value each and every person God has put in my life! He even took a few people out of my life that were BIG parts of it and at first I wasn't so accepting of it but you know what. I look back now and realize it was one of the best things he has done for me.

17. Speaking of people God put in my life. I have to say I truly value my few girlfriends SO much. They are always supportive and always so darn positive and I know I am a lucky girl.

18. Live everyday with purpose!

I know there are probably so many other things I can add to this but I don't want it to be a novel. This list is all over the place but that is how my brain works ;)

My birthday has already been very special and I know the rest of the day will be the same. My parents are having a party for me and a NYE party at the house tonight so that will be fun. I appreciate them doing the work to have my birthday even more special. My parents are amazing and I love them so much!!!

OK before I sound anymore sappy or whatever I will sign out!!

Everyone have a very safe NYE and a Happy Happy New Year!!!


Saturday, December 27, 2014

The rest of Christmas day

After we opened presents and got the living room back in order Dave wanted a pic of him and the kids. 
We took quite a few and this one turned out the best. The lighting in the room was not ideal for pictures but I edited it to look good. Then I had Dave take one of me just because. 
Oh and that mess just moved from the living room to their room. Haha Dave's OCD can't even look at this. That's one of his projects before they come back. Get rid of old toys for goodwill then organize all of this. 

We dropped the kids off around noon then headed to mom and dads for the rest of Christmas with my family. 
Lola and her nerf crossbow I think it was called. There was a lot of nerf gun action Christmas day. 
The tree with tons of presents! 
Isabelle and my cousin Kimberly, such a cute picture. 
Me and my Izzy! 
She got a princess dress along with a million other gifts. Lucky kids! :) 
Sisters! I love them! 
See... More nerf gun fights haha I think it was Dave, Lola, Matthew, Uncle David and maybe a few other players. 

Kimmy Marie and me! 
Belinda, Mommy, Susan, Isabelle and Shannon. I bribed Izzy to take the pic, I told her if she smiled I would open her doll clothes. :) she wanted that outfit opened so she quickly told everyone to smile haha
I forget what they were doing but I do remember it was funny!
Me and my boy! :)
The girls with their new American Girl dolls. This picture is too cute. 
David, Theresa, me and mommy! 
Some of the loot! My favorite was for sure the Chi but I did love all my gifts :) very lucky girl that's for sure! Some of that is Daves too! 
Teddy got a dinosaur and he loves it!!! He has played with it so much since we brought it home. 
Oh here's another one of my awesome gifts from mom and dad! A minnie mouse onesie! The feet are a little big but this thing is so warm and comfy I love it!! 

Christmas was as always a great day!! This was mine and Dave's first one together and definitely a first for having to be Santa. Being Santa puts a whole other stress on Christmas and makes it a bit more expensive. His mom bought some stuff though so that helped a bit. It was still fun even with a little added stress. 

I can't wait for next year because there will be two babies in the mix. They will both almost be a year old so it will be fun to watch them opening their gifts. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas :)

<3 Sara

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas everyone!!

So I definitely thought these kids would have been up early and so ready to see what Santa brought and I was so wrong! Haha I woke up before 7 then Dave was up at almost 8 and had to wake the kids up. They were OUT, last night was too much fun. 

This is the tree with everything under it and the cookies, milk and carrots for Santa and the reindeer. 

Their initial reactions were that of a sleepy kid but they quickly started to show excitement with each gift they saw. 
This is before the living room looked like a tornado went through it. 

Logan got a call of duty game, ninja turtle stuff, nerf guns, a plane and other misc items like hats, candy and scarves. 
Alayna got barbie stuff galore, princesses, rings, sunglasses, hat and gloves and candy as well. 
Dave got a Nick Foles jersey which he LOVED. He got headphones like beats by dre but a lot cheaper :) a shirt, cologne, workout gloves, the new Transformers movie and some candy. 
Teddy got 2 special doggie cookies in his stocking! He ate them up and had a red beard from the icing! 
I got a picture frame that you can upload pics from the computer and it will scroll through. So cool!! 2 really cool shirts, a turtle sticker, makeup, boots and perfume! 

The living room was a MESS!! 
We took a few more pictures then ate breakfast, got baths and played with our new toys. 

I will be heading to my house soon and Dave will take the kids back to their mom and meet me later. The kids are going to flip because their grandparents came in town and they have no clue! 

A very special Christmas so far and it just began. I can't wait to spend the rest of the day with my family!! 

<3 Sara

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

I have really enjoyed Christmas Eve this year. I worked until 1130, got an hr workout done then headed home to relax for a little bit. I did get a little sick from dinner but luckily that only lasted an hr or so. 

We headed to church for their Cheistmas Eve service and it was great. 

Pastor Chris always does such a great sermon. I love my church! Mom, Dad, Shannon, Lola and Izzy also joined us. :)

We went to my parents house after for them to give the kiddos their gifts since they go to their mom tomorrow around noon. 
They loved all their gifts and they got a little spoiled! My favorite is Logans reaction to each gift, he gets SO excited!! 
Me and my boy <3 
See his face, priceless!! 

She loved all her gifts too bur I am thinking the baby Koala is her favorite. 
A great day and I know tomorrow will bring even more amazing memories and good times. 

<3 Sara

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Scuba Claus

This past weekend wasn't super eventful. Saturday I had a facial which was awesome then shopped with mom and Shannon. We needed to get a few more Christmas presents done. 

Sunday we went to church, had lunch then headed to the aquarium. 
I loved that they had a holiday background and everyone looked good. 

We were meeting my sister and the girls there but they were running a little late. So first up we watched the 4D Polar Express movie which was awesome!! They had effects that was snow, bubbles,  steam (train) and they even had smells like hot chocolate for one. We all loved the movie and agreed it was awesome! 

We went inside and they had a station set up where the kids could decorate a cookie for free. They enjoyed it and the cookie was delicious. 
We went exploring upstairs and I only took these two pictures. We were hanging out while the kids played on the fake shrimp boat. Then I saw this huge container ship in the harbor. 

Shannon and the girls met up with us shortly after. 
We watched the lemur show then hung out in madagascar. 
They all went back upstairs and I stayed downstairs. I had already been up there so I went and took my time in the gift shop. 
We all met back up downstairs at the great ocean tank to see Scuba Claus. It was pretty interesting to watch. 

I love my people! 

Logan got picked to answer a question and even got a candy cane. 
How is she so tall?? Oh wait, I am just that short! 
This is an ornament I got in the gift shop. It was "painted" by the sea turtles and all the profits go to the sea turtle hospital. I loved it and definitely had to buy one. 

After the aquarium we all went to mom and dads to hang out for a little bit. I think it's funny that Dave's kids like going there so much but they do. Maybe it's that family vibe that they don't often get since all of their family is in Jersey. When we left they were literally passed out in less than 5 mins from the long day we had. With me around they are very likely to be on the go constantly :) unless I am sick I am not one to sit around all weekend. 

Tomorrow is Christmas eve and I can't wait to start all the fun! Tonight we are making cookies for Santa :)

In case I don't write again before Thursday, Have a very Merry Christmas!! 

<3 Sara