Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Scuba Claus

This past weekend wasn't super eventful. Saturday I had a facial which was awesome then shopped with mom and Shannon. We needed to get a few more Christmas presents done. 

Sunday we went to church, had lunch then headed to the aquarium. 
I loved that they had a holiday background and everyone looked good. 

We were meeting my sister and the girls there but they were running a little late. So first up we watched the 4D Polar Express movie which was awesome!! They had effects that was snow, bubbles,  steam (train) and they even had smells like hot chocolate for one. We all loved the movie and agreed it was awesome! 

We went inside and they had a station set up where the kids could decorate a cookie for free. They enjoyed it and the cookie was delicious. 
We went exploring upstairs and I only took these two pictures. We were hanging out while the kids played on the fake shrimp boat. Then I saw this huge container ship in the harbor. 

Shannon and the girls met up with us shortly after. 
We watched the lemur show then hung out in madagascar. 
They all went back upstairs and I stayed downstairs. I had already been up there so I went and took my time in the gift shop. 
We all met back up downstairs at the great ocean tank to see Scuba Claus. It was pretty interesting to watch. 

I love my people! 

Logan got picked to answer a question and even got a candy cane. 
How is she so tall?? Oh wait, I am just that short! 
This is an ornament I got in the gift shop. It was "painted" by the sea turtles and all the profits go to the sea turtle hospital. I loved it and definitely had to buy one. 

After the aquarium we all went to mom and dads to hang out for a little bit. I think it's funny that Dave's kids like going there so much but they do. Maybe it's that family vibe that they don't often get since all of their family is in Jersey. When we left they were literally passed out in less than 5 mins from the long day we had. With me around they are very likely to be on the go constantly :) unless I am sick I am not one to sit around all weekend. 

Tomorrow is Christmas eve and I can't wait to start all the fun! Tonight we are making cookies for Santa :)

In case I don't write again before Thursday, Have a very Merry Christmas!! 

<3 Sara

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