Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Movie night

Last night Dave's kiddos came to spend the night. Normally they don't stay during the week but this was a rare occasion. 

We had some dinner (homemade nuggets), got baths then watched The Polar Express. I haven't watched this movie in years and I just love it. 
We all got settled on the couch and enjoyed eachothers company. 
We also learned during that movie that Logan has a girlfriend. Aye aye aye, he is 6 lol too young for a girlfriend. 
They were being silly before bed. Lucky for Dave he had today off work so they went and played and got to spend some quality time together. I know it's not a bad thing for me to be around a lot but I know it's good for them to spend time just them! 

I was supposed to go to my small groups Christmas party tonight but I have felt yucky all afternoon/evening. So disappointing but it sounds like the girls had so much fun and I am sure there will be more parties, I hope :) 

More Christmas fun to be had in the next week, I can't wait!

<3 Sara

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